Teavana Tea Shocking Lab Test Results

Teavana Tea Shocking Lab Test Results


I just wrote an article about tea pesticides a few days ago. Since then I was reading more about which tea’s I should buy. Trying to find teas that are less likely to be contaminated. While searching I came across a company that has been accused of having pesticides in tea. According to the report, 100% of Teavana Tea tested positive for pesticides. Not only did all the teas test positive, but they all contained high levels as well. Not good news.


Hard to find pesticide free tea.

From all the research I have been doing it seems like it will be pretty hard to find a pesticide free tea. The way teas are grown and where they come from will greatly effect pesticide content. Another important factor is what quality control standards are in place. Companies should test their products to protect customers and try to deliver the best product possible. But of course we live in a world where profit is king and money is all that matters. Even with that said, if you look hard enough, responsible companies are still possible to find. Some companies still care about the quality of the product.


Lab states conflict of interest.

Also keep in mind that the teas have been tested by a 3rd party independent lab. The company that published the findings (Glaucus Research) has a conflict of interest. They published the report and have an Financial gain for the negative findings against them. With that said, Glaucus Research disclosed that conflict of interest openly on the report and are not hiding anything.


Make your own decision.

They fully disclosed the reason for the report and have all documents to back up the claim. Does that Change the results obtained by the 3rd party independent lab? If you drink Teavana Tea that’s for you to decide. But at least you know all the details and exactly where the details are coming from to make the right decision.

With all this Tea pesticide talk i wish i had my own lab, so i can test my own tea, and trust my own report. Until I get my own lab, i will be drinking tea with one eye open and my fingers crossed.



 # of Pesticides Found




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  1. Peggy 7 months ago

    What about teavana herbal teas Pesticide Content?

    • Author
      Cancermind 6 months ago


      The report only tested 15 teavana products composed of mostly oolong, white, black and green tea that originated from either china or japan. One herbal blend was in fact tested and pesticide content was not found. From the data in this report it seems like pesticides are mostly an issue with teas and not herbals but we won’t know for sure unless more herbals are tested.

  2. Peggy 6 months ago

    I ate one of the apples in the tea after steeping. Tasted like what I smelled getting down on the floor crevasses with a toothbrush to get out the pesticides for my dogs when I lived in AZ.

    Should just taste like apples right? Ruby spice cider.

    • Author
      Cancermind 6 months ago


      I have personally never tried that particular tea so I can’t say how it should taste but what you describe doesn’t sound normal at all. I did take a look at the ingredients of the ruby spice cider and didn’t see any actual tea leaves which is a good sign. That tea blend does however have some very strong ingredients like various roots, cloves and black pepper that might cause it to have a weird or unpleasant flavor.

      I’d say if it doesn’t taste right to you then better to be safe than sorry and try to avoid it if possible. The pesticide report doesn’t add any confidence to teavana quality control either. Makes you wonder what else they didn’t test properly?

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