PSA Cancer Levels Lowered By Vitamin K3 + Vit C Apatone

PSA Cancer Levels Lowered By Vitamin K3 + Vit C Apatone


A 12 week open label cancer study that consisted of Prostate Cancer patients that failed standard therapy was completed. 17 patients were treated with 5,000 mg of Vitamin C and 50 mg of Vitamin k3 (Apatone) daily. During the study patients were tested for PSA levels, Velocity, and doubling times. 15 of the 17 patients continued treatment for an additional 6 to 12 months. For those of you that don’t know, PSA Stands for Prostate-Specific Antigen. It is a protein produced exclusively by prostate cells. The higher the Prostate-Specific Antigen, the higher chance for Prostate Cancer.


PSA Prostate Cancer Results.

No adverse effects were noticed during entire study period. 13 of the 17 patients PSA Velocity decreased and doubling times increased. Rate of PSA increases significantly decreased while on Oral Apatone. Once treatment ended PSA rate increased to prior treatment rate. Total response rate was 76%. 3 of the non responders were later given a larger dose due to having a larger body mass index. 2 of the 3 patients who increased dosage then also had a decrease in PSA velocity and increase in doubling time.


What is Apatone?

Apatone is an experimental new drug. This drug consists of a combination of Vitamin C and Vitamin K3 in a ratio of 100:1. This unique combination selectively targets inflamed cells. The mechanism of action is suspected to be oxidation redox modulation. This causes a new type of cancer cell death never seen before called autoschizis.


What do the results really mean?

The study shows that Apatone is effective in pretty much slowing down PSA levels. The drug did not completely lower PSA levels to show a complete opposite direction of PSA movement. The PSA continued an upward trend but in a significantly slower pace compared to the drug not being used. This can be positive or negative depending on how you look at it. But one thing I noticed is consistency. Almost everyone in the study except one patient had a positive anti-cancer effect. You don’t see this type of consistency in a lot of cancer studies. If the anti-cancer effect can some how be amplified we can maybe see some amazing results.

Remember this drug was given orally which is pretty much the least effective way to get a drug into cancer cells. If intervenes injection was used and we can replicate the consistency shown in this study we can have a serious cancer drug that has a 90% response rate. And that is unheard of for late stage prostate cancer. Just something to think about. Given the details of the study like type of cancer and severity, the results are pretty promising if you ask me.




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  1. Yola 3 years ago

    When is the Apatone intravenous (IV) going to be ready and how do we get it? Please and Thank you. Yola

    • Author
      Cancermind 3 years ago


      IV Apatone is not currently under human clinical study, however the drug sponsor continues to aggressively pursue regulatory development with the hope of starting a new clinical trial later this year.

      Thank you for your question.

  2. E 2 years ago

    Why is it not available?? This study was completed over 5 years ago!!

    • Author
      Cancermind 2 years ago


      Just to clarify, the study used an oral version that showed positive results on PSA cancer levels. Study did not use intravenous IV, which is what Yola asked about.

      However, approving any drug is a long and expensive process. Unfortunately, the FDA considers Apatone a drug even though it is a combination of two simple vitamins.

      I have talked to the drug sponsor directly and can assure you that everything is being done to approve the drug as soon as possible.

  3. Barbara 1 year ago

    Lets face it. The physician who had Summa Hospital investigate it saw it cure cancer patients that had therapy by Natural Paths. They have been using it for years. So, It is available, but not through conventional medicine yet. I do hope the drug companies will not stop the ND’s from using it. That would be a crime. Every person has a right to their choice of treatment and who applies it.

  4. VAUGHN 10 months ago



    • Author
      Cancermind 9 months ago


      Apatone is considered a drug and is still undergoing the process of reaching FDA approval. Currently Apatone is undergoing clinical trials and has received orphan drug status for five indications. The only way to purchase Apatone is by getting a prescription by your doctor if you would be at all eligible. So it would be a good idea to ask your doctor about Apatone for further details.

      Also, nothing would stop you from buying these vitamins separately to answer your second question. Vitamin C can be purchased anywhere however vitamin k3 is extremely hard to find. The only product I know of that combines vitamin c and vitamin K3 that you can buy without a prescription in supplement form is called ProsStay by life enhancement. This wouldn’t be an equivalent alternative or substitute but is the closest option to Apatone in supplement form if you wanted to go down that road.

  5. Douglas Fontenot 5 months ago

    I see this headed in the direction of vitamin B17 or laetrile. How can the FDA declare that a nutrient is a drug, only to provide patent rights in the name of profit and tight controls? This reeks of deep corruption.

  6. Barb 5 months ago

    Vit K3 is a synthetic and they licensed it. So any additional ingredient would be a part of the whole. It does cure prostate cancer very well. FDA will only approve it if they see the benefit of profit in it. (Apatone did finish the trials) and did go to FDA for approval. It’s been over a year and still nothing to my knowledge. My step daughter had a part in it. I will ask her if she knows anything.

    I know how it functions if you are interested. How this combo destroys the cancer cell. With NO side effects!

  7. Barb 5 months ago

    The FDA is corrupt. But this combo of Vit C & K3 cures cancer and the benefits are outstanding. It would cure millions of men with prostate cancer and prevent it also. Benefits out way control.

    It also may take us in a new direction. The FDA may see that natural medicine is here to stay and may want to change course. Europe has been using both medicines for over 50 years. They have a proven cure for cancer for over 20 years as well. RIGVIR. All we can do is hope.

  8. John Siwak 3 months ago

    How does this work for colorectal cancer?

    • Author
      Cancermind 3 months ago


      No studies on colorectal cancer yet. Apatone research has been mostly focused on prostate cancer and a hand full of In Vitro studies including ovarian cancer, bladder cancer, and leukemia cancer cells.

  9. John Siwak 3 months ago

    After talking to a doctor at CHIPSA, it works for all cancers. The studies were only done for prostate cancer. A friend in Australia used it for lung cancer and is doing much better. Still taking the pills, probably for 2 more months. The cost there is much less, but we have to deal with what we have here.

    • Author
      Cancermind 3 months ago


      Thanks for giving us an update. That is very encouraging news and hopefully good results will fuel more studies so we can have more data available for Apatone.

  10. Barb 3 months ago

    The combo of Vit C and K3 can kill all cancer. I believe to get this cure into main stream medicine and not have the drugs companies fight it, they are introducing Apatone with only Prostate Cancer, which is common among men in their later years and with no known cure. When its result are known, I believe the drug companies will have no choice but to acknowledge the cure and start using it for other cancers. (hopeful in a real world)

    Natural paths have been using this combination for all cancers. The reason it works is because he vitamin K mimics sugar which the cancer cell feeds and the cancer cell allows the mixture to enter within. The cancer cell is destroyed by the Vitamin C which has turned into hydrogen peroxide, with no side effects.

    Cancer cells have an outer coating made of mucus and fibrin. Fibrin is a protein that allows blood to clot, so this bio-film camouflages the cell and inhibits our white blood cells of our immune system from even RECOGNIZING that the cancer cell exists. That’s why they say cancer can be insidious. Chemotherapy is introduced to kill the cell, but it is attacking it from the outside against the fibrin/mucus outer covering. Apatone kills the cells from within. Much less invasive.

    I need to say this. In the last few years there has been 80 natural paths who were treating and curing cancer who have died from mysterious means. Unheard of that that many clinicians could perish in a few short years. All suspicious and most of us know WHO!.

    There is now a new breed of physician, natural paths on the rise. They are MD/ND Medical and Natural physicians. Two degrees! This medicine is called Functional Medicine and i hear they are changing the world!!!!! So who is stopping this new medicine? Drug companies (FDA) that make oodles of money from chemo. From peoples sufferings. Our government is aware of this deception and I am hoping for an intervention in the near future. But please be loud and clear to others. The population of the world should know that cancer is treatable without the horrors of chemo. I especially get upset with the children who suffer needlessly and even sometimes forced by the courts to receive chemotherapy. Cancer is treatable with not only Apatone but with changing your life style. What you eat, detoxing, healthy nutrients, being at peace with mind and body. If your body created it, it can cure itself. We need to stop being scared of the word cancer. It is NOT a death sentence. And Yes, there are other proven cancer cures.

    RIGVIR from Eastern Europe, going on 20 years! Gerson therapy, Essiac Tea, Jason Winter’s tea. (medicinal herbs). Budwig and Hoxey treatments. I have seen cures from some of these since 1970″s. If the FDA does not affirm Apatone, then we need to fight it by informing the world of its existence.

  11. Barb 3 months ago

    P.S. Please remember that Vitamin K3 and Vitamin C was studied at a reputable medical center before going on to Summa Hospital in Akron, Ohio. The first study showed that this combo had NO effect on cancer. How did this occur???? Who hid the real results away?

    The physician who originally had witnessed it’s affect and took part in the first trials then took it to Ohio where trials were introduced again. This time with amazing results.

    The chances of the FDA going forward in a positive manner approving Apatone and then with all cancers is a long shot. This combination has already been proven and without side effects and yet it has been over 2 years waiting for FDA approvals. ARE they shelving it? How do we find out? Wouldn’t it be amazing if a network put this on prime-time TV? Can anyone help?

  12. John Siwak 3 months ago

    CHIPSA Hospital in Mexico is using Apatone now and it is available in pill form. Call them. There are ways to get the pills in the US. Hope this does not get deleted.

  13. D. Hutchinson 3 months ago

    How do you get them and how would you know how much to take or strength? What about the K3 which is not available here? Don’t they go together. And the apatone isn’t that with vitamin C?

    • Author
      Cancermind 3 months ago


      Apatone is already the combination of vitamin c and vitamin k3. If you take apatone you wouldn’t have to worry about mixing the two vitamins since that’s already done for you.

  14. Alan 3 months ago

    You can use Pascorbin (7500 mg) vitamin C intravenously instead, and mix it with small amount of vit K (fitomenadione) as an alternative.

  15. Barb 3 months ago


    You may want to consult a natural path. They have access to it through compound pharmacies. My husband had cancer and although we did not use K3, we did do high dose Vitamin C IV’s. The boost it gave his system was amazing and he healed quickly. You tube also has information about the combo.

  16. Jammie 3 weeks ago

    Hi Barb,

    I am not sure about how effective the other cancer “cures” you listed are, but I know for certain that essiac tea did absolutely nothing to help my husband when he tried it years ago (to fight prostate cancer). Don’t waste your money on essiac tea, folks. We continue to seek a natural cure.


  17. John Sherian 1 week ago

    I had a radical prostatectomy 4 years ago. Gleason score was 9.1 and PSA was doubling rapidly. Post surgery PSA was <0.1 until a year ago. I was checking PSA every 6 months when I suddenly had a .14 PSA. My doctor recommended radiation which I was reluctant to have. I did one session and stopped. PSA went down to .12 post radiation. I began the Budwig protocol, daily fresh organic vegetable drinks and a high reduction in sugar intake. Numbers remained between .12 and .22 with a slow rise and an occasional reduction. Last month PSA was .21. This month it jumped to .32.

    These are all low numbers but I see a trend. I’m a Vietnam Vet exposed to Agent Orange. I have had several friends die within the past year, almost one per month, who’ve all followed the traditional method of radiation. I’m not going to do that so I am seeking any alternative method. This certainly looks promising. Is there any place besides CHIPA that I can get Apatone? Is it available by mail order? How would I know if I’m buying a viable product?

    • Author
      Cancermind 6 days ago


      I myself am not familiar with the chipsa hospital so couldn’t tell you the availability of apatone there. Maybe someone that mentioned this in the comments can give john some more information regarding chipsa and apatone? Also, you might want to contact directly and see what information they can provide you.

  18. John 6 days ago

    Call CHIPSA, there is a way to get Apatone delivered to your home.

  19. John 6 days ago

    If you email me, [email protected]. I can give you some help.

  20. John Sherian 6 days ago

    IC-MEDTEC.COM. Thank you very much. I will do that. Also, I had a doctor visit with my oncologist yesterday. He’s still not overly concerned with my PSA number at this point yet does agree something is causing this slow rise. MRI and CAT SCAN have not revealed anything so it’s still just a wait and watch situation for now. He did recommend I order some Ecciac Tea through Amazon. He has a few patients that have shown significant improvement when drinking this tea on a daily basis.

    • Author
      Cancermind 4 days ago


      Whatever information you find online about obtaining apatone please contact the site to verify that both the product and source are legit. And as for Essiac Tea, it showed mixed results when it was tested. Another downside is no one really knows the true formula that was used years ago. So you can be taking the wrong mixture of herbs and not even know it. My article on essiac tea has a few links to studies done on essiac tea. Check them out and decide for yourself.

      Good luck.

  21. Jammie 5 days ago

    My husband was in your position years ago when he tried Essiac Tea. It did nothing whatsoever for his prostate cancer. I would not advise you to waste your time on that stuff.

  22. John Siwak 4 days ago

    To get info on Apatone, call Pablo at 619-738-6224. He is with CHIPSA hospital. Easy to talk to and can answer all your questions. I wrote this before, but someone deleted it. Please keep it up.

    • Author
      Cancermind 4 days ago

      John Siwak,

      The deleted comment I think you are referring to was posted by you on another article by mistake and since it was off topic, it was flagged as spam. Glad you posted it again and we were able to approve it and hopefully it can help John Sherian.

      Thanks again for helping out and sharing your wisdom.

      • John Sherian 4 days ago

        Thank you. I will call CHIPSA tomorrow and let you all know the outcome. I’ll also check with ALTAMED concerning the Essiac Tea too.

  23. john 4 days ago

    Essiac original suppliers is Altramed. There is another company that tricked me to buy from them. I opened the capsules from both companies and it looked different. Don’t know what is in it but after reading the story of Essiac, Altramed was the first major supplier and the ingredients is supposedly the original recipe. I take the capsules, it is easier. Altramed said capsules do just as good as tea, even better, according to my contact at Altramed.

  24. John Sherian 4 days ago

    Thanks for the info and advice Jammie. It is frustrating that we all have to dig through so much nonsense to determine if all the claims are true or just hype to get us to buy a product. Dr B did tell me to be careful when ordering the Essiac Tea because there are a lot of fake products out there. He did say it needs to contain at least 25% actual root rather than a concoction of powders. I think I will try it one time to see if there are true results. If not, I’ll not order again.

    • Jammie 18 hours ago

      Good luck.

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