HE4 Important In Ovarian Cancer

HE4 Important In Ovarian Cancer


HE4 plays a key role in the aggressiveness and resistance of ovarian cancer. This Makes HE4 protein hugely important. Over-expression of this protein is found in over 78% of ovarian cancer patients. Not only is it important but very common in ovarian cancer. Researchers at Woman and Infants Hospital of Rhode Island say this Protein can improve treatment outcomes and survival rates. Study states ” Selective targeting directed towards the HE4 protein demonstrates therapeutic benifits for the treatment of ovarian cancer.” Of course this sounds very promising and positive. But remember findings are still in very early stages. Things can change drastically from now until clinical trials.


No Protein HE4 clinical trials yet.

So far the Protein as a target has been only tested in cells and animal models. They will continue to do testing as well as prepare for human testing. Even though it will take some time for this protein to be verified as a target, it’s nice to see some positive research for Ovarian Cancer. Study for now just shows potential of HE4 protein as a target. We will keep a look out.


Ovarian Cancers worst obstacle is drug resistance.

Its been a while since I’ve seen any positive movement for Ovarian Cancer.  If this protein can become a drug target, it can make a large impact for many Ovarian Cancer Patients. One of the biggest obstacles for Ovarian Cancer is Chemotherapy Resistance. Resistance causes many patients not respond to treatments at all. When this happens no option are left. Drug after drug is tried until none are left. This becomes a slippery slope and things get bad real quick. If a drug can reverse or prevent treatment resistance, it can be a game changer.




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