Curcumin eats Cancer for breakfast

Curcumin eats Cancer for breakfast


The substance that gives Turmeric its orange color is called Curcumin. The more you read about it, the more ways you find out it can kill Cancer. Curcumin can inhibit Cancer pathways that other antioxidants only dream of. Curcumin is the nutrient other nutrients want to become when they grow up. On paper it almost looks too good to be true. But is it? 




Inhibits various Cancer pathways. 

As you can see above, curcumin has a pretty extensive resume. This resume has brought it to my attention many years back.  I stayed up late at night reading about its anti-cancer abilities. I was completely excited when researching it.  I thought I found something that can realistically help my Mothers Ovarian Cancer.  I came across the usual animal studies that showed good results etc. But we all know those results don’t always carry over to the human side.  Almost never do.


Effective in Cancer Study.

So as my search continued, I found some human studies done with curcumin. Like the MD Anderson study in 2008. That study showed that 8g of regular curcumin daily showed an anti-cancer response. 2 out of 21 pancreatic Cancer Patients had a response.  One Patient had stable disease for more than 18 months. The other had a dramatic tumor regression of 73%.  That response actually compares to chemo-therapy, just to put that in perspective. Commonly used chemo-therapy drugs for pancreatic Cancer only have a response rate of less than 10%. Not bad for something that grows from the ground. I was amazed.

  curcumin anti-cancer human trial
Pancreatic Cancer Trial.

Poor absorption in humans.

 These results are somewhat good compared to treatments we have now for pancreatic Cancer. But curcumin still disappoints in real life. Its resume looks like it can take on any Cancer. But in reality it seems it can only help 10% of Patients. Curcumin has many strengths but one weakness. And that weakness is absorption. Not only is absorption very poor, but it can differ from one person to another. This is why some people have dramatic responses and some no response at all. This is the biggest bottleneck.


Bio-available forms available.

But this weakness can be mitigated in certain ways. One way is by using a special bio-available form. To my knowledge there are 3 different forms available. All will allow better absorption compared to regular curcumin. One is called BCM-95. It was one of the first forms to be formulated. It basically combines curcumin back with turmeric essential oils for better absorption. Simple but effective. 


The second kind is liposomal. This type delivers curcumin in fatty envelopes that are highly absorbed in the body.  Liposomal is a generic process and many companies can produce this form. So be very cautious when buying. Some might just be imitations or very poor quality. Some might do more harm then good.



The third type is called Thera-curmin developed in japan. This is the first nano-particle form. All these types have tremendous absorption increases compared to standard version. Not even close. Miles apart.




Will not work for everyone.

 Anti-cancer blood levels can possibly be reached with a large enough dose. Keyword is possibly. The problem is you won’t know unless you can take specific blood tests. Absorption rates differ from one person to another. So taking anything orally will never be guaranteed.  My mother probably experienced poor absorption. It was a major disappointment. Out of everything we ever tried, I believed in it the most. Even using highly bio-available version sadly did not produce any results. Complete Failure.


Very Effective for Pain.

The only positive effect I can personally speak of is its effect on pain. It seems to be a strong anti-inflammatory. It works very well on certain types of pain. Cancer patients need to be very cautious.  Using it can help with pain but might give you a false anti-cancer feeling. Do not interpret an anti-pain effect as an actual anti-cancer response. This can really be dangerous. Please keep this in mind. 

If you have any personal experiences or questions please leave a comment. 



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  1. Teri 5 years ago

    So which is better for breast cancer patients, Theracumin or BCM-95? And how much to take? I’ve been using Theracumin (600 mg/day) but am considering switching to CuraPro (BCM-95)? Both are expensive (and my budget is stretched very thin), but the CuraPro comes out to a bit cheaper per day, if I’m doing the math right.

    • Author
      Cancermind 5 years ago

      I personally take BCM-95. And yes BCM-95 is cheaper than both Theracurmin and Longvida. Based on studies and free curcumin absorption, BCM-95 and longvida are my top two choices. However, when taking price into account, BCM-95 is clearly the winner. For more information you can read my other two articles comparing the different curcumin formulations.

      and .

      When comparing dosage size between formulations you have to be careful. It is not as easy as looking at total mg or number of capsules. Since all these formulations have different bio availability, true comparisons can’t be made unless calculations are done. For example, 6 capsules of theracurmin will not be equal to 6 capsules of BCM-95. Both have different curcumin content not related to total mg per capsule as well as different absorption rates. More information on this is available in the two articles I mentioned above.

      Thank you so much for your question.

  2. Brenda P. 4 years ago

    Never have I seen a conventional doctor support alternative treatment. So perhaps, this author must be one. I hope doctors who enter this kind of profession should consider first the welfare of their patients rather than see the almighty dollar going into their pockets continuously through the application of chemo drugs and radiation.

    A recent study showed that chemo does spread cancer – this is why, majority of cancer patients take years and years getting this conventional treatment until their bodies can no longer support them and end up dying.

  3. Beauregard Dominique 3 years ago

    Dear Cancermind Team,

    I am French and my English is not the best, but I will try to do my best.

    Many thanks for this website and all the information, it is really interesting to find something different.

    Two weeks ago, my MOM was diagnosed with Stage IV Pancreas Cancer, she is 85 years old and her cancer already migrated to the liver. She decided not to follow a very hard chemotherapy that will kill her more or less immediately. I would like to try now something to help her with a non conventional treatment, I found your website and all the information regarding Curcumin cure, I decided to order some BCM-95 type. But I am wondering on the quantity of capsules per day she can absorb.

    If you can provide some help or comments it will be very fine.


    • Author
      Cancermind 3 years ago

      Hi Dominique,

      Sorry to hear about your mom. The good news is that women absorb curcumin better than men. But with that being said, absorption still varies from person to person and other factors will play a role.

      BCM-95 Cross Over Study showed that 2 grams of BCM-95 per day (4 x 500 mg capsules) was well tolerated and no adverse effects were reported. Longvida, another curcumin formulation was given at dosages of up to 4 grams per day with good tolerability shown in osteosarcoma curcumin study. Look over both studies and see which dosage you feel comfortable starting with.

      Good luck.

  4. Beauregard Dominique 3 years ago

    Hi Cancermind team,

    Many thanks for your comments and links regarding BCM-95 and OSTEOSARCOMA studies.


    • Author
      Cancermind 3 years ago


      You are welcome. We are glad to help.

  5. Beauregard Dominique 3 years ago


    I would like to inform you about a “metabolic treatment” done in France by Doctor Schwartz.
    Let me know if you already heard about this kind of treatment.
    Sorry but every thing is in French !

    • Author
      Cancermind 3 years ago


      Since the site is completely in french it is hard to figure out exactly what kind of treatment they are providing. But I believe it has to do or is closely related to the Warburg effect. This is how cancer cells produce energy through glycolysis and lactic acid fermentation. Here’s more information on the warburg effect.

  6. Beauregard Dominique 3 years ago


    Yes I confirm that his treatment is based on “Otto Warburg, prix Nobel de médecine en 1931” (in French) research.

    And Doctor Schwartz try to convince French Government and Hospital organization to change the official way of cancer treatment, using mainly chemotherapy, by a new way based on Warburg research and complementary others.
    This is happening now and he is partially succeeding in his project as he received an agreement to treat one type of cancer with this treatment.

    I thought it was interesting to communicate this information as it is another way for cancer treatment and that there is no money aspect behind his project. He published a book sold for 10€, money is 100% going to his research.

    A few month ago a conference was done in France at Gustave Roussy Hospital about this treatment and may be someone you know went there and is able to add some comments.


    • Author
      Cancermind 3 years ago


      Yes thank you for sharing, I am sure this will be helpful to the cancer community. We are always looking for more information and you are welcome to comment any time if you think you have found something useful.

      Thanks so much.

  7. Beauregard Dominique 3 years ago


    There is a link in English about his Treatment, see below.


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