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Our cancer blog tries to provide all anticancer research in the most simple and easy to read format possible. We try to avoid using scientific terms and medical jargon when ever we can. The goal is to provide you with anticancer articles & cancer cure reviews you can use right away to combat cancer. Cancer tools and cancer research made simple.

Honest Cancer Cure Reviews.

When searching for a cancer cure review, don’t settle for half the picture. A true review is when both pros and cons are given. The good and bad aspects of any treatment are equally important. Let our cancer cure articles provide you with all the cancer data needed to make the right decision. Just another way our cancer blog can help you combat cancer.

Fast Cancer Facts.

We think time is very important, especially when trying to combat cancer. Time becomes a very big obstacle. Don’t waste hrs searching for a cancer blog you can’t trust. Find the truth about any supposed cancer cure treatment. Our cancer blog articles exposes cancer fraud and fake cancer cures everyday.

Vital Cancer Articles.

Not only do we expose fake cancer cures, but also find you treatments that are proven to combat cancer. The goal of our cancer blog is to provide you with all the cancer tools you need to gain control of your health. We know your time is valuable, so we only stick to what’s important. Bottom line, you can count on us for all your anticancer research needs.


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Passion driven cancer blog.

This Website is built on passion and is dedicated to my Mom, all Moms, and anyone who has battled cancer in one way or another. Therefore, passion is what drives us and pushes us forward to fight even when the odds are staked against us. Our passion combined with yours can create life changing results.

Cancer Research Based On Science.

All anticancer research is supported by scientific evidence, clinical studies, or the most current anticancer information available. Any cancer articles written will have supporting evidence from scientific studies. Cancer Mind is powered by Science.

Cancer Truth.

We don’t publish anything because it sounds good, we publish it because it’s the truth. We not only focus on the truth but also combat all the dishonesty that plagues the cancer industry. Ultimately, truth is what matters and we will continue to uncover it. Cancer frauds beware.

free cancer information.

Our cancer blog is 100% free. Cancer articles are available at no charge and will continue to stay that way. However, you can keep our cancer blog alive by donating.  Everyone needs access to cancer tools & research to combat cancer effectively. Share our content with anyone you think may need it.


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  • PSA Cancer Levels Lowered By Vitamin K3 + Vit C Apatone

    A 12 week open label cancer study that consisted of Prostate Cancer patients that failed standard therapy was completed. 17 patients were treated with 5,000 mg of Vitamin C and 50 mg of Vitamin k3 (Apatone) daily. During the study patients were tested for PSA levels, Velocity, and doubling times. 15 of the 17 patients continued treatment for an additional

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  • CML Treatment Helped By Addition Of Turmeric

    CML is a type of leukemia. For those of you that don’t know CML stands for chronic myeloid leukemia. Turmeric is an Indian spice that is in the ginger family. It is used to flavor all types of food and has a deep orange-yellow color. That orange-yellow color is actually called curcumin. Curcumin is what gives turmeric most of its

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  • Frankincense Pain Killer And Cancer Fighter

    When you hear someone say Frankincense you automatically think incense. When you hear someone say pain killer you immediately think of a prescription pain med. We all know the bad side effects prescription pain meds have. They might take your pain away but what other damage are they doing? Most people don’t know that other more natural alternatives are available. How

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  • Bicalutamide Increases Prostate Cancer Survival

    Hard choices are always a part of cancer. Some choices are worse then others. Making a decision with limited data can feel like picking a name out of a hat. And of course you never want to do something like that. Especially when dealing with cancer. But sadly many cancer treatments force you to do just that. Timing of endocrine

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  • Cancer Study That Thinks Out Of The Box

    Cancer drugs are known to never be a 100% effective. No matter how good the Cancer drug is, some patients just won’t get any anti-cancer benefit at all. But others can get Exceptional responses. Finally a study by the National Cancer institute will investigate exactly why this happens. We needed something like this for a long time.   Prolonged responses and

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  • Cancer Treatment Anti-PD-1 Gets FDA Approval

    Anti-PD-1 has been granted FDA Approval to treat advanced melanoma. The FDA approval came after the positive results of an advanced Melanoma Cancer study. The study consisted of a total of 411 patients with different stages of the disease. The results have been pretty amazing so far.   Anti-PD-1  Cancer Treatment response. Results showed a 40% response rate for patients

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  • Top Cancer Charities To Avoid

    Worst charities is a phrase that shouldn’t even exist. The sole reasoning behind a charity is to help people and create a positive effect overall. But certain charities have a mission that is the exact opposite. They collect money promising to help a cause but in the end pocket and squander all the money. Today we will expose the Top Cancer

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  • Best Cancer Charities That Can Help

    Finding financial help while having cancer is harder than you might think. Seems like you can’t go to long without seeing some type of organization collecting donations for a good cause. However, when it’s time to turn those donations into financial aid for people in need, things don’t always add up.   Finding the best cancer charities is not easy. My personal

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