Cancell/Cantron/Protocel Cancer Treatment Review

Cancell/Cantron/Protocel Cancer Treatment Review


Cancell, Cantron, and Protocel is a liquid mixture or capsule formulation that is promoted as a cancer treatment. Cancell and similar products have been produced since the 1950’s. Its been reported that the formulation was given to cancer patients free of charge by the original chemist Entelev and the second manufacture that called it Cancell.  The exact ingredient composition is unknown. However, the FDA has listed inositol, nitric acid, sodium sulfite, potassium hydroxide, sulfuric acid, and catechol as known components.

This formulation has a somewhat controversial history. In 1989, the FDA prohibited the manufactures of Cancell from distributing the product and determined it as an unapproved new drug. At that time the product was not permitted to be shipped across state lines. Now Cantron and Protocel are no longer free and can be purchased through various websites marketing them as only dietary supplements. No direct Anti-cancer claims are being used by the manufactures themselves, but the same can’t be said for numerous 3rd party websites. Hundreds of testimonials of the anti-cancer effects of Cancell are easily found throughout the internet. Some websites even have specific protocols and steps to follow when taking this as a cancer treatment. But the real question is, does any of this have any scientific proof? Because that’s all that truly matters.



Cancell Cancer Studies.

Petri dish in vitro studies have been performed to test Cancell anti-cancer effects. Test showed extremely high dosages were needed that were not possible in humans to have an anti-cancer effect.  The NCI also performed animal studies to test this mystery formulation. The animal studies concluded the formulation “lacked substantial antitumor activity”. So far things don’t look so good for this hyped up wonder treatment. But human studies are the only thing that really matters anyways. However, Cancell has none. No Human studies have been documented what so ever for Cancell. And that is the single thing that will either prove or disprove its effect on human cancer. Other things like Vitamin C and Curcumin have been tested in humans. So why not Cancell? Its been around for long enough. A high number of people promote it. And yet not one human study? I wonder why?


Red Flags.

The theory of why Cancell should work has not been proven. It is just a theory that has no scientific evidence behind it. Cancell is said to force cancerous cells into a primitive state where they dissolve and get replaced by new normal cells. No studies have shown this formulation can do such a thing. Whats worse, the mode of action varies from one manufacture to another. Why would a mode of action of the same formulation and concept vary at all? Not only did the actual formulation lack proper testing, but the theory isn’t even a proven one. Another concern is the lack of an ingredient list. It’s never a good idea to take anything that is unknown. At the end of the day we have a colorful bottle and don’t even know what’s inside. Does that sound like a credible cancer treatment to you?



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  1. Gavin Ryan 5 years ago

    All that mainstream scientific scepticism may be well and good, and I do believe it is wise to hold a healthy scepticism on all information, but my own experience and that of many others I have had direct contact with is that Protocel is very effective for many conditions, especially cancer. My wife has stage 4 breast cancer and we have been on Protocel for 3 months now. Early days yet because Protocel is generally slow acting, but they had a lot of trouble even finding the liver tumour on ultrasound a few weeks back before declaring that it had not grown since the previous scan and the blood markers and liver function were all came back normal. Our oncologist had previously made similar comments to the claims above stating that in his expert opinion couldn’t possibly work. Problem is that it just DOES! Take that with as much scepticism as you like. We’ll be sticking with it at least for now…

    • Author
      Cancermind 5 years ago

      Hi Gavin,

      It is great news to hear that your wife is doing good. There is no better feeling in the world than getting positive results from scans. I like to describe it as the sun finally coming out after a tornado of sadness and stress. Use those positive results to create momentum and enjoy it best you can. Just make sure not to let the positive results make you feel to comfortable and allow you to let your guard down. Enjoy the good days but always think ahead at the same time.

      With alternative cancer treatments like Cancell, Protocel, and many others, it is extremely hard to really prove effectiveness. Conventional treatments have a bad wrap and no one really likes them because of the bad side effects among other things. Because of this fact, if a person is taking both conventional treatments like chemotherapy as well as natural treatments at the same time they are more likely to credit the natural treatment for any cancer response. That is not to say natural treatments can’t work, but we have to understand that we are all a little bias here.

      Also, one positive experience will travel quickly by word of mouth where as negative experiences not so much. One person out of 100 gets cured by chemotherapy it is bashed because of how low the response rate is. On the other hand, one person out of 10,000 gets cured with a natural treatment and it gets praised as a cancer cure. It is not an even playing field.

      The fact is we should all be looking at percentages and not peoples experience because that’s the only thing that really matters. And this is pretty much impossible because of the lack of data on most natural treatments. So people are just left with taking a chance without knowing whether the odds are 1 in 10 or 1 in 10,000.

      Just like you can talk to many people that say vitamin c is a cancer cure. And yet when vitamin c was tested in a controlled study it had failed twice. So would you still take the chance of trying vitamin C? In the end, as long has you are aware of all this and do the right research you can avoid costly mistakes. But a testimonial from a friend or neighbor does not qualify as research. And that’s just food for thought to everyone reading this.

      Please keep us updated with your wife’s progress and we all wish you and her the best of luck. Give us some more information about what other treatments she is using next time you comment. This will help everyone who reads your comment better understand your wife’s results and give more data to people considering to use cancell and or protocel.

  2. Sy 4 years ago

    The original poster, Gavin Ryan, has not provided an update. I would be very interested to hear how his wife is doing now (6 months later), and if she has been treating with just Protocel or Protocel in combination with other treatments. His email is not published, so I can only ask CancerMind to write to him, asking for an update.

    Thank you.

    • Author
      Cancermind 4 years ago


      I will send an email to Gavin Ryan asking for an update on your behalf. I would be very interested to hear an update as well. Thank you for your request.

    • Gavin Ryan 4 years ago

      Hi again. Unfortunately our initial indicators with Protocel didn’t result in the desired outcome… she felt great and looked great but the scans came back with quite significant progression much to our dismay. We have reluctantly abandoned Protocel for now at least… concentrating our attack using Cannabis oil and chemo/herceptin… too early to tell how it goes but fingers crossed…

      • Author
        Cancermind 4 years ago


        Sorry to hear about the poor results. All of us here have our fingers crossed for you and your wife. We hope you get some good news soon. Keep us updated.

  3. Francis 4 years ago

    Hi Gavin,

    Did she keep up with the protocol or preventative measures or not?


  4. Gavin Ryan 4 years ago

    Hi Francis.

    Yeah the cannabis/radiation/chemo/herceptin combination plus a whole bunch of deep metaphysical work did result in a pretty profound result for the last year or so… it’s not over yet but she is feeling and looking great right now…

    • Author
      Cancermind 4 years ago


      Glad to hear that the cannabis/radiation/chemo/herceptin combination is working and your wife is finally feeling better. We wish your wife a speedy recovery. Thanks for sharing and continue to keep us updated if at all possible.

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