Avemar Promo Code 25% Off Fermented Wheat Superdrink

Avemar Promo Code 25% Off Fermented Wheat Superdrink

avemar promo code


25% off Plus Free Shipping


Avemar Promo Code.

Cancer-Mind is happy to bring you an exclusive Avemar promo code only available to Cancer-Mind readers. If you decide to purchase Avemar ( Ave Ultra) you can use the Avemar promo code to receive 25% off with additional Free shipping. We care about our readers and try anyway to make your life easier. Saving you time and money is a win win. Can’t beat that.

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 What Is Ave Ultra?

AvéULTRA…big hopes from a little box AvéULTRA is a new dietary supplement that contains a unique ingredient called fermented wheat germ extract (FWGE). This compound, produced by a proprietary process of fermenting wheat germ, yields a molecule called DMBQ (2,6-dimethoxy-p-benzoquinone). This substance has been proven to be one of the single most important natural discoveries ever made! Hundreds of physicians now recommend AvéULTRA and the number keeps growing. Medical literature reports that FWGE, the ingredient in AvéULTRA, offers people “significant improvement,” is “highly recommended,” and “exerts a number of beneficial effects.” Thousands of grateful people have discovered that AvéULTRA works within a matter of weeks or even days, providing them with a new lease on life.


 Suggested Use.

As a dietary supplement for adults, use 1 AvéULTRA™ packet (5.53g, providing 5.5g Avemar fermented wheat germ actives) per day. Add contents of AvéULTRA packet to 4 oz (120 ml) of cold water or juice, mix well and drink within 30 minutes (mix by shaking with ice for best results). To maximize absorption, consume AvéULTRA approximately 1 hour before or after food, and 2 hours before or after taking any drugs or other dietary supplements.

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Company That Stands Behind Its Product.

We wanted to work with American Biosciences because we believe in the company. They Provide awesome customer service and really care about their customers.  I myself am a customer and didn’t want to keep such a good thing all to myself. Quality of the products they offer in my opinion are second to none. And just Like us they don’t hype stuff up for personal gains. They provide you with all the information and research so you can make your own decision. No selling, no gimmicks, and most importantly no convincing.

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How To Use Avemar Promo Code.



2. Click Orange “Learn More, Then Buy” Button.

3. Choose Single Box Option and Add To Cart.

4. Finally Add Promo Code “CMIND25” And Receive Discount.



Clinical study showing effects of avemar on cancer patients.

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