Curcumin Absorption Differs Between Men And Women

Curcumin Absorption Differs Between Men And Women


Many variables can effect the absorption rates of just about any available supplement, especially curcumin. Dosage size, delivery method and timing of administration, are just some of the variables known to have a tremendous impact on absorption. Unfortunately, curcumin is effected by these variables more than most other nutrients because of its rapid metabolism. This makes curcumin absorption an extreme balancing act that can be thrown off by the smallest of variables. In fact, even your sex can determine the amount of curcumin absorption you may expect.


Men Vs Women.

Believe it or not, Women can expect to absorb 30 to 40% more curcumin than men. Of course, this is due to even more variables in addition to the ones I have mentioned above. Complex variables like hepatic drug efflux transporter (MDR1), sulfotransferases, and bio-transformation enzymes can be the cause for absorption differences in Men and Women. However, more simple variables like body weight, blood volume, and body fat can also be the root cause of this variation. Either way, these added variables just further complicate an already deep and complex absorption issue.


Curcumin Type.

While novel formulations of curcumin like Micelles (liquid dispersed) and Micronisate (micronized powder) can produce a 30 -40% increase in absorption for women, the same is not true for regular curcumin powder. Curcumin in its natural form performs more erratic between individuals and therefore is more difficult to compare between men and women. Formulations that combat curcumins rapid metabolism are more consistent and for that reason are able to be compared with ease.


Bottom Line.

Curcumins Achilles heel is absorption without a doubt. Researchers are working around the clock to circumvent and overcome this major hurdle. Progress is slow but none the less moving forward. With Novel curcumin formulations and science uncovering more information than ever, we have some of the best curcumin options at our finger tips. Taking into consideration simple variables like curcumin formulation, dosage size, and even your sex can increase your chances in getting the most health benefits out of your curcumin supplement.





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  1. christopher wich 1 year ago


    Is there a best time during the day to take the curcumin supplement? Does taking it with water or a specific fluid drink help with the absorption or digestion of the curcumin supplement? Are there any supplements that can be taken with this to aid in the digestion of the curcumin supplement? Great article.

    Thank you for your information.

    • Author
      Cancermind 11 months ago

      Hi Christopher,

      Not much research has been done on what time of the day is superior for curcumin supplementation for now. However, various formulations do exist for increasing the absorption of curcumin.

      Some of them are but not limited to, liposomal, micelles, Phytosome (Meriva), Solid lipid technology (SLCP Longvida)), micronized and nanoparticles, turmeric oil mixture (BCM-95), and piperine or bioperine (extracted from black pepper). All these methods or formulations utilize different mechanisms to increase the bodies absorption of orally administered curcumin. I briefly touch on some of these formulations in my curcumin review article.

      Because some of these formulations use completely different mechanisms to improve absorption, no single strategy will work across the board to amplify absorption rates even more than they already are. Best to follow the directions stated on the bottle for optimal results.

  2. Sarah 5 months ago

    What Do you think of Artesunate and Ivermectin?

    Thank you

    • Author
      Cancermind 5 months ago


      I haven’t deeply researched either to provide a proper assessment. However, Artesunate did show some promise in a colorectal pilot study. It also showed some activity in a phase 1 study with refractory solid tumors that provided some disease control. Unfortunately, no responses were observed, only stable disease for 3 patients (19%).

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