Free Curcumin, Which Curcuminoid Formulation Is Best

Free Curcumin, Which Curcuminoid Formulation Is Best


If you’ve ever heard of a positive study that mentioned curcumin, then most likely it was due to free curcumin. And when I say free, I don’t mean at no cost to you. Free curcumin is a curcumin molecule that is unchanged and hasn’t been metabolized. When curcumin is ingested, it goes under an enormous amount of changes and gets converted into metabolites and glucuronides. Studies show these derivatives offer different health benefits then free curcumin. Therefore, it is important to know which supplement can offer this superior curcuminoid.


Hard To Find Data.

As I stated in my last article Bcm-95 Vs theracurmin, marketing for these types of supplements are the worst. Trying to find the truth sometimes requires hrs of searching which many people just can’t do. Of course positive data is brought upfront, while negative data is swept under the rug quietly in hopes of never being found. This couldn’t be more true when it comes to free curcumin. Data is either modified or excluded completely from studies and product information alike. I’m mostly talking about theracurmin here but most brands are guilty of the same to a lesser extent. Either way, consumers are left in the dark.


Free Curcumin.

While it’s hard to find a clear winner in terms of free curcumin absorption, studies are available that gives us a slight glimpse of possible contenders. It’s hard enough to compare total curcumin absorption between brands, but it becomes pretty much  impossible with free curcumin. So instead of looking for information that doesn’t exist, lets focus on what does. The following chart is tremendously helpful in narrowing down your search for which brand can offer you free curcumin.



Regular Curcumin Powder.

10g of regular curcumin extract powder is capable of producing detectable levels of free curcumin in the blood. However, a pharmacokinetics study showed that it is extremely rare and only 1 out of 12 patients had detectable levels. That is pretty disappointing to say the least.


Only Two Choices Left.

Regardless of the common argument about how free curcumin is measured in formulated curcumin studies, Bcm-95 and Longvida seem to be the only two choices left for debate. Both claim to provide a product that can deliver free curcumin into the blood stream and have studies to somewhat back up that claim. While these studies are still murky at best, they are better then no studies at all. We can at least say these two options are far better then the rest, at least when it comes to free curcumin. The key here is to avoid taking a supplement that has no data to show it can offer you the curcuminoid in question. Avoiding clear losers can save you both time and money.


Bottom line.

Negative information is hard to find since a lot of money is at stake for these nutraceutical companies. The marketing gimmicks they use can surly confuse just about anyone. What’s worse, these companies have started to cleverly conduct studies that showcase their products best instead of producing studies that provide both positive and negative results without bias. Furthermore, studies are purposely conducted in a way that makes it extremely difficult for similar products to be compared.  Almost as if it was done just to confuse consumers from knowing the truth. So in the end, we are trying to put together a puzzle with missing pieces in the hopes that enough information is uncovered to make the right choice. And as always, feel free to comment below and let us know which curcumin you chose.



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  1. Daniel 10 months ago

    What is the dosage of longvida you would recommend as an adjunct therapy for someone who is currently battling cancer?

    • Author
      Cancermind 10 months ago


      Unfortunately, human cancer studies using longvida are lacking and therefore make it extremely difficult to figure out dosage. By looking at cancer studies done with other forms of curcumin like the 2008 MD Anderson study I mentioned in my other article that used 8 grams of regular curcumin per day showed an anticancer response in 2 out of 21 pancreatic cancer patients.

      Just based on calculations, longvida curcumin contains 20% curcumin per 200mg (40mg curcumin) or 400mg (80mg curcumin) per capsule that can be (up to) 65 times more bio available than regular standard curcumin. So 123 mg of longvida curcumin would be equal to about 8g of regular curcumin. That would mean 1.53 capsules of 400 mg longvida or 3.07 capsules of 200 mg longvida would be equal to the dose used in MD Anderson study under perfect conditions. In real life these numbers would fluctuate significantly and we have no idea if similar results can be expected.

  2. Daniel J Kim 10 months ago

    Thanks so much for your reply. I was wondering if there was an article on your site in which you list all the things that are, in your opinion, the most promising kinds of natural therapies that may be worth trying? So far I’ve seen you write some positive things (along with caveats) about aged garlic extract and forms of curcumin that are better absorbed than standard curcumin. I was just wondering what else is out there that you feel may be promising and warrants further research?

    • Author
      Cancermind 10 months ago


      I don’t have an article where I list all the top promising natural cancer treatments but great idea. I might do one soon now that you mentioned it. But I would say the natural treatments that i have come across that are most promising in my opinion in no particular order are:

      Curcumin & Turmeric.


      Flaxseed & Flaxseed oil.

      SFN (Broccoli Sprouts).

      Aged garlic.




      Bio-30 / Bio-100 Propolis.


      Any plant based diet.

      Anti-PD-1 & any Immuno therapy needs to be included in this list even though it is not a natural treatment.

  3. Karen 7 months ago

    So I’m trying to decide which to use for my sister and dose. Now should the dose be increased for plus size people she is 280lbs. I got these two brands from reading your site. I’m so confused Lol.

    Genceutic Naturals, Curcumin, 250 mg, 60 Softgels (BCM-95).

    Now Foods, CurcuBrain, Cognitive Support, 400 mg, 50 Veggie Caps (Longvida).


    • Author
      Cancermind 7 months ago


      Either of those two would be good options. Regardless of brand it comes down to bcm-95 vs longvida and user preference. Some studies give longvida the edge and some give the edge to bcm-95. But in order to properly compare, calculations must be done which makes it a little confusing. For instance, regardless of how much each company says they absorb better than standard curcumin, both have different percentage of curcumin per capsule or pill. Therefore, a proper comparison can’t be done unless calculations are done.

      Bcm-95 uses turmeric oils mixed back in with curcumin to increase absorption and longvida uses solid lipid curcumin particle technology. You can find a lot of support for both forms of curcumin.

      And to answer your other question, generally speaking, dosage is calculated based on body weight.

      If you do decide to use bcm-95 you can look into the life extension version which just contains more mg per capsule which might make it easier if taking a larger dose.

  4. Karen 7 months ago

    Thanks, so more searching I found this brand CuraPro the price is double but it works out because one pill has more curcuminoids and my sister hate to take pills so that’s a big one. Now I’m thinking one pill would be good for the avg. size person. Would two be ok to take with her size being 280 lbs?

    CuraPro 750mg
    Serving Size: 1 Softgel
    Amount Per Serving:
    Proprietary Complex … 750mg
    Curcumin (BCM-95) Micronized (Curcuma longa)
    Rhizome Extract, phospholipids, turmeric essential
    oil, supplying 500 mg of pure curcuminoids.

    • Author
      Cancermind 7 months ago


      I haven’t used that brand in the past but have used euro pharma terry naturally (curamed) which is similar in regards to mg content.

      As far as dosage, the bcm-95 cross-over study to test bio-availability used 2000 mg or 4 capsules of 500 mg bcm-95. That would equal about 2 and a half softgels of the curamed.

  5. Karen 6 months ago

    Thank you so much for all your help.

    • Author
      Cancermind 6 months ago


      No problem. Wish you and your sister the best of luck.

  6. anna 1 month ago

    Hi, CancerMind!

    I am looking for the study that states the BCM-95 contains free curcumin, but I can’t seem to find it on your site or online. I looked through the study for BCM-95 listed on this post, but it doesn’t appear to state anything regarding free curcumin. Thanks!

    • Author
      Cancermind 1 month ago

      Hi Anna,

      Take a look at curcumin bioavailability article and scroll down to table 5. Once you’re at this table you will see bcm-95 is the second row listed and under column (cur analysis) it states free curcumin. This means the type of analysis they used was measuring free curcumin and not total curcumin.

      You can also check out the entire study abstract this table is referring to but be aware they do not use the term free curcumin to differentiate from total curcumin because of the analysis they used. It’s extremely hard to compare different curcumin types due to varying dosage sizes, amount of actual curcumin found within formulations, and even the type of analysis used to measure curcumin levels.

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