Dedicated to My Beautiful Mother, I Miss You

Dedicated to My Beautiful Mother, I Miss You

Dedicated heart to mom

This is my First Post to my First blog and is dedicated to my mother which fought Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer. We actually both fought it together and made a pretty great team. It was a journey so difficult I cannot explain in words. We came across a lot of obstacles but my mother never took a day off. My mom which was the most dedicated mother humanly possible became my hero. She was all good in an all cruel world. Now she lives forever through this site helping people. Helping the world. Helping one cancer patient at a time. She is more then a hero.



Together we can change Cancer

I have researched cancer for many years and have learned many things along the way. I researched day and night hoping to save my mother. I would have done anything, sacrifice anything, even change places with her if I could. I thought that all the love I had for her would somehow change things. How can something so wrong happen to someone so great? I still don’t have an answer to that question. Maybe never will. Only thing I can do is turn the worst situation in my life into something better. That is the reason you are reading this today. This is why I dedicated to mom. I created this website so that my mothers love can be shared forever. All the credit goes to my mother, I’m just helping out.

We can’t do anything alone. Cancer is tough so we need to be stronger. Cancer doesn’t sleep so we need a night watch. Lets work together and show cancer how unity wins every time. Together we can change the world. Dedicated to the best mom ever.

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  1. Daniel J Kim 2 years ago

    This was beautiful and brought tears to my eyes… I am so sorry for your loss and am facing the same battle right now together with my own mom. I know what you mean when you say it’s harder than words can convey. I don’t think anyone can get it unless they’ve been there. Plus, I was already in a very bad place struggling to fight my own chronic illness so trying to take on two illnesses… it’s almost too much and I’m constantly on the verge of breakdown. Thank you for finding the strength to turn your pain into a way to help others. In my own way, though not directly correlated with cancer, I’ve tried to do this on my own website as well.

    • Author
      Cancermind 2 years ago


      You are right, hard to explain the struggle until someone experiences it for themselves. Hearing about someone going through cancer, watching it on tv, or the many other ways we know cancer is affecting people is absolutely nothing compared to when it hits you directly. I had such a different view on cancer until it turned my life upside down. Words just aren’t enough to express the feelings I went through. The closest way i can try to explain it is a world of color suddenly going to black and white. I really don’t know if I will ever see colors like I once did before.

      I know exactly what your going through. Hold on to the good moments and really spend as much time as you can with your mom. Nothing else really matters other than that. My biggest regret would be that I could of spent more time with her even though realistically I was with her a lot anyways. Probably more than other people in the same situation. The other regret is picking convenience over what was best. For example, staying with a doctor that you lacked confidence in to avoid extra travel or the fear you might get a doctor not much better than the one you’re trying to replace. Of course these are things hard to see clearly when it’s happening at the moment, but years later you wish you could go back in time and change them.

      Stay strong and look at it as being lucky you still have time to be with your mom. I know it’s hard to see it that way but even though our situations are extremely bad, it would be worse if we didn’t have the gift of time. Have breakfast with your mom, tell her how much she means to you, these small things are invaluable and you will remember them forever. Plus, there’s always a small chance that things can get better. Hold on to that. Hope for the best, but expect the worst. I wish you and your mom the best of luck.

  2. Deborah 2 days ago

    This life is extremely short, and we are ALL just passing through. There must be something far better waiting, for those who believe, repent, and pray. This life is just too sad. So much evil, turmoil, disgust, hopelessness, fear, and more. I cannot believe this is happening to me, and yet I feared that it would. Very strange.

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