Top Cancer Charities To Avoid

Top Cancer Charities To Avoid

Top cancer charities to avoid

Worst charities is a phrase that shouldn’t even exist. The sole reasoning behind a charity is to help people and create a positive effect overall. But certain charities have a mission that is the exact opposite. They collect money promising to help a cause but in the end pocket and squander all the money. Today we will expose the Top Cancer Charities to AVOID. AKA the wolves in sheep’s clothing.


Chart of Top Cancer Charities to avoid.

Below is a list of the Top Cancer Charities you should avoid at all costs. This Chart was made by using information gathered by Tampa Bay Times. Percentages calculated from 10 years of federal Tax filings.





% Spent on Direct Cash Aid.



A bad Charity can cost you time.

Whether you’re a cancer patient or a donor, knowing which charities are the worst is something you should really know. If you’re a cancer patient, save your time and avoid these charities at all costs. They will only cost you time which will be better used for something more productive.


Find a Credible Charity to Donate to.

If you’re a donor and looking for your money to be used in a positive way then these charities are not for you. Do your research when donating your hard earned cash. Just because you donate your money to a charity doesn’t mean your money will be used for its intended purpose. Make sure your donated money is being used for the reason you donated it for in the first place.


Charities Can do anything with your money.

Charities don’t have any regulations that would stop them from making bad choices with your money. Charities also don’t have guidelines they have to meet in order to stay operational when it comes to providing aid. For the most part anything goes. As you can see in the chart, some charities give back 0% in direct aid. Collecting millions of dollars and giving back 0% in aid? How can that be anything but criminal?


Research Your Charity.

While people need help these charities only help themselves. Charities like this shouldn’t exist. You can help shut them down by spreading the word and donating to better Charities. If you’re looking for quality charities either for help or to donate, check out my Top Cancer Charities List.


Act now to help.

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  1. Christopher Wich 4 years ago

    Wow to many charities are in it for their own profit instead of helping the ones they say they are helping.

  2. Hector Acevedo 3 years ago

    It’s sad to find out some charitable organizations only have their own interest in mind.

  3. Author
    Cancermind 3 years ago

    Thank you guys for your comments. I hope this article helps people avoid donating to the wrong cancer charities. No cancer charity on that list deserves a penny.

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