Can Cancer Go Away On Its Own Without Treatment?

Can Cancer Go Away On Its Own Without Treatment?


A common question that many people ask is ‘Can cancer go away on its own?’. While the question deserves a clear explanation, many times the answer is anything but that.  When it comes to cancer, information is usually given from either an overly positive or negative perspective. Very rarely does information come from an unbiased source. And this question is not any different. While this question only has one answer, the way it is presented and explained can be interpreted in many different ways. So as always, we will let the facts speak for themselves and provide you with the best unbiased cancer information available.


Can Cancer Go Away On its Own?

Yes, Caner can go away on its own, but it’s not that simple. While cancer can in fact just disappear for no explainable reason, it is extremely rare. The chances of cancer disappearing with no treatment, are about 1 in 80,000 to about 1 in 100,000. These are the best estimates we have at the moment. Surprisingly, those are better odds then getting hit by lightning which is about 1 in 700,000. Case reports of patients experiencing the disappearance of cancer have been documented for decades. While the exact cause is unknown, case reports at least prove cancer disappearing is in fact a real thing.


Spontaneous Regression.

Spontaneous regression or spontaneous remission are the terms used when cancer disappears on its own. It’s used to describe the disappearance of cancer when the reason for the disappearance is unknown or unexplainable.  It is assumed that spontaneous regression is due to an immune response but the exact trigger is unknown. Some say fevers from an infection can produce a spontaneous regression, but that has yet to be confirmed. Spontaneous regression continues to be a complex phenomenon that we fully don’t understand.


Worse Odds Of Cancer Disappearing.

Individual odds for experiencing a spontaneous regression can be drastically different then the 1 in 100,000 estimate. First, the assumption is that no treatment was used to produce the cancer regression in the first place. This in most cases can’t be verified. Cancer patients can change eating habits, life styles, supplements, etc, all of which can be possible causes of cancer regressions but can’t be properly linked. And if these things caused the regression, these occurrences technically can’t be counted as true spontaneous regressions. Therefore, the numbers used to produce the initial estimate of 1 in 100,000 can be far worse in reality.


Better Odds.

With odds being worse for established or advanced cancers, the opposite is true for early cancer. Chances of cancer going away on its own in the early stages are most likely far better. And probably a significant amount better. But usually this is the cancer you are unaware of.  This is the cancer so small that it has began and disappeared without you even knowing. While this is something very rare for advanced cancer, spontaneous regression might happen to us more often then we think.


Bottom Line.

While we have answered the question, Can cancer go away on its own? it shouldn’t make you feel that your odds for experiencing a spontaneous regression is any better then you thought before. While it is true that cancer can go away on its own, chances are very slim.




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