Aged Garlic Study Shows Extract Can Prevent Cancer

Aged Garlic Study Shows Extract Can Prevent Cancer


Garlic has always been known for its extremely beneficial health effects.  It has become synonymous as a healthy addition to any kitchen recipe. Many studies in the past have hinted at garlic’s beneficial effects on, cholesterol levels, hypertension, and even cancer risk. Unfortunately, most studies until now have only showed minimal positive results. And just like most foods and natural supplements, all suffer from bio-availability issues. Garlic is very poorly absorbed in the stomach when eaten or even when taken as a supplement. But with recent advancements, many of the nutrients that once suffered from poor absorption, have now been modified to overcome this problem. Just like BCM-95 was the answer to curcumin’s extremely poor bio-availability, Aged Garlic Extract might be the answer to garlic’s absorption problems. An Aged Garlic study might be the first indication showing it to be the preferred choice among all other options.


Aged Garlic Study.

There is no doubt that garlic is beneficial for your health. The question is, how much? An Aged Garlic study performed in 2004 answers that question fairly well. 37 patients with colorectal adenomas ( Precursor To Cancer) were either given a low or high dose of Aged Garlic Extract (AGE). The high dose group had both a decreased number and suppressed sizes of adenomas compared to the low dose group. So not only does Aged Garlic Extract suppress precancerous lesions, we also know that dosage level is pretty important. The high 2.4 mL/d dose was significantly more beneficial then the low dose treatment of .16 mL/d.


Impact On NK Cells.

A 2006 Aged Garlic study showed yet another benefit. 50 advanced cancer patients were either given AGE or placebo. AGE group showed significant increase of NK cell numbers and NK cell activity. No other parameters were tested besides quality of life which both groups saw no difference. No adverse effects were noted and treatment was perceived to be safe. NK cell improvements were noticed in many different cancer types including, liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, and colon cancer.


Bottom Line.

The coupled benefits of cancer prevention and significant increases of NK cell activity is surely impressive. Cancer patients can clearly benefit from its immune boosting abilities.  However, don’t confuse regular garlic with Aged Garlic. The studies that show the most impressive results are from the more bio-available Aged Garlic Extract. Merely just eating garlic or taking a standard garlic supplement might not produce the effects shown in the studies above. Research so far has clearly found Aged Garlic to be the superior choice.



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  1. Christopher wich 5 years ago

    Wow, I want aged garlic in my diet. I eat garlic all the time raw and cooked. I truly believe in garlic’s health benefits. Cancer runs in my family.

    • Author
      Cancermind 4 years ago


      Eating healthy is definitely one of the best things you can do for cancer prevention. And if you want to take it a step further, taking an aged garlic supplement might be a good way to super charge your cancer prevention strategy.

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