Cancer Poem, Expression, Emotion, Feelings Of Anger

Cancer Poem, Expression, Emotion, Feelings Of Anger


Sometimes it’s hard to express ourselves in conversation so we choose to write letters, messages or even notes. However, even these can sometimes lack the expression and emotion we desire to fully convey what is felt deep down inside. For this reason, I decided to write a cancer poem as a way to therapeutically express myself. A cancer poem would allow me to get my thoughts out in a way that i normally wouldn’t be able to. It gives me the ability to forget about facts and information and solely focus on feeling and emotion. Therefore, the following cancer poem is an expression of how I feel about cancer at this very moment. No holding back. Here we go.


Cancer, what can I say?

You took away the most important part of me.

My prior life will no longer be.

It is now changed forever.

My heart now colder then ever.

The memories plague my dreams.

Every night my mind is taken to the furthest of extremes.

The damage you have done has scarred me deep.

Sometimes I can’t even fall sleep.

I stay awake for days as if time no longer exists.

The reality of the situation my mind resists.

Can this all be an illusion?

The pain, the surgery and even the blood transfusions?

You took away my mother,  that’s unforgivable.

You caused her pain, that’s criminal.

The torment you have caused, crossed the line.

There is no second chances here at Cancer Mind.

I will uncover your weaknesses and expose your flaws.

I will hold nothing back and bring out the claws.

Your days are numbered, that I can guarantee.

Just ask anybody, they will agree.

I will dissect you again and again so there is nothing leftover.

Your existence, your presence, summed up in one word, OVER.



Poetry Therapy

I hope reading this cancer poem helped you as much as writing it helped me. Believe it or not, I actually feel better after writing this poem. That’s because writing poems can bring healing and personal growth in a unique way. Poetry therapy has been around for about 100 years and has helped people deal with issues like cancer and other life changing events. What’s more, it’s free, simple and relaxing, so why not try it? Write a cancer poem and see how it makes you feel. Don’t hold back and let it all out. What’s the risk?  In the end you might just feel a ton better.

If you would like to share your poem with me and the world, just submit it in the comments below. This is a non judgment zone so write what’s on your mind. I look forward in seeing what everyone comes up with.


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  1. Christopher wich 4 years ago

    Awesome poem.

    • Author
      Cancermind 4 years ago

      Thank you for reading and posting a comment.

  2. Teri 3 years ago

    Wow. Such a SAD and bitter poem about losing a mother! Yet, it ends by turning the writer (you) into a FIGHTER. . . Love and suffering turned into determination and HOPE. I’m sure your mother would be proud. You are an inspiration. I believe you WILL contribute greatly to the defeat of cancer. . . . you already have by creating this website.

    • Author
      Cancermind 3 years ago

      Thanks for such a positive and optimistic point of view. Getting feedback like yours just made my day. Exactly what I needed to keep moving forward.

  3. Christine Mulvihill 2 years ago

    I was just a young child when I was first diagnosed with leukemia. A young girl who’s fate would have brought her to the grave. But look at me now. I am standing here in front of you and although I may be far different from all of you on the outside, I am still a person on the inside. My physical scars in time will heal, but my emotional scars will remain forever.

    I Will Not Die

    I used to think the world was fair and that life works itself out
    But now I’m confused and my heart’s filled with doubt,
    The threads of this dream are starting to unwind
    I’ve come to learn the world is unjust and fate is unkind.

    I always thought you were real but my perception was blind
    You’re blurring my vision and playing with my mind,
    Slowly like the sands of time you’re ripping away at my soul
    You’ve taken all I have, all that makes me whole,
    Driving myself crazy trying to fill that empty void
    But I can’t pull it together, my confidence you’ve destroyed.

    You’ve taken my happiness and replaced it with hate
    So much hatred and anger I just can’t take.
    You’ve poisoned me enough, I’ll break down and cry
    But never will I give up, no I will not die.

    You will not take me down, you will not conquer me tonight
    I will not lie down in my grave I’ll stand up and fight,
    I maybe bleeding but take off that smile if you think you’ve won
    A knife through my heart is nothing, the battle’s just begun.

    There is warrior inside that you failed to see
    A strength you missed while you were judging me
    She will not give up as easy as you think
    I’m drowning in depression but she will not sink.

    Through all the pain and criticism she will stand tall
    When pushed passed the limit she will not fall,
    I will take whatever you give to me
    And with god by my side I will be free.

    I won’t bow down to you and just take the abuse
    You can’t break my faith, don’t try there’s no use.
    So you can turn that smile into a frown
    Because this is one girl that just won’t go down.

    • Author
      Cancermind 2 years ago

      This is for those emotional scars that go far beyond than just skin deep.
      They can’t be measured, they can’t be seen.
      They follow us everywhere even when we dream.
      Nightmares? ha don’t be silly.
      This is the stuff that makes horror movies look like free willy.

      The best things in life are free and the things that hurt the most are what you can’t see.
      The mind is a crazy place.
      Where memories go to die and come back to life again all in the same space.
      A war is fought on what to remember and what to forget.
      Better choose wisely cause there is no reset.
      Hey, I know a button doesn’t exist.
      I just can’t stop searching for one, I can’t resist.

      Keep writing, fighting and highlighting your story.

      • My name is Christine Mulvihill and I am a 15 year old childhood cancer survivor. I thought that after I was discharged from the hospital everything would be normal or even sort of normal, but that’s not how this story goes. You see, somewhere through all this my soul has been scared and a curse cast upon myself, a curse I will take to my grave.

        Great poem, thank you for the reply. I would like to answer you with a story.

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