Cancer Hope and Hype, Know the Difference

Cancer Hope and Hype, Know the Difference

Cancer Hope and hype, Don't believe the hype

Just like I have said before, Cancer hope is a very strong and important part of any Cancer Journey. But blind hope can shield you from reality and get you in deep deep trouble. Blind Hope will make any type of hype start to look legit and promising. Many Companies and people rely on this blind hope of Cancer patients to sell products and steal money from Cancer patients and their families. Cancer hope is important but not at the cost of hype. And that cost is just way to high.


Every Cancer hospital advertises they are the best.

I see commercials on TV every day from hospitals that provide the best Cancer treatments available. They all seem to have the best doctors, best equipment, and the best overall care. Most are the worst never mind the best. These commercials make me sick. They exploit your cancer hope. They use it against you.


Your health is money for the medical field.

It’s sad to see someones health issue be turned into a money making business. They work so hard to get your business and get your money that all the focus is lost on the Cancer itself. Gives me a bad feeling in my stomach every time I see a commercial like that. Never mind the fact that certain hospitals extremely lack the experience and facility to treat cancer correctly but yet still have commercials just like the rest. This is exactly the hype I am speaking about. Hospitals advertising the best of the best and yet not even rated as top 100 in the country. This shouldn’t even be allowed but that’s a whole other story.


cancer hope and illusion-of-cancer-industry-and-medicine



Don’t waste your time on Cancer cure hype.

Whether it’s hospitals, online Cancer cures, or any other marketed Cancer Treatments, don’t believe the hype. I am not saying that all of these things are for sure hype, but most of them are. You might find a Great hospital, or something that truly works for you, but you need to know how to filter the good from the bad. Do your research and make sure the information given to you is accurate and legit. Don’t let the power of cancer hope make you lose your sense of reality. Last thing you want to do is waste your precious time on the next Cancer Cure hype.


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