Paw Paw cell-reg cancer supplement ?

Paw Paw cell-reg cancer supplement ?


I have some first hand knowledge and experience with Paw Paw. Paw Paw is a supplement that is talked about online and promoted for its anti-cancer effects. It is sold by a company called Natures Sunshine and was developed by Dr. McLaughlin at Purdue University.


Paw Paw case reports.

I was very impressed when first reading about it, even though many studies have not been performed. No actual clinical trials or clinical studies have been done with Paw Paw, only case reports. With that being said, the case reports did show Paw Paw having anti-cancer effects on some cancer patients. Hoping to see some studies soon. Fingers crossed.


Paw Paw works by lowering ATP.

The Paw Paw supplement is made out of the twigs of the North American Paw Paw tree. The twigs contain more Acetogenins then the fruit. Acetogenins effects cancer cells by lowering ATP. ATP is the major source of energy for cancer. So the theory suggests that if we can selectively diminish ATP in cancer then we can ultimately diminish the cancer. Shutting down power to the cancer sounds promising. Kinda like flipping a switch off. But of course it’s more complicated then that.




Mixed results from Paw Paw.

My first hand experience with Paw Paw had mixed results. After an extended high dose of Paw Paw extract, a reduction of CA 125 (ovarian cancer) by 50% for 2 months was obtained. A follow up Cat-Scan showed no effect on the Ovarian cancer what so ever. So even though we had a CA 125 response, we did not have a cancer response. This of course was very disappointing. But for the simple fact that it can effect CA 125 deserves further attention. This means something in my book. Unless it was just a coincidence. Which is possible. Just unlikely.

One thing is negative about this. Getting a reduction of a cancer marker without an anti-cancer response can be dangerous. Using the marker to gauge effectiveness of  any treatment can give you a false positive. So make sure you don’t only rely on the cancer marker. Use more then one method. The more the better.


Research Paw Paw.

If you are thinking about taking Paw Paw please research it carefully and make sure it is the right strategy for you.  Keep a close eye on your blood markers and your body. If no positive results are visible with-in a couple weeks to a month, consider discontinuing. Watch video below.




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  1. Juley Robertson 1 year ago

    Will I get my money back if I am not satisfied with the product?

    • Author
      Cancermind 1 year ago


      We don’t sell the paw paw product. To learn more about the return policy you must contact the natures sunshine company. The product name is Paw Paw Cell-Reg and can be purchased directly from natures sunshine. Please be aware this is a direct selling company and is structured like an MLM.

  2. Sue 8 months ago

    Will paw paw cell really help with ovarian cancer? I’m stage 3.

    • Author
      Cancermind 8 months ago


      I only provided the personal experience I had with paw paw and what research is currently available. Unfortunately it did not work for my mother. All it did was cut the CA 125 in half for one month which could mean that some type of anticancer effect was experienced or it could of been a handful of other things that were unrelated to paw paw like an error in the CA 125 test results. Cat scan results some time after confirmed no anticancer effect was visible and the cancer continued to spread.

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