DCA Cancer treatment cure or just more hype?

DCA Cancer treatment cure or just more hype?


DCA also known as dichloroacetate is being talked about as a breakthrough Cancer cure.  It was discovered to kill cancer cells in the Edmonton Journal back in 2007. Its been running on limited research ever since then. The Edmonton rat study showed DCA was able to kill breast, lung, and brain Cancer cells without hurting healthy cells. This study produced a firestorm of news that created stretched assumptions of a possible cure.




Fast forwarding to present day DCA is still highly based on assumptions. Internet is still filled with DCA cancer cure information. This just confuses Cancer Patients and covers up the real truth. Companies trying to sell DCA every way they can just to make a profit. They sell the idea of a DCA Cancer Cure.


How to buy or get DCA ??

Only two ways to get DCA in the United States. One way is getting a prescription from your doctor which won’t happen unless your doctor is treating your cancer with DCA. Self treatment or DCA as an addition to your current treatment highly unlikely.  Second way is buying DCA over the Internet from a non certified seller. Going this road can be very dangerous since you don’t know what’s really in the capsules. DCA ? Maybe baking soda? Maybe even worse?


DCA Cancer cure claims are not accurate.

 Anyone saying DCA is a Cancer cure is lying. There is no proof  that DCA cures Cancer in humans. The only proof available shows the exact opposite. I am not saying DCA itself is fraudulent. But saying DCA cures Cancer is nothing but a lie. The phrase “DCA Cancer Cure” is not accurate. The word cure is always misused.


DCA Cancer treatment shows promise.

 DCA has shown promise throughout it’s Cancer history. It first showed promise in animal studies where it seemed to kill cancer with no side effects. Now it shows promise with certain cancer patients that combine it with other therapies. Medicor Cancer Centers have shown documentation showing positive responses in certain Cancer Patients. They were the first clinic in North America to prescribe DCA off label to Cancer Patients.




Some studies show negative effects with DCA.

DCA has also shown some very disappointing research as well. An animal study in 2010 published by Department of Biomedical Sciences shows that under certain circumstances DCA can make cancer cells even stronger. Also the Study showed DCA can interfere with other chemotherapy drugs. This is really something to consider when thinking about trying DCA for yourself. Will you be helping your situation or making it worse? No one really knows.


Cancer patient feedback for DCA disappointing. 

When researching peoples experiences with DCA from various forums and websites I was pretty disappointed. I found many people complaining about numbness in the hands and feet (Peripheral Neuropathy) as the number one side effect of DCA. Certain people talked about the numbness and pain getting so bad that walking was impossible. Many Cancer patients had to discontinue DCA all together or deal with the pain that affected mobility. Stopping DCA did not always help the numbness and pain. Permanent Nerve damage is a real possibility. DCA Cancer pills can cause serious damage.


Hard to find Positive DCA outcome.

While researching the DCA websites I was on a quest to see if I can find some positive cancer response reviews listed by Cancer Patients. After hours of searching and reading through most of the messages, I sadly did not find any positive Cancer outcomes from the use of DCA. I only found either issues due to the side effects, questions about buying DCA, or various conversations about dosages. Why is it so hard to find positive outcomes?


DCA Cancer Treatment Risky.

Just like every Cancer Treatment DCA has pros and cons. When comparing it to other treatments it seems to be very risky with a high level of serious side effects. Other similar treatments carry less risk and have less side effects like Melatonin for example.  If you are still considering to try DCA, think about trying safer alternatives first and put all riskier treatments last on your list. Making a list is a good idea.

If you have any questions about DCA or have personal experiences please comment below. Tell me what you think?  I look forward to hearing from you.


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  1. Christina 3 years ago

    My brother has esophagus cancer and the tumor is not shrinking … a friend has told us to try DCA. There is no miracle cure but if there is a chance of slight shrinkage then we will try.

    Do you think it’s worth taking?

    • Author
      Cancermind 3 years ago


      If you decide to try dca then just understand that the two biggest draw backs are side effects ( Peripheral Neuropathy with the possibility of being severe and somewhat permanent ) and difficulty finding a reputable place to buy DCA. If you buy dca from an online seller there is a risk you don’t get pure DCA or it might not even be DCA to begin with. Whatever you decide make sure you researched it enough so you feel confident it is the right choice and it is worth using up a few weeks in order to see if it works. A few weeks is a long time to waste on something that doesn’t work.

  2. Christina 3 years ago


    should we ask my brothers consultant if he can prescribe it or how do you know you are getting it from the right source?

    Thank you for your help.

    • Author
      Cancermind 3 years ago

      Hi Christina,

      If the DCA is prescribed by a doctor and provided by a pharmacy you can be sure it is in fact pure grade DCA. However, getting a doctor to prescribe it and finding a pharmacy that can fill the prescription won’t be easy. This is the reason people take matters into their own hands and try to self treat with dca and purchase questionable dca from risky online sources.

      Medicor cancer centres are the most well known and the first center to prescribe DCA to cancer patients in north america. If you are unsuccessful at obtaining a prescription from your brothers doctor and still want to pursue DCA then reaching out to Medicor would be a logical next step. At the very least they are a good source of information and dca cancer data.

  3. Christina 3 years ago

    Thank you so much for your help.

    • Author
      Cancermind 3 years ago


      No problem. Good Luck to you and your brother.

  4. I care 3 years ago

    Had someone i know who was only given 3 months to live. But was totally cured by DCA. No side effects so far unlike chemotherapy that affects other healthy cells. No remission.

    So based on our experience, it was a success. I suggest this is worth a try, really.
    Of course if this is proven a success to the world, imagine the loss of profit of medical industry from expensive cancer medicine and chemo.

    • Author
      Cancermind 3 years ago

      I Care,

      Can you provide us some more information?

      How and where was the DCA obtained?

      Was it self treatment or was it under the supervision of a doctor.

      Were there any other treatments taken at the same time as DCA?

      Any supplements taken at the same time?

      Was there any scans done to confirm a cancer response?

      And finally how long has this person been taking DCA?

      Thank you so much for sharing.

      • I care 3 years ago

        He suffered Pancreatic cancer. Advanced stage, and operation was not an option. The tumor was somewhere where other organs were entwined. Chemo wasn’t suggested too since it would first affect other organs.

        With no choice left, I stumbled upon a forum with alternative medicines. Someone suggested DCA as the best alternative from the rest since it was some scientific research support. With nothing left to lose, we gave it a shot.

        It was administered by Medicor Cancer Clinic. We’re lucky that location was not an issue for us (Toronto based). After 2/3 weeks from daily visit to Medicor, his tumor has decreased in size. His doctors can’t officially prescribe DCA, but advised to continue it anyway since it’s working.

        3/4 months later, his tumor and cancer cells were completely gone. And from 6/7 years ago until now, in remission. Crossing fingers it won’t come back.

    • Ole Nielson 3 years ago

      And imagine the billions to be made by selling DCA mass produced! (That will probably mean having it produced by BigPharma.) The drug’s success will sell itself, no?

    • Tammy pedersen 3 years ago

      Can you please tell me what brand dca pill u used cause I see so many wanna make sure it’s the right one.

      • I Care 3 years ago

        The DCA was administered by Medicor Cancer Centre in Toronto. Please be careful on where to get DCA..

  5. I care 3 years ago

    I missed out your specific questions.

    To be more concise:

    HOW AND WHERE WAS THE DCA OBTAINED? – Medicor Cancer Clinic (Toronto)

    WAS IT SELF TREATMENT OR WAS IT UNDER THE SUPERVISION OF A DOCTOR – under supervision of a doctor from Medicor. The trip to Medicor was daily, but so worth it.

    WERE THERE ANY OTHER TREATMENTS TAKEN AT THE SAME TIME AS DCA? none. no other options were given to him by his traditional doctors (not operation, medicine nor chemo) to the complicated location of the tumor (Pancreatic Cancer) and advanced stage.


    WAS THERE ANY SCANS DONE TO CONFIRM A CANCER RESPONSE? yes. he has biweekly check ups from his doctors in general hospital. This is where even the doctor was surprised of how the tumor has decreased. With his regular check up.

    And FINALLY HOW LONG HAS THIS PERSON BEEN TAKING DCA? It was injected to him for about 3 to 4 months.

    • Author
      Cancermind 3 years ago

      I care,

      Thank you so much for taking the time to answer all my questions and for sharing so much detailed information. This is truly one of the most detailed and believable testimonials i have heard about DCA so far. To have such a positive response while having pancreatic cancer and zero negative side effects to top it off is amazing. One key observation though is that most people trying DCA are using the oral form which might not produce the same effects as the injectable form you described. Hopefully anyone reading this will see that distinction and understand these results might only be possible or more likely with a DCA injection.

    • Inessa G 3 years ago

      Hi, I am inquiring about Dca. Is it possible to contact you via Email. I would be greatful.

      • I Care 3 years ago

        You may reach out to Medicor Cancer Centre in Toronto since they administered the DCA. It’s also best to get DCA from certified sources.

  6. Christina 3 years ago

    That’s a really interesting write up. I have contacted the Medicor Center and I am sending them the latest medical test that my brother has had. .. I’m going to ask his consultant for them when we see him on jan 23rd. They said they will look at them.

    • Author
      Cancermind 3 years ago


      Keep us updated if possible. Good luck.

    • Inessa 3 years ago

      Can you please let me know what the result was?

  7. Tommy 2 years ago

    You don’t have to be genius to realize that if DCA can cure cancer, the cancer industry will do everything in their power to discourage people and protect their billion dollars business.

    My 7 years old daughter can figure that out.

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