Cellect Cancer Treatment Supplement Protocol Review

Cellect Cancer Treatment Supplement Protocol Review


The Cellect Cancer treatment has become dangerously popular. A kit can be ordered online for $100 that includes 30 servings of various vitamins and minerals. 4 different types of powder kit flavors and even a capsule alternative is available for purchase. All but the unflavored version were sold out at the time of writing this review. Pretty scary to learn that they might just be flying off the shelf. The website provides cellect protocol information as well as various tips for good health. Too bad the tips and advice given contradicts the very use of the cellect supplement in the first place. The cellect supplement is marketed as a cancer treatment and yet the website only provides an Alzheimer’s mouse study to prove its effectiveness? The cellect protocol is talked about all over the internet. Some sites have described the cellect cancer treatment as “one of the crown jewels of alternative medicine” or “one of the most potent, safe and highly effective cancer treatments”. Unfortunately most of the sites saying such things are affiliated with the cellect supplement and benefit from its sales.


Cellect Cancer Treatment Studies?

NONE. Can’t really go into any much detail because there isn’t any. The cellect protocol or supplement alone has never been tested on cancer either in humans or even mice. Completely ZERO data available on using CELL-ECT for cancer. No controlled scientific cancer studies have ever been performed. Case Closed. But to eliminate any doubt some people might still have, we can go one step further. Shark cartilage, which is one of the main ingredients in this supplement, has in fact been tested and showed no anti-tumor effect in humans. Not only has some of the ingredients like shark cartilage shown to be ineffective, but others like Vitamin E and Selenium have shown to increase cancer risk in studies. This just really looks like a bunch of random supplements someone put together to profit off desperate cancer patients. It’s sad, but true.


Cellect Protocol Final Thought.

In the end we have no evidence to substantiate any of the outrageous anti-cancer claims plaguing the net. Many things that surround this supplement are highly suspicious and some just flat out don’t make sense. To be honest, it really doesn’t even look like the creator of the supplement tried very hard to make a believable argument. And that’s because it’s not the supplement that sells, it’s the lie. The lie that this will work when everything else didn’t.  A false hope in a bottle. That’s what flies off the shelves.

If you buy this product you are essentially doing it because you heard someone else had success using it. You don’t know whether or not the testimonial is at all truthful. In the end you have to ask yourself, do you want to bet your life on a testimonial? Why do that, when other things like Melatonin, Curcumin, and Apatone have shown real results in real human studies. It’s just common sense, just like the CELL-ECT website itself, tells you to use.




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  1. Wendy S Machen 5 years ago

    Well all I know is that my husband has been using various protocols including the Essiac Tea, Cellect-Budwig and following a healthy vegetarian diet. The doctors wanted to take his bladder, prostate, lymph nodes, and other body parts out along with chemo and radiation. We chose these natural protocols instead. They said he would be dead by now instead he is thriving feeling better than he has in years. He is a healthy weight and is enjoying his life. What a contrast to what the medical industry had to offer. He does 4 scoops of Cellect daily as well as Budwig Musseli and tea. He chose health and life opposed to be tortured by the medical industry. I know what I am talking about. I watched as they did exactly that to my mother diagnosed with breast cancer. This is why we chose a different route.

    Does he still have cancer? Who really cares when you feel amazing and are able to enjoy your life. His body seems to be healing itself from the proper nutrition it is receiving just as Fred Eicorn stated it would. Our God made our bodies to be self healing. Only through the poor nutrition and big pharma destroying it do we end up with cancer. Bringing your body back to a state of health thru good nutrition and giving it everything it needs allows the immune system to fight the cancer and those cells die off and are replaced with good healthy ones. All makes sense and is working for my husband. So now you have a real testimonial and reply. It works!

    • Author
      Cancermind 4 years ago


      First I’d like to say that I am happy to hear your husband is feeling great and doing well. In the end, I think we can all agree that the well being and safety of the cancer patient is most important. I also appreciate you sharing the experience you had with trying various protocols. The more information we have the better.

      However, just like with any testimonial, even including yours, usable data is usually nonexistent. The fact that a cancer patient is feeling better isn’t an appropriate gauge on whether a treatment is effective or not. In reality, a cancer patient can feel great but at the same time the disease can be getting worse and spreading. So simply saying a treatment made me feel better doesn’t necessarily mean anything especially when it comes to cancer. Feeling great can turn into something scary when cancer finally makes its presence known. Sometimes giving your body what it needs to feel better can also give the cancer exactly what it needs to grow. Point is, you don’t know for sure if a treatment will help or hurt. And if someone says they know for sure, they are lying. Even the best proven treatments don’t work for everyone.

      Maybe the best route for your husband was the one you took. I really hope it was. No one ever knows whether the choice they made was the right one unless they are here 20 years later as living proof. And I hope your husband will be here 20 years later to share his story.

      I’m not here to provide my theories or advice. I’m simply here to be the voice of reason and try to prevent people from confusing opinions from actual fact. Most of these protocols only work based on peoples opinion not on fact. That should be the small print listed below all these marketed cancer cures like cellect. Most of these protocols are being marketed using questionable methods and that is not fair to cancer patients. Mixing a few vitamins and herbs together and calling it a cancer cure is nothing more then fraud.

  2. Alex couzens 4 years ago

    My father recently passed away because he chose CELLECT over conventional treatment. He had an 80% chance had he gone the chemo route, instead he opted for cellect, which I might add he was already using for 7-8 years PRIOR to getting cancer for “diabetes” control. CELLECT IS A FRAUD AND A HOAX AND AT $1200 per month is a disgrace! Fred Eichhorn is a fraud who couldn’t even make it in medical school and didn’t get his bogus ND license until 2012.. I have spoken to Fred directly and to his loosely related “health care professionals”, including his thermogram readers who told me that basic medical information is withheld from them when reading these tests. Disgusting…

    • Author
      Cancermind 4 years ago


      Sorry for your loss. Stories like yours are not shared enough so thank you for being brave at such an emotional time. We usually hear about all the wonderful and positive stories but rarely hear when things go wrong. I’m sure your story will help many cancer patients pause and rethink using treatments like cellect that have no scientific evidence to support its use as a cancer treatment. As you put it so well, many people just don’t understand that conventional treatments can have greater odds of success than treatments like these in certain situations.

      Thanks again for sharing.

    • flawlessfoose 4 years ago

      He had a 80% chance if he used chemo? Ha, where is the scientific proof of that? Because the doctor said so?
      Cellect cost him 1200 a month? Do you know what a round of chemo cost, roughly 10,000 bucks. Did you know roughly 50% of that money goes to the doc himself.

      You see, cancer is highly profitable. If Fred is a scammer, then so is the conventional side. I’ve known 5 people in my life that got cancer, all used chemo, radiation and surgery. 4 are dead. That last one living is my brother in law, he has stage 4 liver and colon cancer. The doctors said there is nothing they can do except buy time. Well, he stopped all conventional treatments, and is now doing holistic only, his tumors are shrinking, tumor marks are finally almost to zero.

      I will say he is not using cellect, but a large combination of other natural treatments. Only time will tell. Chemo does encourage the spread of cancer in general. It is very hard on the immune system, which is your primary defense against cancer.

      Detoxification is one of the most important things you can do for your health, and adoption of a clean diet.
      I’m sorry though, there is no science behind the diet thing and detox thing. There’s just nothing they can patent on that to make money from.

      • Alex couzens 4 years ago

        I actually know a person with same cancer who is in same geographical region and same age/ ethnicity etc who did chemo/ radiation and is still alive, 17 yrs later !

        I know many people who have beat cancer with chemo/ radiation and many who didn’t. I’m not bashing the natural thing, I’m bashing this particular person and his bogus product because that’s what it is..

        Re the “medical community conspiracy” to avoid cancer cure: seriously? Perhaps you haven’t read about the multiple types of cancer that have become curable over the years? All medical specialties evolve over time, so diseases come and go as technology improves.. think: polio, measles, chickenpox even..

      • Kathy 3 years ago

        You tell him! He must be one of those idiotic so-called medical Doctors I love to hate. I have proof that Cellect works and I do not need to prove it to an idiot! How many people living in the good ‘ole USA know that we are in 48th place as having the worse Healthcare!!!! Even Africa and Mexico are higher than we are!!!!
        Money, money, money is what the health care system in the US is all about and that is all they are about!!
        Chemo kills, radiation spreads cancer and kills, drugs kill, etc, etc, etc.

        • Alex 3 years ago

          What is your proof? His fake testimonials? Where are the real people and real records? Show us REAL medical records?

          Don’t you think Fred charging over $1000 per month for cellect is $$$ making? It’s worse because he prays on desperate gullible people.

          Incredible how you are so happy to bash “doctors” in place of Fred who has ZERO medical education, yet I’m sure next time something “medically” happens you will run right to “the doctor” instead of calling Fred..

          I know CELLECT is a hoax, I have the records that I’m willing to share, are you willing to share your proof? it’s just a shame that more people keep lining “Fred and co.” pockets at the expense of their life! Good luck “Kathy”, if that’s really your name, maybe it’s mike …

    • T QWERTY 3 years ago



      • Author
        Cancermind 3 years ago

        In Response to T QWERTY,

        It’s very interesting that you are 100% sure without a doubt that cellect eliminated your brothers cancer which would require cat scans, medical reports, treatment history to be fully looked over and validated. This would also require you to be pretty involved in your brothers medical treatment and the complete cancer battle process in order for you to know so much about his disease and the exact reason it completely disappeared. But you don’t know something as simple as to why he stopped taking it?

        If your brother believed what you do, then there would be no reason for him to stop taking something that clearly made cancer magically disappear for 3 years. They wouldn’t stop taking the life line that all of you paint cellect to be. The entire statement you made just doesn’t make sense along with most other testimonials made about cellect. If you read every testimonial about cellect very closely you will notice that most are supported by belief, feelings, and assumptions all of which mean nothing to cancer patients trying to find something that provides real results.

        A common theme in all these comments is that cellect is natural and anyone that has something negative to say about it is just doing so because they want to bash natural treatments and they are supporting the evil evil big pharma. Let me be clear, no one so far on this page has bashed cellect because is was natural. It has only been exposed for what it is. Cellect severely lacks scientific evidence, research, and credibility. I mean cellect contains ingredients that have been proven to increase cancer rates. How is that not a red flag? There are many natural treatments that have scientific evidence, research, and credibility. Literally everything that cellect isn’t. So why not look into these other natural treatments and support them like you support cellect. Don’t say we don’t support natural treatments just because we mention the short comings of cellect. Lets get real.

        This article is not about natural vs big pharma like many of you continue to mention. It is clearly just stating what information is available and the lack there of. I support natural treatments and any treatment for that matter that can help a cancer patient. The cancer patient is what matters and not this child like thinking that anything that comes from the medical industry is evil. Next time you get an infection and use antibiotics to save your life, think long and hard and see what kind of hypocrite you truly are.

  3. ralal myrcha 4 years ago

    Alex, i am sorry for your loss, but if someone told you that your Dad had 80% chance of cure after chemo it was a lie. It is proven that 5 years survival rate of chemo is 2.3%, and another study shows that chemo promote the growth of tumor.



    Cellect is definitely not what will cure your cancer, but right nutrition is very important.

    • Author
      Cancermind 4 years ago


      Every stage and type of cancer will be different from the next. Therefore, when cancer is caught early, conventional treatment odds of success dramatically improve. We have no idea the important details of Alex’s story in order to jump to a conclusion that would allow someone to make such remarks. For example, just because stage 4 pancreatic cancer 5 year survival rate is 1% doesn’t mean all cancer should be looked at the same way. Chronic myeloid leukemia now has a 5 year survival rate of upwards to 90% thanks to a drug called gleevec which is guess what??……targeted chemotherapy.

      Also the study you provided to substantiate your point about chemotherapy only having a 5 year survival rate used data from 1998 and older. Furthermore, the study doesn’t take into consideration the stage of disease and does not include all types of cancer. This study can’t be used as an indication on how all chemotherapy will perform on all types of cancer. The example I provided above clearly proves otherwise.

      Instead of arguing about conventional treatments vs alternative treatments, why don’t we just think about it as finding the best treatment for the situation? (Type of cancer, stage of cancer, and treatments available) Lets not bash all conventional treatments just like we shouldn’t bash all alternative treatments. All treatments are not created equal. At the same time, we should not praise treatments like CELLECT just because it isn’t chemotherapy. Look at cellect for what it is. A cancer treatment with ZERO reliable cancer data. Is cellect better than no treatment at all? Is cellect better than chemotherapy? Those questions can’t be answered because no data exists.

    • Alex couzens 4 years ago

      See above response. Ignorance and lack of research by ignorant people continue to line the pockets of fred and people like him.. do you really think that the doctors and big pharma execs who lose loved ones to cancer allow it to happen on purpose for $? Do you think that Steve jobs couldn’t have gotten a cure if there was one really out there? THINK.

  4. Danielle 4 years ago

    So what about all the success stories for CELLECT that are seen all over the internet? Those are all frauds too?

    • Author
      Cancermind 4 years ago


      Success stories are just that, stories. We have no way of knowing if any of them are real, fabricated, or just inaccurate. And if some are in fact real, we have no way of knowing how many times the treatment failed in order to produce that one positive testimonial. Is it 1 out of 10? or is it 1 out of 10,000? Would you consider trying CELLECT if you knew the odds of it working were 1 in 10,000 ( .0001 or 0.01% )?

  5. Trish Takawina 4 years ago

    I have personally taken Cellect and have benefited from it hugely when no other protocols could help me after 10 yrs of trying. My Auntie is taking Cellect for her Breast Cancer and it is helping her significantly. Before we started taking this, we spoke to many patients directly who were able to share their experiences and success stories. None of them mixed this with other protocols.

    It’s the patient’s choice to make their own informed decision. It is inaccurate to suggest that other sites are benefiting from its sales when Fred and his team have on many occasions stated that a patient does not need to buy Cellect but can take the supplements individually in the correct proportions and ratios to each other. Also it is clearly outlined on the NCRF site that diet and nutrition are an important part of the protocol. There are hundreds of positive testimonials that can not all be false. Many people who have had success are willing to share their experiences.

    • Author
      Cancermind 4 years ago


      Most positive testimonials like your own only provide statements like “I have benefited from it hugely” or ” It is helping her significantly”. The issue with these types of testimonials is that they provide zero information on how the treatment actually effected the cancer itself. Feeling better is not “ANY” indication that cancer is being treated effectively. Most testimonials if not all lack the data needed to verify if a treatment like cellect actually works on cancer.

      I also agree that it is a patients choice to make their own decisions about treatments and that is why we have an open dialog on cancermind so everyone can state their own point of view. Is is also why I state the facts about treatments like the obvious conflict of interest that Fred Eichhorn has when he states a treatment he sells and makes profit on is an effective cancer treatment. Hard to believe anything Fred has to say about Cellect since he has a direct financial gain if his supplement sells. And people need to know this in order to make their own decision as well.

      Also people need to know cellect is nothing more then random supplements put together and sold under a cellect name. No research is provided to explain why these random supplements where put together. And if proper cancer research was used then at least some of these random supplements would have not been combined due to data showing lack of effectiveness and increased cancer risk which I pointed out in my article. These are all things that need to be known before trying cellect. And if someone still wants to try it after knowing those facts, they have the right to do so. Only message I’m giving to everyone is to research as much as possible before trying anything.

  6. Trish Takawina 4 years ago

    There is actually a lot of documented evidence on the NCRF site with actual patients reports. I also have my own blood work results and documents that show how much my health has improved on Cellect. All I know is that I have personally benefited from this in my own health as have my family and other people I have been in touch with. So I will continue to enjoy the benefits.

    Also, it doesn’t state anywhere on Cellect that it is a “Cancer treatment” so your above message is flawed. The observations are mentioned on the website and very clearly stated: “Please know that CELLECT or any person relative to this product do not make any implications, promises, nor guarantees that CELLECT will reverse any disease. The information herein is determined informational and observational although the observations and documentations show positive results, it is the reader’s obligation to discuss with their medical professional, and make their own decisions. There is a big difference between making a claim and sharing an observation and it is pertinent that this distinction is made and recognized.

    • Author
      Cancermind 4 years ago


      The CancerMind Website focuses on topics that relate to cancer. Therefore, any supplements, vitamins, herbs, and home remedies that are used by cancer patients in the treatment of cancer are discussed. Whether or not the actual product being used has any written claims at the point of sale is completely irrelevant. For example, baking soda was never intended to be used as a cancer treatment but yet it is now used and called by many people a “cancer treatment” regardless of its actual success. To be clear, the term cancer treatment when describing the cellect product did not originate on this website.

      However, it is a little convenient that a product like cellect which you say is not implied as a cancer treatment anywhere, is in fact implied as a cancer treatment on the very same NCRF site you mentioned which showcases over 100 cancer related testimonials. If the creator of this supplement wanted to make sure this supplement wouldn’t be mistaken for a cancer treatment in any way then cancer testimonials shouldn’t be used as a marketing tool. If this product is not designed to be sold for that reason then everything should be done in order to keep that from happening. That includes removing cancer testimonials that give people the indication that said product is effective for cancer. Very simple.

      The NCRF site also has the word cancer in the title (national cancer research foundation), has a 877-CANCER FREE phone number, and uses terms like ” Our efforts have helped the reversal of most types of cancer, including pancreatic, liver, breast, ovarian, cervical, prostate, colon, lung, lymphatic and brain”. Clearly the main topic of the NCRF site is cancer. So if patients are using said product as part of a cancer treatment program showcased on the NCRF site, then how is said product not being used as a cancer treatment? You can’t use cellect to treat cancer and then say it’s not being used as a cancer treatment. It doesn’t work that way.

      So whether or not you want to admit it, the product in question is in fact being implied in many ways as a cancer treatment and that is why it was reviewed and discussed as one. No amount of disclaimers will ever change that. People are using it as a cancer treatment and therefore the lack of research and evidence needs to be mentioned. No scientific evidence has shown it to be effective for cancer and that can’t be debated until new research is done. Case closed. If you still want to use if after knowing that, then you are free to do so.

  7. Alex couzens 4 years ago

    Hi. This is Alex again.. the cellect “testimonials” are bogus. Please research Fred and his “medical background”. Not only have I spoken with him directly (a rarity) but I have his emails where he disputed not 1 or 2 biopsies from reputable NY medical facilities, but all 4 separate lab results that I had done for my father so as to convince him that Fred was nothing more than a money hungry scoundrel who prays on people’s fears.

    Despite the 4 biopsy tests, Fred said that it was a “sinus infection emanating from dental issues” and not nasal pharyngeal carcinoma. As the disease metastasized into the bones, two more biopsies were done at yet 2 more facilities and both also confirmed the original diagnosis, so that means that 6 different labs all lied according to Fred.

    Lastly, did I mention the “thermascans” that he orders at $500 each (not insurance covered because not a genuine test for anything )? Well he insists that the results are read by technicians out in Arizona rather than the office where test is conducted (and where you provide your medical records and questionnaire re symptoms). .. yep, I called them too and was shocked to learn that NONE of my father’s medical records, history or even his symptoms questionnaire had been provided to the scan readers, nor did they have any clue why the test was even ordered ! hence their reports were “negative”…

    Whenever one of his fanatics dies from cancer, fred comes up with an excuse why, citing to anything and everything but the truth.. he loved that $1200 month that cellect cost (have credit card receipts) at the “cancer battle rate”, not to mention the other capsules that you have to take in conjunction with the cellect. According to fred he hasn’t worked in ages (you should see where he has worked) yet he lives in a million dollar plus home in Long Island, NY. When you google him ,dig deep like I did.. cellect sells all over the world under different labels and brands..probably made in basement in china somewhere.

    Lastly, I wanted to point out that he got my dad looped into his “cult” by telling him to stop his meds for diabetes (metformin I believe) and start cellect 10 yrs plus before, yes before, he even got cancer. Well, the diabetes ruined his eyes and he developed diabetic neuropathies and other physical issues.. Fred’s response : take more cellect and he did and then he got cancer, a rare cancer primarily linked to salted dried fish (who knows if cellects high shark fin content meets that definition).. not a single other factor for that type of cancer except lots of cellect with shark fin..

    sorry people, but I lived this experience and saw it with my own eyes and it’s a scam. Even if cellect is ” healthy product” in general, no genuine “scientist” or genuinely decent human being would forcefully dispute so many positive tests and symptoms ( for the cancer and diabetes) to sell their product.. scam galore !

    • Author
      Cancermind 4 years ago


      I really wanted to say thank you for sharing your story about cellect because it clearly shows a side that is rarely talked about. Your story might very well save lives by giving cancer patients something to deeply think about before giving cellect a try. You provided an enormous amount of detail, in fact, even greater detail than all the currently available positive testimonials on cellect which should speak volumes to anyone reading this.

  8. Micheal 4 years ago

    It’s personal for me. I had a very very close friend who was diagnosed with an incurable stage of breast cancer. Granted “Cellect” probably didn’t hurt at that point, but it didn’t help, and dissuaded her from further chemo. It was a waste of a huge amount of money that could have been spent more pleasurably.

  9. flawlessfoose 4 years ago

    This article is as bogus as what there accusing cellect of. Fact is, there will NEVER be any evidence of this working simply because there is no interest in a product that the medical industry cannot make a red cent from period.

    When you have hundreds of people saying they have been tremendously helped by cellect, if not fully healed, then it’s not a accident or simply an over and over repeated coincidence.

    These articles are as bad as saying there’s no god.

    The FACT is, chemo, radiation and surgery only buy time. A freaking success story is a cancer patient lived 10 years with the very best the doctors had to offer, but they died a slow miserable death. They have been trying to find a “cure” for well over 50 yrs, and there still looking, because there’s no money in a cure now is there!

    • Cat 3 years ago

      You are so right! I know for a Personal fact that it works! As long as there is Big money to be made our society in whole will never know of a “cure” . At least Not from their doctors or the FDA, which stands for “Federal Death Association”!

      There has always been a cure for cancer in some form or other, just not from the money hungry bottom fish feeders. Just check and see how many doctors do not take the same advice they give you. My own doctor so much as agreed with us about the poison people are given to supposedly cure cancer. What a joke. You can actually live longer doing nothing than taking their poison. What do you people think is in Chemo??? Radiation??? Injections, vaccines, drugs?? Maybe you better spend your time researching that than whining about Cellect!!

      If any of you guys get cancer and take their poisons and drugs, I guarantee you will Not be back on here saying how great it was or that you are “Cured”!

      • Alex 3 years ago

        How do you know Cat? Where’s the proof? Can you share the real name and phone number of a single person who took this crap and “beat cancer”? It’s all bull. See my posts below. Facts, not Facebook gossip or publicity is what counts.

        • robert dannemiller 2 years ago

          just listening to the ‘tone’ you use to rebuke natural remedies, and their advocates, is very telling. Anyone with real wisdom knows that everyone is different, and different treatments will work/won’t work, but most of the protocols simply address boosting a weakened immune system, raising PH levels, and common sense daily health routines.

          Advocating for chemo/radiation, with it’s pathetic success rates, as well as creating a “nuked”, survivor, 1000 X’s more susceptible to future relapses. I’m in no way educated on the facts, and data, but 1000’s of testimonials for cellect, budwig, bill henderson, and numerous other protocols all available to everyone for FREE, suggests that maybe there is more to it than you suggest. Of all the family members, friends,associates, I’ve had that passed from cancer, all tried the chemo/radiation route, and 0 survived. Not to mention the misery these treatments cause financially, and health-wise.

  10. flawlessfoose 4 years ago

    Just also wanted to add, because of Alex’s post and some others, those are not proof of anything either.

    For example, what was his diet like, was he still smoking and drinking or not you see, you can’t just take a supplement of any kind and expect a miracle, you have to have lifestyle changes permanently. And if that wasn’t the case and he did everything right, then cellect was not for him and his body needed something completely different. You see we all need different things, we all have different blood types, hair color, skin color, etc. You have to find what works for you, it’s never a one size fits all.

  11. MichealPorter 4 years ago

    So, this B.S. is still out there? People still don’t understand the scientific method, the only way to really prove anything that Fred is claiming? Fred sells a panacea; that alone should tell you it’s crap. Nothing cures everything; Why don’t people get that?

    I met Fred, and tuned him out 2 seconds after he started talking. The biggest problem with “Cellect”, is that his theories have been around for at Least Decades, if not longer. Do any of his defenders wonder WHY it’s Never been accepted by the medical community? Again, his theories have been around for at least DECADES ( I’m pretty sure they originally came out in the 1800s). The nutrition to cure cancer thing is garbage; it’s especially so, when the “nutrition” is massive doses of minerals and long disproven supplements like shark fin (btw, just in case you didn’t know; sharks get cancer).

    Fred claims to have been severely injured in the first WTC bombing, and to have cured himself. How do you prove or disprove his claim? He claims to have gone to medical school. Again, how do you prove or disprove his claim? He claims Ben Gazzara as a client, and that he talked to him. And, Again, no proof. I’m done. If you want to be conned by a half wit and conscientious artist, that’s your choice.

  12. Alex couzens 4 years ago

    To Flawlessfoose: no, he never smoked or drank before or after diagnosis and was extremely fit for his age. Only got sick AFTER BEING ON Cellect.

    All of these supposed people cured, where are they and why can’t interested/prospective patients speak to them before starting Cellect?

    Look up Fred’s history: he flunked out of medical school, has had multiple professions in the last years and only got his online “nd” (naturopathic doctor) in the last couple of years. My research has yet to prove that he was ever in the wtc bombing, but I’m still working on that.

    Please don’t insult anyone’s intelligence by saying fred being bogus is equivalent to god not existing, that makes me sick.. I believe in god and I believe in lots of different factors helping or hurting your chances with this disease, but when you have this ” if you want to use my product, then you are not allowed to seek out any other treatment” type of behavior, it’s sickening. It’s pure greeeedddddd…

    Finally, do research on fred. Same ingredients go into his dog and cat formulas. Same product has been marketed in Europe by him under different label and failed. Same product has multiple names and the basis of several failed business ventures, all under Fred’s name and all have failed. He makes all the $$$$, while his website claims otherwise. Look up what his million dollar house is worth, yet he’s been in the hospital now in and out for 3 yrs (why is he ALWAYS SICK HIMSELF I WONDER IF CELLECT IS WONDERFUL)… yet he swears that he makes no $ from Cellect..

    I have done the research and I have his emails and the bogus tests he ordered etc.. Hope that you never have a loved one diagnosed with this disease, but if so, RUN from fred, mike v and the entire Cellect con clan..

  13. Elliott Bettman, MD 3 years ago

    I’m a classically-trained physician, and I often order Cellect powder for my patients with cancer. I don’t tell them not to go to the Oncologist, just to use this as a supplement. Fred Eichorn will talk to you on the phone for an hour, and not try to sell you anything. His profit margin-if any-is small. It’s not Double-Blind placebo, I know, but I have had at least one Great response.

    • Author
      Cancermind 3 years ago

      Hi Elliott,

      First let me say thanks for sharing. Aside from that I was wondering why you choose cellect to recommend to cancer patients? Why choose something that has no data or studies to support its use when other natural supplements exist that do? For example, curcumin, turmeric, apatone, Vitamin d3 and melatonin just to name a few all have research behind them that support their effectiveness.

      Whats more is that cellect contains questionable ingredients like shark cartilage that has shown itself to be of no use in studies. At the very least the price is being inflated due to these ingredients being added to this supplement with no added benefit to the cancer patient. I mean if you’re looking for a supplement that contains a random assortment of nutrients i am sure you can find a higher quality option at a cheaper price that doesn’t contain ingredients like (shark cartilage) that has shown no benefit in studies. And to make matters worse, shark cartilage has been shown to contain a neurotoxin as well which should be another cause for concern. The list goes on.

  14. Elliott Bettman, MD 3 years ago

    I admit…it’s unscientific. As a physician, I know that shark cartilage is not useful as a standalone treatment. Ironically, shark liver oil-advocated by the Late Dr. Atkins-does have some positive data. I, Too, am skeptical of panaceas. But-the purpose of Cellect is to decrease inflammation in the body-and, inflammation, is, indeed, related to multiple pathologies. One of my patients had a brother with advanced Pancreatic Cancer. I don’t know the cell type. The most common kind (which was NOT the kind Fred had) is Ductal. That is also the toughest to treat.

    Anyhow, I bought Cellect with my own $$ and had it shipped to her. She shipped it to her Brother in New Jersey, and came back and told me his tumors were GONE. The physicians there apparently have never seen anything like that. Is this anecdotal?? Of course. Coincidental? Placebo Affect? But, with a disease like THAT, it needs to be investigated. A former coworker’s Dog has a tumor, and I will make sure she gets Cellect.

    • Author
      Cancermind 3 years ago


      Very interesting. Why not try shark liver oil alone or at least a group of cellect ingredients that have some type of positive data and just scrap the rest? This would obviously save money and decrease the chance of something like shark cartilage with interfering with a positive outcome.

      Witnessing a possible positive response would make anyone a little bias. We are all human and we want more than anything for something like cellect to work. However, when i see a supplement like cellect that contains ingredients with zero or negative data i start to question things. I start to question the rational that was used to compose, select and combine these ingredients into one supplement.

      Shark cartilage was one of those cancer cures that went viral because it was said that sharks don’t get cancer. Someone that then includes it in a supplement geared toward cancer patients starts to lose or has already lost all credibility in my eyes. Anyone can go do a google search on natural cancer treatments and pick 15 random nutrients, bottle it, and call it the best thing ever. And for the fact shark cartilage is still a part of cellect paints a huge red flag on the bottle in my opinion.

      Don’t get me wrong, even with all the red flags it still might work for someone. Anything is possible and i wish the best for anyone who decides to try it.

      With that being said, did the brother who had a cancer response taking cellect take any other treatments at the same time? Chemotherapy, supplements etc? Also keep us updated on your coworkers dog. I’d be interested to hear about the results.

  15. Alex 3 years ago

    Dr. Bettman,

    I agree 100% that any and all products, especially natural products should be added to the cancer battle when safe to do so. What I have a real problem with is that Fred plays doctor and convinces his patients, I mean clients, that they don’t have cancer. He disputes mri’s, biopsies and ct-scans. He flunked out of medical school, terminated by Stony brook and has zero medical training to be offering medical advice. Then, he insisted that if conventional treatment was to be followed, that my father and his gf should stop wasting his time and buying collect etc. He is very good at convincing the naive, helpless and brainwashed to follow his advice or else.

    His only other physician follower that I’m aware of has issues with the State Medical Board for over prescribing pain meds. I truly wish that my father had a true physician who cared and who was willing to explore parallel treatments and options. You seem caring and willing to explore the unconventional which I applaud!!! ! Maybe some of these “Doctor haters” conspiracy theorists will see that a lot of doctors do care by your example. Just don’t trust Fred like we did and hope for a miracle because of his products.

  16. Alex 3 years ago

    Again, I am willing to share any and all paperwork, test results, credit card bills, photos etc for those who think I’m not real or have a real story here. Buyer Beware and demand proof and research these claims of a cure before subjecting your loved ones to this greed driven miserable product…

  17. Alex 3 years ago

    Just revisited Fred’s Facebook page and shockingly, all of his alleged “medical” training has disappeared!!! I wish I could upload the screen shots I just took of his “employment history”… The Fred adventure continues…

  18. Elliott Bettman, MD 3 years ago

    Your concern is understandable. I’ve also heard-seriously-that Frankincense products make cancer cells destroy themselves. The same is claimed for Graviola. Some exaggerated info on the latter, especially, but these things are easier to tolerate than Chemo and radiation. The idea is that plants have millions of years of experience in killing insects and parasites that like to munch on them. The hope is that they can do the same-selectively-to malignant cells.

    • Author
      Cancermind 3 years ago

      Yeah the exaggerated claims are everywhere. Misinformation is very common and a lot of people believe everything they read regardless of the source. When articles are written about these natural nutrients making cancer cells explode etc it’s usually based on in vitro studies using concentrations that are impossible to reach in the blood stream. These same articles are just confusing people to think if they take said nutrient cancer cells will magically explode. This type of thought process is very dangerous when someone has cancer and tries to self treat with information they found on a random blog or even worse from a con artist.

      With that being said, I think the natural aspect is extremely important and it is needed for both prevention and treatment but with focus. I don’t believe in the concept of taking everything and anything because it’s natural and it won’t hurt. Some natural things can hurt and make things worse. Both natural and conventional medicine have the potential to be antagonistic and cause negative effects that can render your treatment less effective or even worthless. It’s just not as easy or simple as most people think.

  19. Linda 3 years ago

    Cancermind and Alex are obviously extremely concerned with their own livelihood in their corrupt medical world. I have known Freddy for the past 15 years and he is anything but greedy. He is the most amazing and selfless humanitarian I have ever met. I have been to his very humble home and spent hours with him on the phone (even at midnight because his lines are busy all the time with him helping people around the clock). He and his wife Lora live for helping people!!

    Believe me, he is not getting rich from Cellect, far from it. They give so much of it away and often doctors don’t pay which has caused them severe hardship and setbacks with production. People do not get into natural medicine to get rich, that is reserved for the pharmaceutical companies and “medical profession” like you dirt bags. I saw a letter where an Oncologist on Long Island threatened to sue Freddy for curing his patient’s Cancer which cut him out of $25,000 in Chemo treatments. I have also seen x-rays that show tumors shrinking down to nothing in lungs, liver and hips over the course of 3-6 months. My friend’s dog went from near death (cancer in jowls and legs) to running around in 3 weeks. My Golden Retriever had hip displasia and was feeling great in less than a week. And yes Freddy did provide me with numbers of people who have recovered from Cancer but that was prior to Facebook. Now, you can just go on Facebook and chat with hundreds of his satisfied “customers”. Not a single one of them will ever describe him as greedy. The good and honest doctors are ordering Cellect all over the country and I’d guess overseas. I personally knew 2 on Long Island when I left in 2007 but haven’t kept up with it since I left.

    I will not tell you that Cellect will work for everyone on every health issue but it does work for the vast majority…hundreds if not 1000’s of lives have been changed for the better thanks to the selflessness of Fred and Lora Eichhorn!

    You know this program works and you are scared. That’s why you spent the money on this website….the almighty dollar. If you weren’t financially threatened you and the Feds wouldn’t all be trying to shut him down or steel his formula. Wait until you have Cancer or some other terminal illness…I hear Karma’s a bitch.

    • Author
      Cancermind 3 years ago


      First off just because someone doesn’t agree with you doesn’t mean they are working for the pharma industry, the feds, or any other ridiculous conspiracy theories you can pull out of thin air. You make many assumptions in your comment about people you don’t know just because they don’t believe the outrageous claims that cellect makes and is known for. This site was created to help cancer patients and provide them with accurate information which you would have known if you took a few moments to do more than read one article. I support natural treatments but cellect just isn’t one of them. I personally feel we all have a common goal which is to fight cancer and do what we can so that people survive cancer. So no matter if we agree or disagree on certain things we are on the same team in the end. Calling people names like dirt bags and hoping someone gets cancer just because they have an opinion different than yours is crossing the line.

      And steal his formula? Do your research. Cellect is a mixture of random supplements put together with zero scientific evidence. Literally you can easily purchase all ingredients yourself for way cheaper if you really wanted to. No one wants his formula. Plus he mixes things within the formula that have proven to be ineffective for cancer and even worse increase cancer risk. Not only is it a random mixture of ingredients but a poor one at that. Read all ingredients, research each one individually and only then you can go around praising cellect. There is obviously some helpful nutrients included but those are canceled out by the ones that are proven to be ineffective. At the very least you are paying for ingredients that are not needed and at the most you could be harming yourself.

  20. NT 3 years ago




  21. Alexandra Couzens 3 years ago

    Linda, before you start accusing people, maybe you should read their comments.. I’m NOT in the health care profession, I lost my father because of Fred… You are probably one of his employees or associates in disguise just looking to protect the the cash flow.

    I challenge anyone who will actually share their proof of being cured by fred to do so. I have stated our situation and facts clearly above. I am willing to share WRITTEN medical records. Fred convinced my father AND TRIED TO CONVINCE ME (as I HAD THE FUNDING) that that he didn’t have cancer (and I have his emails) and told him that he would “no longer work with him” IF he underwent conventional treatment. I had biopsies taken and reviewed at MULTIPLE medical facilities to prove to my dad that indeed it was cancer unfortunately. DESPITE THAT FACT, Fred maintained the same position. Ultimately, my dad went for the $1200 per month fred deal that I have receipts for rather than follow the doctors.. Only When his spine fractured in 3 places due to the CANCER eating away at every part of his body did he agree that Fred was a fraud and to follow medical advice.. Of course it was too late then.. PROOF IN WRITING IS REAL PROOF, NOT FAKE AND/OR IGNORANT “testimonials”.

    FYI: Even a former employee of Fred’s whose relative was diagnosed in the last year WENT FOR CONVENTIONAL TREATMENT over his quackery and money sucking, victimizing fraudulent nonsense.

    I pray everyday that the the FDA follows up with their previous threats against Fred, as every day that passes means more families are being deceived and ultimately left with empty place settings at the table.

    • Kratima 3 years ago

      @Alexandra, I believe you 1000%. I was a victim of another liar doctor who asks friends, relatives and employees to complete online false reviews. If the Cellect product would have been fantastic, then would have been approved by FDA and used in hospitals. I believe that you may have sufficient info for a lawsuit. With your emails you can document in Court the false claims about curing cancer by Cellect. You can also report Cellect to FDA. Some problems can remain unknown, only to be discovered by FDA when a product is used by a large number of people.

      Link https://www.safetyreporting.hhs.gov/SRP2/en/Home.aspx?sid=36b21307-d99f-432b-a75b-67db0407cc39

      Also, you may want to have a look and read more : https://www.fda.gov/Safety/ReportaProblem/default.htm

      I used the previous link and tried to see I need to complete. It seems easy. You need to give the details of the product and the company . It looks that they manufacture themselves the product/dietary supplement under Cellect Products Inc, website. You can select the option to remain anonymous. Best wishes.

      PS: when their website on the home page it reads this: “Please know that CELLECT™ or any person relative to this product do not make any implications, promises, nor guarantees that CELLECT™ will reverse any disease. The information herein is determined informational and observational. Although the observations and documentations show positive results, it is the reader’s obligation to discuss with their medical professional, and make their own decisions.

      CELLECT™ is a dietary supplement formulated and manufactured by CELLECT™. It is manufactured to meet the highest quality and standards set by CELLECT™.

      All decisions are the responsibility of the reader and common sense of it shall apply.”

  22. Thaddeus Buttmunch, MD 3 years ago

    I’m a conventionally-trained physician. I admit to being skeptical of Cellect. However, one of my patients had a Brother with Pancreatic Cancer. I bought the supplement for him, and his Sister shipped it to him in New Jersey. His tumors all disappeared. His physicians said that was the first time in twenty years that they had seen such a result. Ukrain is a Great Alternative treatment, too. It works very well in both Pancreatic and Prostate Cancer.

  23. Micheal 3 years ago

    I’d love to see proof that you’re a “conventionally trained” physician; or, really, ANY kind of physician. You ignore the most basic rules of science and logic. Even IF I accept your claim, “post hoc, ergo propter hoc”, is a basic logical fallacy.

  24. Elliott Bettman, MD 3 years ago

    I am indeed a conventionally-trained physician. I did my premed at Wayne State University in Detroit. My residency was at Saint Barnabas in New Jersey in the Early 1990s. I’ve been in Practice for over twenty years.

  25. Micheal 3 years ago

    Great. Then you should know that a lot more is required to prove the efficacy of ANY treatment than just “he got better while using it”.

  26. Marsha Conroy 3 years ago

    Wow, the vitriol on this site is remarkable. Sorry for it. I am sorry for the losses; the pain is vivid, and I hope you can find peace and comfort.

    My take: Received stage 4 ovarian cancer, “weeks to maybe months” diagnosis Sept 28, 2017. Underwent chemo to shrink tumors, (which it did) from grapefruit-sized to mandarin-sized. Surgery. More chemo, which I continue. I have an oncologist with whom I’m fairly comfortable, but he only knows the conventional way to treat. I am grateful for the surgery that got rid of virtually all of the tumors. The chemo has been tolerable, and CA-125 has gone from an astounding 80K to below 1000, not where it needs to be but headed there. I am most grateful to God that I have had no nausea, no pain (just discomfort), eat well, move around pretty well, and continue to work and garden as usual (most of the time!). So I’m not knocking allopathic medicine per se.

    HOWEVER— I do a LOT of alternative therapies as well, which oncologist doesn’t exactly want to know about. I am convinced that the combination of allopathic and alternative have kept me in relatively good shape so far. I do see an orthomolecular doctor (conventionally-trained gynecologist, now alternative doc) as well, and am considering a second opinion from a local oncologist who is reputed to be open to alternatives as well.

    I continue to research, learn, discard what doesn’t seem to be working, incorporate whatever seems to make sense, and keep an open mind. Lack of data / numbers means nothing to people who have truly benefited from a therapy or supplement or practice. Yes, there are indeed lots of really wacky-sounding ideas out there. But then again, Semmelweis had a pretty wacky-sounding theory: washing hands between patients. What?!? Galileo was a heretic – EVERYBODY knew that the sun revolved around the earth. Pythagoras – nut job. Pasteur – let’s thank God for Louis. Just because something doesn’t sound plausible or goes against conventional wisdom does not mean it cannot work.

    Many people get huge health benefits from High-dose Vit C therapy (which I also use), yet most medical pros poohpooh it because it goes against standard medical training. And what company would sponsor a multi-million research project on it? Vit C cannot be patented and it’s not a high-profit product, so why would any company be interested in spending time & money on it? It’s a product anyone can buy anywhere, and it’s cheap. Thus, there is not lots of data out there definitively proving the efficacy of high-dose Vit C therapy, so I cannot quote stats for proof. I just know and believe that it is part of the reason why I continue to do well in spite of a bleak diagnosis, and am still quite optimistic for the future.

    I guess I wish that we could have recourse to all types of therapies without fear and castigation. Chemo has its place, but even my oncologist says it’s not a “cure”, especially with the types of cancer that is afflicting me. Quick research online shows that chemo is not as effective as one might think; depends on how you describe “effective”. I just wish my insurance would pay for the alternative therapies that I do as readily as it pays for drugs that come with a long list of nasty side effects. I use both allopathic and alternative therapies and am content; why shouldn’t our healthcare system be as willing to allow for various types of therapies?

    Best of luck to us all.

    • Alex Couzens 3 years ago

      You sound like an amazing, strong and intelligent person!!! Wishing you all of the best and hope that you continue to improve each and every day 🙏🏼❤️

      Never lose faith in who you are and what you can overcome faced w this disease . NEVER let others tell you or dictate to you what your choices are. Follow your gut instinct and common sense. Most of all, stay positive psychologically and don’t let any crazy gimmick promoting, $$$ requesting crazies pursuade you to “pick or choose” between options. Combining natural/allopathic remedies with cutting edge medicine is the most logical, productive and positive way to go. Please stay away from ANYONE who demands you only use/pay them and forego all other options. Again, wishing you the best and Hoping, praying that you not become yet another statistic of the cellect gimmick.

      • Ring Of Fire 2 years ago

        Alex, I have been reading all of your comments on here and would like to speak to you regarding what you have said. My father in law died in July after choosing to use Cellect from March of last year up until the moment he could no longer stomach it, probably three months in total… Which, according to Fred, should have been long enough to cure him (Since, he has OF COURSE, cured so many people in so many worse conditions than my Father in Laws Pancreatic Cancer Diagnosis). Fred had made so many false claims, telling us that he needed to drink more cellect… and when there was no evidence that his cancer was improving, he convinced him that he just needed to try it for longer, because his cancer was so advanced. When my Father in law went to the hospital to have tests run, and a bioposy done to confirm the stage and type of cancer that he had, Fred angrily told our family that if my F-I-L chose to do ANY medical treatments that it would only worsen his condition. It was ALL or NOTHING with him, He convinced my sad, scared and desperate father in law to continue his treatments without any proof of its ability to work. He is a SALESMAN that feeds on the weak and scared. WHAT CAN WE DO? WHO CAN WE TALK TO? This man needs to be stopped.

        As far as everyone stating that Fred lives humbly… I have personally been to his million dollar, waterfront home… I have seen his porsche’s in the driveway. He may live like a SLOB inside his home, but outwardly, and obviously, he has the money and means to uphold a pretty expensive lifestyle. And he is able to do that by living off of our weak loved ones who didn’t think that they had any other options. Or who thought, hey why should I lose my hair and go through chemo when I can drink these shakes a few times a day and be better than ever?

        This man, in my presence, claimed that with Cellect, he not only cured diabetes, EVERY type of cancer, Alzheimer’s, etc… he also CURED HIV AIDS.

        There was no evidence to support this claim and when questioned regarding the POSSIBILITY of this, he went back off on a tangent about how Cellect creates a balance in the body.

        WHAT CAN BE DONE? It has been 6 months since my father in law has passed away and now that part of the grief has subsided, ANGER towards this man is what is left in its place.

        Also, I am not trying to discredit the use of natural alternatives to cancer treatment. I am sure that there are people out there that have been cured in a natural way. However, Fred Eichorn and Cellect (aside from the BOGUS CLAIMS that I have seen on this thread and many other websites) have no evidence to prove that they have cured anyone.

        I could go on and on about this, but I know that you went through the same thing with your father… is there nothing that can be done?

        • Author
          Cancermind 2 years ago

          Really sorry to hear about your loss and what you and your father in law had to go through. I hope you can do something to help people in the future avoid a similar situation. If you feel that you have enough proof to show fred did break fda regulation like state that a natural supplement like cellect will cure or treat cancer then you might want to consider contacting the fda which can enforce provisions in the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) of 1994.

        • Alex Couzens 2 years ago

          Thank you for responding and posting and so sorry for your loss. Losing someone is always hard, losing them like this makes it worse.

          I would definitely be willing to speak and/or email with you about this. Not sure how to do so ?

  27. tiny tin 3 years ago

    This site is created to discredit any natural and alternative treatment in order to get credentials to conventional medical way, this is my opinion.

    But in fact, it makes me likes these alternative practices and trust less and less all MD’s and brainwashing practices of surgery, chemo and radiation. I see people i know just dye from it, even relatively young.

    • Author
      Cancermind 3 years ago

      Tiny tin,

      This site was created to help people avoid fake cancer cures. Just because someone doesn’t support one natural or alternative treatment doesn’t mean they automatically work for big pharma, are part of a conspiracy theory, are tying to withhold information or any other crazy ideas thought up to discredit someone who disagrees with you. How is this way of thinking even possible? So for example, lets say someone doesn’t like Apples. Does that mean you are going to generalize that person as someone who dislikes all fruit just because they don’t like apples? Lets get real here.

      In reality I myself am a big believer in natural treatments but I just don’t see the data to back up the use of cellect. Especially when other natural treatments have more data and are far more credible than cellect. All i did was point out the data or lack there of to offset the unrealistic promises people make about cellect. It’s only common sense to question a claim that promises a cure or promises to treat cancer better than all other alternatives including other natural treatments. Cancer patients usually are attracted to these unrealistic claims because other options have failed. They have lost the ability to be skeptical and start grasping for straws. We all owe it to them to provide as much honest information so that the last treatment option they choose is not wasted on a fake cancer cure.

  28. Micheal 2 years ago

    Fred made the same claims (a panacea for cancers, diabetes, etc) for at least 3 Loooooong hours in my presence. I thought he might, perhaps, be a fool; from everything I’ve read here, he’s a con artist. How much of a snake do you have to be to take from dying and/or chronically ill people?

    • Author
      Cancermind 2 years ago

      If anyone has any emails from Fred that contains claims that his cellect can treat or cure any disease whether it is cancer, diabetes etc that would be enough to get the fda to start an investigation at the very least. Even if this stuff is healthy, which i don’t think it is, no one should be making these types of claims or promises when peoples lives are depending on the treatment they choose. Look at all the people that have come to this page after cellect has failed. It obviously doesn’t have the track record that Fred and all the supporters claim.

  29. R. Edwards 2 years ago

    I used Cellect on my brother’s stage 4 brain tumor and 2 scans were done by his oncologist and Cellect had killed the tumor per the oncologist who said in 20 years of oncology I’ve never seen it happen. He also said he didn’t want to know what it was I used but to keep using it.

    • Author
      Cancermind 2 years ago

      R. Edwards,

      Thank you for sharing. Was your brother on any other treatment during his use of cellect?

  30. R.Edwards 2 years ago

    No he wasn’t, sent home with hospice and waiting to die.

    • Author
      Cancermind 2 years ago

      Was your brother on any treatment prior to hospice? And if so, what treatments were they and how long was he on them for?

  31. R. Edwards 2 years ago

    He was on chemo radiation and erbitux several months earlier then the cancer came back and he had 70 lymph nodes removed from his neck in an attempt to get all the cancer. Unfortunately, that didn’t work and the cancer metastasized to his brain and that’s when the oncologist declared him stage 4 and said nothing else could be done. That’s when I introduced Cellect to him and his wife. I also recommended the Budwig diet of Flaxseed oil and cottage cheese but his wife had a hard time getting the Flaxseed oil so for 2 and a half weeks Cellect and juicing green vegetables with carrot juice was all he had.

    • Author
      Cancermind 2 years ago

      Im gathering from what you wrote that your brother was on cellect for two and a half weeks and then had two scans showing his stage 4 brain tumor was killed and completely gone? Is this an accurate statement? Also, no other active cancer throughout his body showed up in any of the scans as well?

    • Alexandra couzens 2 years ago

      That’s a fascinating story. Without sharing your brothers information, would you mind providing the name of the oncologist? I would love to contact him or her and ask more about these results, of course no private info would be disclosed as obviously no names are known. Thank you and please advise!!!

  32. Adx 2 years ago

    What a bunch of idiots right there who’s thinking that FDA will one day, admit that a cancer treatment can cure.

    You’re all idiots.
    Take a look on Cellect Facebook personnal group, there’s a bunch of peoples (real people) directly commenting into the group page, that his cancer has been cured with Cellect.

    Y’all you are ignored, brainwashed by society.

    • Author
      Cancermind 2 years ago

      Using facebook as supporting evidence for cellect being effective is like believing you can turn coal into a diamond in minutes using peanut butter. Tons of videos were made, tons of people on facebook posted it and liked it on their page. Well if it’s on facebook it must be real right? Wrong. It’s based on some information that is way more complicated and was taken completely out of context. People make fake stories all the time. No idea why. Maybe it’s for the clicks, maybe they have too much time on their hands or maybe they just do it for fun. Point is facebook and the internet as a whole is loaded with garbage misinformation and if you take medical advice from those same people then you need to really pause and use some critical thinking skills.

      Groups of people still think the earth is flat when all evidence points against it. To flat earthers, evidence doesn’t matter. It’s all about theories and the idea that the earth being round is a huge hoax that is covering up the earth really being flat. This way of thinking is exactly the basis of cellect and all other cancer cures. No real evidence has ever been provided, and when evidence is provided that doesn’t show what they want (like vitamin c IV) some excuse is made up on the reason why.

      You can believe anything you want. If you believe the world if flat and that cellect is a cancer cure then you are free to do so. However, don’t go around trying to convince other people of your theories without proper evidence and even worse using non-evidence and dressing it up as real evidence.

  33. Michael 2 years ago

    Generally speaking, testimonials are not proof. Proof is double blind studies that show, once and for all, that a drug, etc,works. Second, why do you and so many others insist on alleging conspiracies? Third, there’s no need to engage in ad hominem attacks; They weaken your already weak case, and suggest that you have neither proof nor an understanding of what qualifies as evidence.

  34. R.Edwards 2 years ago

    I’ve said this before but apparently it needs repeating. I used Cellect on my brother’s stage 4 brain tumor and it stopped its growth in 2 and a half weeks this is after he’s supposed to be dead. I had recommended Cellect and Budwig but my sister in law had difficulty finding Barleans cold pressed flax seed oil so Cellect and juicing is all she did. A month later another scan and the befuddled oncologist pronounced the tumor dead but said he didn’t want to know what was used but to keep doing it.

    • Author
      Cancermind 2 years ago


      First, your brother was on juicing and cellect. Two things at the same time. So whenever doing two treatments at the same time and picking one as the true cause of remission (just because) isn’t an accurate or scientific approach. I’m sure juice supporters would say that juicing was the thing that cured the cancer and vise versa for cellect supporters.

      Second, how can you be sure this wasn’t a spontaneous remission and had nothing to do with either cellect or juicing? You can’t and that’s why if you don’t even know what caused the remission then you saying cellect did is inaccurate. You might believe cellect caused the remission which is fine but knowing and believing are very different.

      Lastly, alexandra couzens asked you to provide your brothers oncologists name and you haven’t responded to that request. Why is that?

  35. eddie brown 2 years ago

    Robert is very nasty !!! I don’t know if he’s cocky because he has a product that helps people or just having problems at home but your dealing with people who need help try and act alittle nicer on the phone And not so nasty . I hope your product does all is says it does but Robert on the phone representing it is very sad.

  36. Micheal 2 years ago

    A few points;
    First, it’s a common dodge to put a disclaimer on your website and product that it’s “not intended to cure, treat or prevent any disease”: my friend, her sister, and me all met Fred, at his house, where he assured us that her breast cancer could be cured by Cellect (as well as diabetes, and, seemingly, everything under the sun, probably including Leprosy!

    Second, there’s a remarkable level of complete paranoia regarding doctors and “traditional” medicine: if you Really think that doctors and the pharmaceutical industry don’t want to find a “cure” , there’s nothing I can say, except perhaps to refer you to a mental health professional. Yes, doctors and drug companies want to make money. If I studied for a minimum of eight years, I’d want to be rewarded too! And if drug companies are only in for the $, why stick to .05 and .01 confidence intervals? Why not throw everything on the market? There’s a remarkable cynicism in the idea that you’ve spent, again, 8 plus years studying to keep people sick.

    Why is Fred allowed to make money, but doctors aren’t ? Fred is a med school dropout: do you Really think he knows more about biology than med school grads do?

    There’s this thing: it’s called the scientific method. It’s far from perfect, but it’s worked wonderfully in all areas of science, including medicine. Fred has never used the scientific method: Fred has “testimonials “. Testimonials don’t acknowledge variables in treatment or the particular circumstances that the patient has. Putting simply, testimonials are completely useless.

  37. Alex Couz 1 year ago

    Just circling back here after some time away. Btw, re Michael’s last comment: Fred isn’t a medical school drop out, he never got in to begin with !!!

    More importantly, CELLECT IS NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE BC “being reformulated” because the FDA did a worldwide recall due to fred’s all natural ingredients being contaminated with excessive and dangerous levels of arsenic and lead !!!! So it’s not bad enough that this heartless scam artist steals people’s hope and chance to live, but instead of just shipping out harmless bs ingredients, he’s so sooooo greedy that even the quality control of the fake ingredients (presumably harmless) is not worth his time, so all natural ingredients are dangerously contaminated with killers like arsenic and lead. Google cellect Products and fda recall !! Go to his website and he’s soooo disgusting and greedy, he doesn’t even post the recall so his loyal “customers” can see but rather says no longer available while product is being “reformulated”. It’s not on his Facebook page either. SO ALL OF HIS IGNORANT DESPERATE UNEDUCATED CUSTOMERS (desperately dying cancer victims) DON’T even know about this recall. This guy is getting more despicable every year. STAY AWAY FROM THIS GUY AND HIS dozens of products w all different names. He doesn’t have a heart or a soul.

  38. Micheal 1 year ago

    Lovely! So, he lied about going to med school at all; I’ve tried to give him the benefit of the doubt ( maybe he isn’t a con artist, maybe he’s just a quack), but, apparently, he’s both.
    Arsenic and lead?!!? I’m not a lawyer; if somebody died specifically because of the impure product, would he face criminal charges? I would think that, at a certain point, he’d be legally culpable?

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