BioMat used for Cancer heat therapy (hyperthermia)?

BioMat used for Cancer heat therapy (hyperthermia)?


Biomat is a device that emits Far Infrared rays. These rays are used to raise the bodies temperature and various other positive effects like increase blood flow and so forth. Body temperature is what i will focus on in this post because its the main reason you would consider it beneficial for someone with cancer. Even if your using this device for other reasons, but have cancer, you might want to reconsider using it altogether.




Not used in any cancer studies.

Of course there are 2 ways you can use the Biomat, alone or together with another treatment or therapy. Figuring out whether it will have a positive or negative effect becomes really complicated.  The main reason it’s so complicated because there are no clinical trials or studies we can reference.


Hyperthermia not always successful.

There are studies that used heat therapy by increasing the bodies temperature as an added treatment with mostly positive results. I say mostly because studies show hyperthermia doesn’t always improve responses when used as an adjunct treatment. For the most part it’s positive. But depending on the type of cancer and type of chemotherapy, it can make things worse. On top of that, there is no way to find out if the Biomat can replicate other heat therapies used in studies.


Not capable of output measurement.

There is no output measurement that can be verified for the Biomat. No accurate way someone can measure a certain interior part of the body with accuracy at home as a Do it Yourself. In the end we are left with a lot of questions and not to much data to feel very confident. Basically it’s a shot in the dark.


Cancer patients need to be cautious.

Whether you’re thinking of using the Biomat alone or together with other treatments keep in mind all the draw backs. The lack of data alone are enough to stop and question using it for cancer related issues. Using the Biomat for heat therapy and not getting your body temperature high enough can be devastating for a cancer patient. Increasing temperature only moderately can increase blood flow and increase the growth of cancer by many mechanisms. Biomat can be beneficial for many things and many people, but cancer patients really need to be cautious.


Research Biomat.

I have personally not heard or seen any anti-cancer effects with the Biomat. Please do your research very well when thinking of using it or any other heat therapy for that matter. Weigh both the pros and the cons before making your decision. Don’t rush.


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  1. marshall clark cupp 5 years ago

    all cancer studies were done in japan because the american medical association does not want a cure for cancer there is no information. But Japan data which you can find on the internet has the exact temperature to use for each type of cancer

    • Author
      Cancermind 5 years ago

      I’m guessing that the studies you are talking about did not use the BioMat specifically. So even if the temperature in theory would be known, it would be difficult to use the Bio Mat in order to reach said temperature. Temperatures of about 113 degrees Fahrenheit are needed for hyperthermia cancer treatment and it is unknown whether the bio mat can reach those temperatures. Whats worse, if temperature targets are not reached, heat can actually increase blood flow and in certain situations increase cancer growth. This is the reason why doing this yourself at home is not recommended. This can cause damage if not careful.

      • Marshall clark 4 years ago

        However, the mediwarm mat does reach these temperatures and has a wavelength of 9400 nano meters and is half the cost and tested and approved in the EU.

        • Author
          Cancermind 4 years ago

          It’s not about the mediwarm mat or biomat reaching 113 degrees Fahrenheit but whether those temperatures can be produced inside the body by using said mat. Do you have studies showing these temperatures inside the human body after using your mat?

    • Gary 4 years ago

      Would you be kind to share the link to those details? I’m not able find such details, as the temperature for different types of cancer.

      Thank you Gary

      • Author
        Cancermind 4 years ago


        I am unaware of any credible data that shows the exact temperature of each cancer type in order to produce a response. If anyone has such data please feel free to share.

  2. marshall clark 5 years ago

    Our product mediwarm has been tested and wavelength certified at university of west Bohemia and CE tested and certificates issued, as well. We reach 122 f or 50 C. The problem has been to get bonafide medical trials in Europe. We are still trying.

  3. John 5 months ago

    I own a Bio Mat 7000 . its temperature ranges from 95 degrees to 158 degrees Fahrenheit. I have been using it on the lower temps 4-6 hours per night. I have Prostate cancer so after reading your article I am concerned I may be doing more harm than good.Maybe I should start looking into a Sauna instead.Can you point me in the direction into any sources that confirm this?I really don’t want to increase blood flow to any tumors.

    • Author
      Cancermind 5 months ago

      You can research something like this effects inhibiting the proliferation of cancer cells by far-infrared radiation to learn more. The issue is, a person at home has no way of knowing or measuring what the temperature is within a tumor. A tumor creates a mircoenvironment and has a strong ability to control temperature among other things. So without proper equipment, which even a hospital might not have you are playing Russian roulette on whether you are heating up the tumor just enough to hurt it or providing it more blood flow (food) to make it grow even faster. Dangerous stuff.

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