Cancer Surgery breakthrough like Something from Sci-Fi

Cancer Surgery breakthrough like Something from Sci-Fi


Glasses that can actually enable a surgeon to visually see cancer cells? I don’t mean a visible tumor that humans can easily see already. We are talking about a super tiny 1mm cancer tumor that the human eye can never see. When first hearing about this, it all sounded as if it came out of a futuristic science fiction movie. Well it’s not science fiction or a movie, it’s Cancer Surgery reality.


Surgery Glasses outline Cancer cells.

A targeted molecular agent is used to bind together with only cancer cells and not healthy cells. The agent then makes the cancer cells glow when using the high tech glasses. This way the surgeon knows exactly which cells need to be removed. Sparing all other healthy cells while removing the cancer. You can say these glasses take the guessing work out of cancer surgery.



Follow up Cancer surgery might not be needed.

As of today cancer surgery usually requires follow up surgeries. These follow up surgeries get what was missed on the first surgery. These glasses can make the invisible, visible. They can turn a guessing game into an exact science. Cancer surgery is a big deal for cancer patients. This new tool can save many lives and make surgery more assuring. One surgery and done.

These glasses are already being used on human Cancer Patients which is phenomenal. Technology being used on human Cancer Patients so early is a very good sign. But the technology is still very new. Testing is only in the beginning stages. It will still be quite some time until this tool is available for everyone. Keep a look out for more updates. Hopefully Cancer Patients can request this futuristic tool sooner rather than later. We might be able to finally take cancer surgery to a higher level.




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