Hain Company Foods Contain Pesticides

Hain Company Foods Contain Pesticides


I have been eating healthy and reading nutrition labels for over 6 years now. Its become a habit to make sure I weed out all the unhealthy ingredients I can. I try to purchase Organic any time I can after learning what can really end up in our food. So it was even more infuriating to find out that even some of the organic foods this company produces contained pesticides.


Hain Products tested positive for pesticides

The Companies name is Hain, and they produce everything from tea, to yogurt, and even cooking oil. Many of the Celestial teas tested positive for pesticides as well as DeBoles Organic Pasta, and various K-cups just to name a few. After reading this bad and depressing news, I went around the house to see what I have purchased from the Hain company. I was amazed at how much I found.  I never knew all these products were made by Hain.


Hain makes a ton of products

By quickly looking at the labels, it’s impossible to tell they are made by Hain unless you look at the small print. I even found out the Alba Botanica chap stick I buy is made by Hain. In small print, in black and white, reads Hain Celestial Group. I won’t even get into how many other things I found in the kitchen. That would make this article a little to long.


Pesticides shouldn’t be in food

At the end of the day, I don’t want to eat foods or use products that are contaminated. Especially if I pay extra and buy products that are marketed as healthier. Lets not forget that most of these toxic chemicals cause Cancer. This is not something I take lightly and will forget about tomorrow. Food is food. If I wanted pesticides, I would go to the store and buy some. I don’t need Pesticides to come bundled with my food. I’m old fashioned, I like my food to just be food, no surprises.


Don’t buy contaminated food

So Since Hain has shown it likes to bundle pesticides with some of its products, I will no longer buy anything associated with Hain. If you agree with me, you should do the same and spread the word. Share this post on Twitter and Facebook and together we can truly make a difference. Lets tell everyone, “We don’t want bundled pesticides with our food. That’s not what we ordered.”


Hain Pesticides

# of Pesticides Found


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  1. Christopher Wich 4 years ago

    Thank you Chris. It is hard to find someone who really cares. To bad our own government and FDA do not better enforce or have higher standards. Hero’s come in many shapes and sizes. Please keep posting, I will be following.

    • Chris N 4 years ago

      No Problem Christopher, I enjoy bringing the truth to people like you and hope the truth can help keep people healthy. Lets work together and make this world a healthier place.

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