CELLFOOD Oxygen Drops Review For Health Issues & Cancer

CELLFOOD Oxygen Drops Review For Health Issues & Cancer


A special mixture of minerals, enzymes and amino acids are combined to form liquid oxygen, or at least that’s what NuScience Corporation claims. Nuscience markets CELLFOOD oxygen drops as a health supplement that detoxifies and provides bio-available oxygen to the body.  This claim among others are far fetched and lack scientific evidence. What makes things worse, the company does not provide specific amounts of any ingredients that are used. This makes it hard to determine which ingredient if any is providing the marketed health benefits. Is CELLFOOD oxygen drops 99% water with a negligible amount of minerals, enzymes and amino acids? Or does it have unsafe concentrations of deuterium sulfate (sulfuric Acid-D2) which the company admits is one of the ingredients. No one really knows. All we know is that CELLFOOD oxygen drops have 328 mg of something called Proprietary blend for every eight drops that are used. And since Deuterium Sulfate is listed as the first ingredient, it is the most potent ingredient with-in the Proprietary blend used.


CELLFOOD Online Reviews.

Looking online at places that sell CELLFOOD oxygen drops surprisingly has mostly good reviews from customers. Amazon alone had an overall rating of 4.3 out of a possible 5. Every store I found had nothing less then a 4 out of 5 rating. This is unexpected from a product that has claims that don’t make much sense. So one of two things are happening here. Either  (#1) most of these reviews are fake and are being purchased from the company itself, or (#2) this product makes people feel good but has nothing to do with the oxygen claim.  Of course #1 is very possible. Companies are buying reviews now more then ever. Some companies exist just to provide fake reviews for anyone who pays. This has become a reality of today’s online marketplace. #2 is also very plausible. People might actually feel better when taking CELLFOOD oxygen drops. It can maybe boost energy, fix a mineral deficiency, or even give a placebo effect. One thing to remember is feeling good is not always an indication something is healthy. You can feel good after eating a candy bar, but is the candy bar really healthy? Drinking alcohol can also make you feel great, but it’s actually a toxin. Get the point? Feeling good doesn’t always equal healthy.



Oxygenated Water Is Ineffective.

A study tested 15 volunteers to see if 2 oxygen promoting supplements would increase blood oxygen levels. Study concluded that both supplements did not have significant effect on blood oxygenation. This reinforces that the “good feeling” that so many customers describe has nothing to do with oxygen. But yet the company states CELLFOOD oxygen drops sole purpose is to increase oxygen within the body. Something doesn’t add up here. So if the company itself is wrong about why the product would help the human body, what else are they wrong about?


CELLFOOD Oxygen Drops For Fibromyalgia.

A study tested a total of 40 patients divided into two groups of 31 and 9. 31 patients were given CELLFOOD to test whether any benefit can be noticed by questionnaire.  Study concluded that CELLFOOD oxygen drops can improve fibromyalgia symptoms and quality of life. This sounds pretty good at a distance but in reality this study doesn’t tell us anything. First, the study is based on a questionnaire. Which for a small group of patients can have a large margin of error. Second, this questionnaire is based on the persons opinion of how they feel. We already know that CELLFOOD oxygen drops can make a person feel good without having an effect on actual health. Third, just because patients answered they felt better has no indication whether it had any direct effect on the Fibromyalgia itself.  Replacing the CELLFOOD oxygen drops with a candy bar might have produced the same results.


Final Thought.

No scientific evidence shows CELLFOOD oxygen drops are healthy. Whats worse, the oxygen health claims are mostly not even scientifically possible never mind tested. CELLFOOD is built on a foundation of the unknown. The less you know the better. It starts with the ingredient list and continues to the health claims. The company purposely either leaves out information or makes generalizations to cover up contradictions. Do your research before using.

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  1. nick 5 years ago

    Cell food is poison. It contains Deuterium Sulfate a.k.a Sulfuric Acid. Nuscience Corp is a corrupt organization. Big story in China.

  2. olga markham 5 years ago


    and have you looked at the ingredients of almost ALL foods on the market…they do NOT put the amounts of any of it in the “ingredients” nor does the medicine from prescriptions !!


    • Author
      Cancermind 5 years ago

      Hi Olga,

      I took a look at the link you provided to the life enthusiast website and found no scientific evidence like you mentioned. That website does not provide any studies or references to back up any of the information listed. Furthermore, that article was not intended by the author to be a source of scientific evidence or anything close to it. The article clearly only goes over the history and uses of Deuterium Sulfate just like the article title “Deuterium Sulfate: History & Uses” also points out.

      At the end of the day this product lacks scientific evidence supporting its use for human consumption. With safe options like vitamin d3 that has low risk and high reward, products like cellfood drops shouldn’t even be a consideration. If you take cellfood drops then you are essentially paying that company to be a part of their devilish little experiment.

      Thank you Olga for your comment.

  3. Vinchenz 4 years ago

    As a 60 year old fully disabled Veteran who has taken cell food since the mid 80’s I can say that
    THANK GOD so many Believe it is Bad for you. Keeps the cost of this “Miracle” low.

    I CAN tell you some doctors I’ve seen state. ” can’t believe it but THERE IT IS “.

    When you TRULY TRY IT, I mean a real go at it for 6 months, you’ll be shocked, amazed and your BODY WILL TELL YOU ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about CELLFOOD.

    Spoke with the brothers in Florida that got it and great, honest guys.

  4. Vinchenz 4 years ago

    Olga. Hi.

    Just wanted to add that you CAN NEVER CONVINCE a Turkey to be an EAGLE.
    Both have wings BUT one WANTS MORE THAN ANYTHING for the OTHERS NOT TO FLY.

    Leave the dummies on the ground where THEY WILL ALWAYS BE, while WE SOAR!


    • Author
      Cancermind 4 years ago

      For everyone reading this please take what Vinchenz says about cell food with a grain of salt since that person is associated with a company that sells cell food and obviously has a conflict of interest.

  5. Todd 4 years ago

    To everyone erroneously claiming their is no scientific evidence to back up the efficacy of Cell food, you may want to finally do some actual research before making demonstrably false statements. There have been numerous PUBLISHED and peer-reviewed studies done. Instead of doing one Google Search and assuming you’ve found all the information you need to make up your mind, you may want to look up the laboratory studies done on its effects on a wide range of things like apoptosis, and leukemia.

    To the people that are more interested in factual information than online opinions, you’ll do better looking at sites like the National Center for Biotechnology Information to read the actual studies from different clinics and universities.

  6. Ashley 4 years ago

    Cellfood is awesome. I have been taking it for a few years now and I feel great. But dont take my word for it-
    here is what PubMed has to say about it.

    CELLFOOD (CF) is an innovative nutritional supplement containing 78 ionic/colloidal trace elements and minerals combined with 34 enzymes and 17 amino acids, all suspended in a solution of deuterium sulfate. The aim of this study was to investigate, for the first time, the antioxidant properties of CF in vitro in different model systems. Three pathophysiologically relevant oxidants were chosen to evaluate CF protection against oxidative stress: hydrogen peroxide, peroxyl radicals, and hypochlorous acid. Both biomolecules (GSH and plasmid DNA) and circulating cells (erythrocytes and lymphocytes) were used as targets of oxidation. CF protected, in a dose-dependent manner, both GSH and DNA from oxidation by preserving reduced GSH thiol groups and supercoiled DNA integrity, respectively. At the same time, CF protected erythrocytes from oxidative damage by reducing cell lysis and GSH intracellular depletion after exposure to the oxidant agents. In lymphocytes, CF reduced the intracellular oxidative stress induced by the three oxidants in a dose-dependent manner. The overall in vitro protection of biomolecules and cells against free radical attacks suggests that CF might be a valuable coadjuvant in the prevention and treatment of various physiological and pathological conditions related to oxidative stress, from aging to atherosclerosis, from neurodegeneration to cancer.


    • Author
      Cancermind 4 years ago


      Thanks for the information. Very interesting. Would be nice if this wasn’t just an in vitro (outside a living organism) study.

    • Giovanni 7 months ago

      Cellfood is poison. Long term it will destroy your bodies organs. Deuterium Sulfate is poison to the body Case closed. Do your own research. I work for a lab. I have done the research if you don’t want to believe me then believe the con artists who are selling it to you.

  7. David hottesman 3 years ago

    Cell Food is awesome!

  8. Angelsalwayswin 3 years ago

    THE GOVERNMENT SAYS THIS IS GOOD FOR SOME CANCERS! It’s on their website they’re messing with us all. I took this 4 years ago for a year plus and it made me feel amazing. I’d be dead by now if it was sulfuric acid but I’m in perfect health. TRUST NO ONE. They’re matrix bots.


  9. dr joe 3 years ago

    i am guessing my last post will not be published so i will refrain from stepping on your toes this time and stick to facts…

    i only wish that you had spent more time researching this product before rushing in to posting this as i wouldn’t feel the need to clear up some errors… i will say it is not easy to find the studies, a simple google search will not yield any results, you have to actually dig in as they are buried over the years, there are many studies in many countries… i will list 5 below including a 150+ page university study on olympic athletes and other marathon/endurance athletes…

    first thing to clear up is the h2so4 as this is used by many people to spread fud about cellfood – h2so4 is used in many products to control ph levels and if used in extremely small quantities presents zero toxicity – in fact there is a study out there with people ingesting over 3,600x the standard dosages with zero toxicity – it definitely does contain sulfuric acid at 0.5% total volume of the concentrate drops – this is then diluted over 1000x in to water bringing this down to 0.0005% – this is 28 times less than the good manufacturing practice limit on alcoholic beverages, here is your proof.. https://www.ecfr.gov/cgi-bin/text-idx?rgn=div5&node=21:

    looking at cellfood to simple oxygen drops was not a good basis for comparison as cellfood is not dissolved oxygen – what it does is separates the h2o bond, once it enters the bloodstream the 0- molecule does what it does and seeks out it’s polar opposite being 0+ molecules in your body, once it bonds with the 0+ (free radical/toxin) it changes in to completely harmless o2 and becomes bioavailable to every cell in your body which may be needing the o2 – this is where the energy boosts come from and the detox effects of cellfood which are pretty massive depending on your bodies need for the extra oxygen… then you add in all the minerals + metabolic & digestive enzymes + amino acids and your cells have a far better chance of absorbing what they need to repair/rebuild themselves and become healthy, than by not taking cellfood..

    now you will wonder about independent research studies… as i mentioned above, there are many studies in many countries and i encourage you to go and dig them up, word of warning they are not easy to find but they are out there for those who want to find them.. i will post 5 below here mainly just from pubmed and 1 university study on pro athletes.. this will give you a better understanding of the efficacy of cellfood.. if you work in research i’d be interested to see you conduct your own study..


    and here is the university study…

  10. Vicky 1 year ago

    On pubmed, type in cellfood and you will see quite a few peer-reviewed articles stating its efficacy. It’s similar to hydrogen peroxide plus salt to deliver oxygen. Works very well.

  11. Aaron Webb 1 year ago

    Epstein didn’t kill himself. Cellfood did it.

    • Mike 10 months ago

      Cell food killed Everett Stormy too!

  12. Peter Cramer 8 months ago

    I am 66 years old. I started wearing glasses around third or fourth grade and every year my eyesight got worse. in ninth grade I switched to contacts and my eyesight continued to get worse every year. I ran across booklet on cell food and made sense and knew the eye needed a lot of oxygen. So I started taking in January 2005 or 2006 but only took it twice a day. My next check up my eyes improve and continued to improve every year. Then in 2012 I was in financial difficulty so I stopped taking cell food and my next check up their was no improvement. I started taking cell food again in 2014 and at my next check up my eyes improved again and continued improving following year. This made a believer out of me!!

  13. David Gottesman 7 months ago

    Take two vases of flowers… split the flowers in half… put water in one vase… put the same amount of water in another (duh) vase. Add a few drops of cellfood … see your waters after a few days

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