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Our cancer blog tries to provide all anticancer research in the most simple and easy to read format possible. We try to avoid using scientific terms and medical jargon when ever we can. The goal is to provide you with anticancer articles & cancer cure reviews you can use right away to combat cancer. Cancer tools and cancer research made simple.

Honest Cancer Cure Reviews.

When searching for a cancer cure review, don’t settle for half the picture. A true review is when both pros and cons are given. The good and bad aspects of any treatment are equally important. Let our cancer cure articles provide you with all the cancer data needed to make the right decision. Just another way our cancer blog can help you combat cancer.

Fast Cancer Facts.

We think time is very important, especially when trying to combat cancer. Time becomes a very big obstacle. Don’t waste hrs searching for a cancer blog you can’t trust. Find the truth about any supposed cancer cure treatment. Our cancer blog articles exposes cancer fraud and fake cancer cures everyday.

Vital Cancer Articles.

Not only do we expose fake cancer cures, but also find you treatments that are proven to combat cancer. The goal of our cancer blog is to provide you with all the cancer tools you need to gain control of your health. We know your time is valuable, so we only stick to what’s important. Bottom line, you can count on us for all your anticancer research needs.


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Passion driven cancer blog.

This Website is built on passion and is dedicated to my Mom, all Moms, and anyone who has battled cancer in one way or another. Therefore, passion is what drives us and pushes us forward to fight even when the odds are staked against us. Our passion combined with yours can create life changing results.

Cancer Research Based On Science.

All anticancer research is supported by scientific evidence, clinical studies, or the most current anticancer information available. Any cancer articles written will have supporting evidence from scientific studies. Cancer Mind is powered by Science.

Cancer Truth.

We don’t publish anything because it sounds good, we publish it because it’s the truth. We not only focus on the truth but also combat all the dishonesty that plagues the cancer industry. Ultimately, truth is what matters and we will continue to uncover it. Cancer frauds beware.

free cancer information.

Our cancer blog is 100% free. Cancer articles are available at no charge and will continue to stay that way. However, you can keep our cancer blog alive by donating.  Everyone needs access to cancer tools & research to combat cancer effectively. Share our content with anyone you think may need it.


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  • Cancer Hope and Hype, Know the Difference

    Just like I have said before, Cancer hope is a very strong and important part of any Cancer Journey. But blind hope can shield you from reality and get you in deep deep trouble. Blind Hope will make any type of hype start to look legit and promising. Many Companies and people rely on this blind hope of Cancer patients

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  • Positive Thinking Super Important

    Having a positive mindset when dealing with Cancer is really important. I know it’s easier said then done, but it can make a huge impact on your Cancer Journey. Positive thinking can help you in many aspects of life and even more so during the stressful time during Cancer Therapy. It’s very easy to get frustrated and depressed about the

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  • Cancer Backup Plan Two Steps Ahead

    An important lesson I have learned from being involved with my Mothers Cancer battle is always have a back up plan. It doesn’t matter what type of cancer you have, how old you are, or what kind of treatment you are receiving. Having a Cancer Backup Plan is a very important for anyone who is battling Cancer. Ovarian Cancer, Breast

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  • Chemotherapy as bad as they say?

    In my honest opinion I think that the negative information people spread about chemotherapy is doing more harm then good. I have seen many websites provide such negative information to the point that it’s almost impossible to have a fair perspective on chemo after reading such opinions. Everyone talks about the bad but none of the good. Just like with

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  • Stevia Cancer Herb You Should Know about

    Stevia is an extract made from the leaves of a shrub called Stevia rebaudiana. It is an all natural substitute for sugar. Don’t get it confused with Sweet and Low or Splenda. It does not have most of the downsides that the other artificial sweeteners have. The Stevia Cancer Herb is the safest sugar substitute available as of right now.  

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  • Teavana Tea Shocking Lab Test Results

      I just wrote an article about tea pesticides a few days ago. Since then I was reading more about which tea’s I should buy. Trying to find teas that are less likely to be contaminated. While searching I came across a company that has been accused of having pesticides in tea. According to the report, 100% of Teavana Tea tested positive for pesticides.

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  • Hain Company Foods Contain Pesticides

      I have been eating healthy and reading nutrition labels for over 6 years now. Its become a habit to make sure I weed out all the unhealthy ingredients I can. I try to purchase Organic any time I can after learning what can really end up in our food. So it was even more infuriating to find out that

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  • Zybrestat New Ovarian Cancer Drug

    Zybrestat is an experimental drug with very little information available right now.  Zybrestat was used in a Phase 2 trial in combination with Avastin. The trial consisted of 107 Ovarian Cancer Patients that had platinum resistant, platinum sensitive, and recurrent disease. Combination treatment. Very early results show combination therapy with Zybrestat and Avastin showed a 32% better progression free survival

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