Hoxsey Method Cancer Treatment Review Diet & Tonic

Hoxsey Method Cancer Treatment Review Diet & Tonic


This alternative cancer treatment consists of both a tonic and a diet plan. The tonic contains barberry, buckthorn bark, burdock root, cascara, licorice, pokeweed, potassium iodide, prickly ash bark, red clover and stillingia root. The diet calls to eliminate the usual pork, sugar, bleached flour like seen in many other anti-cancer diets. However, The Hoxsey Method also outlines iron, salt, calcium, vitamin c, yeast supplements and grape juice to also be specifically avoided. (UPDATE: Conflicting information exists on which foods and nutrients should be avoided.) The combination of both the tonic and diet were promoted to eliminate toxins from the body and in-turn correct cell metabolism, blood chemistry, and immune function.


The Fight.

The Hoxsey Method has a very controversial history with the American Medical Association (AMA) and the U.S. Food and Drug Adminstration (FDA).  Harry Hoxsey, the man behind The Hoxsey Method, was in constant battle trying to fight for his right to continue treating cancer patients. Hoxsey used public media to combat the AMA’s, NCI’s, and FDA’s efforts to stop Hoxsey’s  17 cancer clinics. Hoxsey even sued the Journal of the American Medical Association and won. However, years later and many more investigations, the FDA finally banned The Hoxey Method in 1960. Today only one clinic, the Bio-Medical Center in Mexico, still promote the use of The Hoxsey Method.


Compelling Story.

In some ways, the Hoxsey Method is very similar to the Essiac Tea treatment. A true David and Goliath story. The story itself makes you want to believe that a natural cure for cancer exists. An average Joe going up against the entire medical community is appealing. It’s doing the impossible. You start cheering for the small guy even if they don’t have any proof. It’s human nature to want the underdog to win. And its even easier to ridicule the medical community that lacks the technological advances needed to treat cancer more effectively. We are all angry about losing loved ones to cancer in spite of using conventional medicine. But anger and stories don’t treat cancer. So lets focus on what matters.


Hoxsey Method Cancer Studies?

NONE. No Human studies have been done to test whether or not The Hoxsey Method is effective. However, patient charts were reviewed from the Bio-Medical Center which treated patients with The Hoxsey Method. Records show 11.4% of patients were alive after 5 years. 45.6% were deceased. All other charts had either missing pathology reports or lacked follow-ups.

Those numbers are actually not that bad. If these were numbers from a controlled study we would feel confident about the 11.4% 5 year survival rate. But unfortunately, these numbers were calculated from patient records. Whats worse, about 50% of the records reviewed, lacked pathology reports. This brings up the question, how accurate are any of the records to begin with?


Numbers Say Everything.

But to be honest, this piece of information should not reinforce the idea that The Hoxsey Method works, but to put the entire treatment in perspective. The Hoxsey Method is marketed to have over an 80% cure rate. An 11.4% 5 year survival rate is miles apart from that claim. From the study review, we can already verify that out of about 157 patients, 45.6% died in 5 years. This specifically proves that not only is the 80% cure rate completely inaccurate, but the data doesn’t even show a 80% 5 year survival rate, never mind a cure. What would the 11.4% survival rate be if we looked at 6, 7, or even 10 years vs the 5 year rate?


Final Thought.

Sometimes it’s hard to look at the facts when testimonials blur your view. Testimonials are hard to avoid and can trick you into making decisions with your heart instead of your brain. This is not to say all testimonials are fake. Some might be indeed true. Point is, we don’t know for sure. When your life is on the line, you want more then just your neighbors story about how someone they used to know was cured by The Hoxsey Method. And sadly, the popularity of this cancer treatment is solely built upon testimonials, truthful or not.

















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  1. Emali 5 years ago

    Well, with their tiny fee for treatment and the mere fact that they have been around for almost 100 years, I feel like people don’t have much to lose trying this method when there are no other options. Let’s think about it 3500 dollars or 350,000+ dollars to go the FDAs way. Perhaps these people are more concerned with helping others than proving something to an already biased and impossible ruthless giant which is the FDA Dallas Buyer’s Club ?

    Hello! I feel like people responsible for articles like this should really think about what they are doing. What if this place could really help an individual? And your article was the one thing that dissuaded them? Who are you to make that decision for someone. If these people are charlatans or frauds then they certainly do not take advantage of people anywhere near as much as the American Medical System does. Honestly they could be making SOOOOO much more money off of people than they do. Let some people have hope. At the end of the day a little light at the end of the tunnel never hurt any one.

    • Author
      Cancermind 4 years ago


      The cost of treatment and the length of time a treatment has existed mean nothing to its capabilities as a cancer treatment. If we used that method to determine what cancer treatments are best, just about anything would be called a cancer cure or treatment. Sugar water, cough syrup, and maybe even bleach can be the next cancer cure because of their low cost and long history of use regardless of their actual effect on cancer. And obviously the outbreak of fake cancer cures just proves how popular this dangerous way of thinking truly is.

      Treatments should be based on overall survival and not based on comments from individuals that bash the medical system and praise anything that promises a cancer cure. I agree our medical system is plagued with issues, but that doesn’t mean we should validate ineffective and unproven treatments in spite of it. People do die by using these unproven cancer cures instead of real treatments but no one ever talks about that. Lets not look at whether a treatment is from the medical system or from mother nature. Lets look at whether said treatment has the best odds of efficacy to help the patient reach his or her goals. That’s all that matters in the end anyways.

      This article and the entire site for that matter was created in order to provide all the facts without opinion and propaganda so people can make their own decision. This article purely just points out the lack of scientific data in regards to the hoxsey method cancer treatment and combats all the misleading information surrounding it. Look at the data without the smoke and mirrors and make your own decision.

  2. Chuck 4 years ago

    And what is the 5 year survival rate for Chemo? —- Take a look.

    Surgery and Chemo can actually induce metastasis and neither Chemo, nor Radiation kills Cancer Stem Cells which can metastasize to other sites.



    Radiation is ineffective against Cancer Stem Cells. –


    There is much more. So, how’s this for “efficacy” and evidence based science? How do you like YOUR smoke and mirrors?

    Change is coming, and that scares your smug little 600 billion dollar a year medical industry to the core, doesn’t it?

  3. Carol 4 years ago

    I’m a stage 4 cancer survivor. I’m also a patient at Hoxey Bio Medical Clinic. From the very 1st phone call they told me if you need chemotherapy we are going to recommend it. I went to the clinic and did the supplements and tonic for 5 and a 1/2 months before I started chemotherapy.

    The chemo was a piece of cake for me thankfully because of the tonic and the supplements my immune system was so strong that I never got sick. I didn’t get weak. I had no side effects other than hair loss from the chemotherapy. I truly believe that if I did not do the hoxsey tonic I would have suffered tremendously. I consider myself one blessed child. Any questions?

    • Tracy 3 years ago

      What type of cancer did you have?

      • Author
        Cancermind 3 years ago


        Carol stated she has ovarian cancer further down in the comments. Just wanted to point that out just in case you don’t get a response.

  4. Rosa 4 years ago

    What a bunch of BS this article is!
    For starters, your information on the diet is false. Some of the items you claim that Hoxsey tells you to avoid are just plain fakes. They do not tell you to avoid things like vitamin c, iron, supplements, or grape juice, they do exactly the opposite, they encourage you to take those!
    If you are , or have been a patient of Hoxsey Bio Medical, you know it works!

    Can they cure 100% of the patients? Of course not! Only GOD can do that!
    Western Medicine can’t cure 100% either, all they know to do is cut, burn and poison you.

    I have been a patient of Hoxsey for over 2 years and am alive because of God putting Hoxsey in my path, the Western Oncologists gave up on me and after undergoing 40 sessions of Chemo and 13 of Radiation, my cancer continued to spread.

    Along came Hoxsey and turned my life around….they are not about making money, they are about teaching you how to heal your body and how to starve cancer. Sure, some patients die regardless of doing the Hoxsey diet, but mostly because they come there too late, waiting to see if Chemo and Radiation is going to work first, and when they, like myself, find themselves incurable, then they resort to Mexico as a last hope, some of us are still early enough to save, others not.

    Also, it’s been my experience that not everyone that goes to Hoxsey sticks to the diet completely, they think they can do it once in a while or cheat once in a while and have the items that are forbidden, thereby limiting their chances of a cure or survival.

    I suggest that unless you have proof that this diet does not work, you don’t write on the subject that could ultimately discourage cancer patients, because you are responsible for their demise by doing so.

    I am living proof that it works as well as many people I have met since hearing about it. I do not work for, or have anything to gain by writing this on behalf of Hoxsey, other than to try to help others like myself that tried Western Medicine method first only to be made sicker.

    Big Pharma, FDA, AMA are all about making money and getting filthy rich, they don’t want to find a cure! They are killing Us, and We are allowing it!

    Western Doctors are not trained in nutrition, as they need to be.

    Oh wait,……….. they can’t make any money selling natural healthy foods to us, they make money selling us expensive Cat and Pet scans ,Chemo and Radiation, and many Repeat doctor visits.
    We are so scared when we hear the diagnosis of Cancer that we follow them to the slaughterhouse little innocent sheep, with complete trust because that’s the way we have been brainwashed.

    No Thanks!

    • Author
      Cancermind 4 years ago


      First, this is an article about the hoxsey method in general and not specifically about the bio medical center in mexico even though it’s something I mentioned because a patient outcome review was referenced. This article only points out that the claims are over exaggerated and that expectations should be put into perspective when anyone is thinking of trying the hoxsey method. Data from the the bio medical center itself shows 5 year survival rate of 11.4% which is a pretty good number if everyone wasn’t either calling this a cancer cure or a treatment that can offer an 80% success rate. And even though you might not personally call it a cure, the majority of people do. Just do a google search and you will find an unlimited amount of articles and testimonials calling it a cancer cure.

      Second, patients not only go to the bio medical clinic to be treated with the hoxsey tonic but can also try to replicate the tonic at home for hopes of the same success rate. When doing this the risk is amplified even more because the hoxsey tonic mixture is not standardized. Many sources available to the public show discrepancies in treatment plans and tonic ingredients. There are many sources that state the hoxsey treatment does not allow grape juice, iron, vitamin c, etc when other sources might not agree. This not only confuses cancer patients but also makes it hard for a cancer patient to figure out which treatment plan is correct. What’s worse, no one really knows or is able to verify the exact combination and dosage of herbs that were used in the original hoxsey tonic which is what this whole treatment is based on. Does the bio medical center use an identical version of the original hoxsey tonic? Maybe, but in the end we don’t know for sure.

      The article points out the things that cancer patients should know before trying the hoxsey method in any way, shape or form. If after understanding that this is not a cure, multiple treatment plans or tonic formulations exist, and that a lot of claims are exaggerated you still feel you want to try the hoxsey tonic or method, you are free to do so.

    • Fefe 4 years ago

      Congratulations, Carol! What type of cancer did u have?

      Mine is Triple Negative Breast Cancer and is so aggressive and fast growing that I may not have 5 months to wait….and they say that TN only responds to chemo, not to targeted therapies. Thank you.

      • Carol 3 years ago


        No matter what, God has a plan for you.
        I have ovarian cancer. It’s back!

  5. Rosa 4 years ago

    I have not only tried it for over 2 years, but lots of people i know personally or have met at the clinic can also confirm that their treatment works!

    I speak from first hand experience, do you? Also, you state you were speaking of the Hoxsey Method, not Bio Medical. They are one of the same! Bio Medical is the name they gave it when they opened in Mexico, aka Hoxsey.

    I called them because i was surprised at your statements, and they verified what I already thought i knew, that they don’t discourage the use of vitamin c, grape juice, etc. So whatever sources you got your information from was wrong! It is NOT Hoxsey protocol, get your facts straight before you publish wrong information as a fact.

    Don’t try to tell those of us that are dealing with stage 4 cancer or any cancer for that matter, that it is not a treatment we may want to follow, because there are too many of us alive to this date because of Hoxsey Bio Medical.

    I pray that you never have to walk in my shoes, but if you ever do, you can try surgery, Chemo, and Radiation, if they don’t work for you as they did not for me and many others, we welcome you to join us at Hoxsey.
    Only then, will you have the authority to speak for, or against them.

    Enough said!

    • Author
      Cancermind 4 years ago


      Memorial sloan kettering cancer center website and PDQ integrative oncology complementary therapies in cancer care volume 1 both state grape juice are to be eliminated among other things. It doesn’t matter whether this information is right or wrong but that it shows misinformation about the treatment is real and can be common in some circumstances. I have found a lot more conflicting information about many different aspects of the hoxsey method and grape juice is just one example. This misinformation is not a good thing for cancer patients whether you are for or against the hoxsey method.

      Many patients choose to self treat at home using the hoxsey method they find online which might not be accurate. So the hoxsey method is not the same as the bio medical center for as long as misinformation is available to the public stating that it’s a cure and conflicting protocols exist. In the end everyone has a right to choose and make their own decisions which includes going to the bio medical center or following protocols they find online. Both are being done and so both need to be included when talking about the hoxsey method.

      • Cancerisaproduct 2 years ago

        Why would you use Memorial Sloan and Kettering or Barrie R. Cassileth as a source for information on Hoxsey treatment? Seems like a contradiction. First is an organization known for their suppression of Laetrile in the 70’s. The second is a medical socialogist holding the Laurance S. ROCKEFELLER Chair in Integrative Medicine. Doesn’t it make more sense to have opinions from sources for and against the treatment rather than obvious competitors? This article also doesn’t take into account how both the FDA and AMA were harassing patients while trying to both purchase the Hoxsey formula as well as confiscating medicine and outright slandering the names of those who found claimed any success. Why would people want to come forward after receiving such treatment from their own country? The witchhunt continues it seems. At least you found a paycheck not so grand inquisitor. Hope it’s worth the lives you’re condemning.

        • Author
          Cancermind 2 years ago

          All credible sources i found were used without bias. For example, the actual hoxsey bio medical website along with a feasibility study that included patient records from both the California and Mexico centers. If I didn’t use sources from both sides which I think you would prefer, that would indeed make the article bias. Based on your comment, you yourself clearly show bias. Lets not start bringing up other supposed “cancer cures” like laetrile to somehow support an argument for hoxsey.

          Sure in the untied states health is treated as a business and profits are protected which i don’t agree with. However, to use this as a reason why hundreds of these cancer cures like hoxsey, laetrile, essiac tea, hydrogen peroxide iv, vitamin c iv, baking soda in many flavors, cellect, chick pea method, shark cartilage, pc-spes etc, etc, are suppressed because they really do cure cancer is like believing in the tooth fairy. Some of these cancer cures have been debunked, some don’t even make logical sense, and others we might never really know for sure. But to believe in or put your life on the line for one of these cancer cures is playing Russian roulette and people hyping up these cures only makes it worse. Bring the evidence or proof if you have it but save the stories for bedtime.

  6. Ron 4 years ago

    Thank you for everything I have read. As the 1 person said for the low cost. I feel yes what do we have to lose? It is only a little money. And I have decided, my woman is worth the try. And if she needs the chemo after. So be it. I am glad I found this on here.

    • Author
      Cancermind 4 years ago


      I wish you luck with whatever you decide to try. Keep us updated if possible.

  7. Robert 4 years ago

    I think this is the worst article I have ever seen written. Harry Hoxsey in no way sought to benefit financially from the people he was helping. He was arrested over 100 times by the same police officer, until that officer’s brother got cancer. He brought his brother to Hoxsey and was cured.

    I have been to the clinic myself. The stories people tell are amazing. One of the women I met there said all of her friends that had cancer went to Bio Medical and were cured. So when she got cancer, she knew that was the only place she would go. I met an older gentleman that had visited the clinic since 1974. He went there then, was cured, and went back to his regular lifestyle. Now he has a different type of cancer, and simply went back to the clinic for treatment.

    Cancer doesn’t have to be the death sentence it is considered in the US. Of course for your oncologist it is, because he has to get you going on the traditional route, with at best a 50% chance you’ll be alive after 5 years. If you do the research you’ll find many folks that were given a month or two to live, and they went to Hoxsey and are doing fine 10 or more years later. “Hoxsey: the Quack Who Cured Cancer” was written by a journalist who was initially sent to do a hatchet piece about Harry Hoxsey, and then became a believer.

    I have never seen an 11% cure rate mentioned. I was nearly their 50,000th patient, and if they were so bad at curing people, they’d just stay home. You have entire families and their friends who would only send their loved ones to one place: Bio Medical. You are an awful person to try to smear a clinic doing such amazing work and asking for so little in return. Cancer can be stopped in its tracks through proper vegan nutrition, but if you need additional assistance in killing it, I would chose Hoxsey first, and chemo/radiation last if at all.

    • Reddman 3 years ago

      Hi to all writing at this site. I have recently been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer, said stage III. Recommended treatment-Hormone (Lupron for 18 mos) with 40 wks of radiation. Potential side effects and risks such as hot flashes, man boobs, mood swings with depression, lack of energy, this for the Lupron. Radiation = potential burns in treated area, the bladder, the urethra tube, the sphincter as well as the colon. Scary stuff, don’t like these options.

      So much pressure from wife and family. They point to some friends that have went through the cut, poison, burn of conventional medicine and are doing ok. In talking to them, they are managing, but they felt that was their only choice, I am not convinced that that is the only way. I want to look into Hoxsey, Gerson, but pressure is on to do what the others mentioned have done. I would like to talk to some that have had what I have about their experience with Hoxsey or Gerson or perhaps even another therapy. There is so much information to look at, no time to read about or try it all. Have to make decision soon, Thanks for reading.

      • Rob 3 years ago

        Hi Reddman,

        Hoxsey will run you less than $3k and is a quick trip. Gerson is a couple weeks and I believe closer to $11k. The nutritionist at Hoxsey was formerly with the gerson clinic and she said the only people that did well with the gerson therapy were those that had someone make all the juices for them. This is because gerson involves at least 8 fresh juices per day and 3 to 5 coffee enemas daily (and the Hippocrates soup, etc.). So there is quite a bit you’ll have to do with that therapy.

        Remember, traditional therapy is more effective with lymphoma, leukemia and prostate cancer than with the other cancers (typically better than 50%). I am doing Hoxsey, but supplementing with as much fresh juices and shakes (I find my pain is diminished with the additional nutrition). Let me know if you have other questions, and best of luck.

        • Reddman 3 years ago

          Thanks for quick response, are you going to Hoxsey because of prostate cancer? If so what stage? Did you have any conventional treatment like hormone, radiation or chemo before going to hoxsey?

          Also, is there any consultation before one decides if hoxsey is right for you. Pay the money then? Is there a point during treatment where you know your cancer is improving, tumor(s) shrinking etc? What sort of test/evaluation do they do on first visit? Sorry for all the questions.

          • Rob 3 years ago

            Hello Reddman, no i have throat cancer. I avoided all traditional treatment other than a biopsy. When you go to the clinic you need to bring whatever scans you have (pet, cat, mri, bloodwork) that are from the last 90 days. Whatever you are missing you can get there. I had to get an xray. Everything costs less of course, but it is out of pocket. You are sent home with meds, and others are mailed to you. The doctor decides if you should come back in 3 months or 6. The physical examination was extensive and i was with the doctor at least 90 minutes.

            I would not expect the cancer to be gone until you are on the meds for 12 to 24 months. I am only 3 months in at this point, so it is still early for me. But i can still be active. Had i gone the traditional route i would not have been able to swallow for 2 years and would have had a feeding tube through my stomach. No thanks.

          • reddman 3 years ago

            Rob, thanks for your reply. I have more tests through my evaluation hospital, PET, CT.. After these, I will be in a better position as to what to do. One thing I have been told is to get a second opinion, so I am setting that channel up also. Then I will be in better position to select and make the DECISION. There are “tons” of resources that say no to conventional medicine/procedures.

            Best to you, I’ll try to keep in touch and tune in for an update on what I am doing. Once one starts looking there are lots of things to discover.

          • Author
            Cancermind 3 years ago


            One of the best things you can do regardless of cancer type, beliefs, and whether you choose alternative or conventional is get a second opinion. I am glad to hear you are doing that. Good luck on your search and second opinion.

      • Andrea 3 years ago

        Hi ya sorry to hear about your diagnosis, my Dad has prostate cancer and after the initial treatment not working he managed to heal his cancer by change of diet and lots of other protocols which has been a totally success you will find his info on you tube.

        Look up andrew hurrell prostate cancer.

  8. Catherine Taylor 4 years ago

    I wish I would have taken my husband to the Bio-Med clinic 7 years ago. He may have still been around today. He had radiation treatment for throat cancer. Oh it surely helped by spreading the cancer through his body. I saw my 35 year old niece back in 2006 die from aggressive breast cancer. The usual treatments, then Mayo Clinic and last Cancer Treatment Center in Chicago. Over a million dollars worth of treatment in a year. In the end she was sent home to die.

    Why is natural cancer treatment so demonized. Because the pharmaceutical companies are all about greed and above all “profit.” Our doctors said if you don’t do this treatment he will die. Did the treatment and yes he did die a few months later. I saw the cost of “his” treatment to a tune of over $100,000 + dollars. Was it worth it? NO.

    Today and what I have read I would go to the Hoxsey clinic in a heartbeat. People like you demonize natural cancer treatments. I wonder if you or your child had incurable cancer and knowing about the real truth of chemo and radiation who would you turn to?

  9. Mia 4 years ago

    First I would like to say that I am an American who has traveled to nearly 30 countries and explored the world in terms of medicine. I have always been amazed at eastern medicine and my body has always responded better to it than western therefore I am not prejudice to most things. That being said I will take my antibiotics when necessary.

    I have lost two people very dear to me. My mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer and told she had a few months to maybe half a year to live. My mother in law was also diagnosed with terminal cancer and lived about a year. She had a miserable and tiring 11 months with zero quality of life because of chemo whereas my mother who also did do all in her power, chemotherapy, radiation and yes Hoxsey lived over 4 years! She was not as faithful as she should have been to the Hoxsey plan or I believe she would have lived longer. I also saw that as soon as my mother started radiation her quality of life decreased incredibly rapidly.

    While I would take my mother to her sessions at the Hoxsey clinic I had a chance to meet other patients and their families and was always shocked at there stories. One I remember in particular is that of a woman who for over 15 years after being diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer did nothing but hoxsey and is alive to tell the story with shriveled tumors who stopped growing. Also a man from San Diego who had stage 2 prostate cancer similarly only did Hoxsey and alive after 7 years same shriveled tumors. He said that his doctors in the US have no idea what he is doing but encourage him to continue. I met patients from Ireland, Italy, US, Jamaica etc…I was shocked to learn that after you pay in I think only 3000 US you never pay again.

    Anyway…I really saw the amazing results from it in my mother and if it bought her a few more years and quality of life than yes it is a good thing. Please don’t post misinformation about this place like figures they didn’t give you or a diet they don’t recommend. They are some of the kindest people and most generous I have ever met and If I ever get diagnosed with cancer I will be there in a heartbeat. They are the real thing when it comes to medicine in my opinion. Unpretentious, unabusive, not painful, hopeful and non greedy positive medicine!

    • Author
      Cancermind 3 years ago


      Thank you for sharing and giving us your experience and your thoughts on the subject. However, there is no misinformation in this article about the hoxsey treatment. Anyone reading this needs to know the difference between the (hoxsey clinic), (hoxsey method) and even the (hoxsey tonic or extract). Patients do attempt to self treat with this method and can use all or parts of the hoxsey method depending on what they read. So that in of itself is completely different to the hoxsey clinic. The hoxsey method has a deep history and it doesn’t just stop at this clinic. Everyone keeps complaining about the hoxsey clinic in mexico like it was my main focus in the article but in reality it was only mentioned because it was the last clinic left.

      Also all information like patients charts from the bio-medical center that shows survival rates for cancer patients can’t just be dismissed. I didn’t make up these numbers. I am just pointing out that these numbers exist and they show different survival rates than some testimonials claim. You don’t have to like the numbers or agree with the numbers but they are published. Let the people decide after seeing all the information (both sides) not just the extremely positive picture all the testimonials seem to paint. Plus who makes cancer treatment decisions based on testimonials? Not a good idea.

    • Ron Vaughan 3 years ago

      Mia. Thank you for your story. It has helped me gain a more positive out look. Thank you.

  10. Ron Vaughan 3 years ago

    If I were to send you my email address would you be willing to talk privately to me regarding Hoxsey?

    Thank You.

    • Author
      Cancermind 3 years ago

      Hi Ron,

      You can reach me using the contact option at the top of the page.

      Happy Holidays!

      • Ron Vaughan 3 years ago

        Thank you. We just were told yesterday, my womans cancer has come back, and it is terminal. I can not give up. They are going to do chemo next week. It is ripping my heart to pieces watching her suffer. I just feel so helpless. Like there is nothing I can do. Just be there for her and let her know how much I care. Hardest battle of both of our lives.

        • Author
          Cancermind 3 years ago


          Don’t give up. Words will never be enough to explain the pain you have to experience when in this type of situation. Just think positive and do whatever research you can to shift the odds in your favor. I wish you and your woman the best of luck. Stay strong.

          • Ron Vaughan 3 years ago

            Thank you cancermind. We are trying hard to stay positive. As anyone will know. It is hard not to be down a little from time to time. Especially at this time of year. And what hurts so much. Marion just loves Christmas. We have nothing to resemble that here this year.

            I just had my back fused 2 weeks ago, so I’m not very mobile. And just trying to do everything for her. I am sure many have gone through this and understand. But we have not given up hope. I am praying to get her, keep her strong enough to get to Hoxsey once they reopen Jan 2nd. It is nice to have you people here, to just talk. That helps me stay positive. Talk soon. Warm regards

    • Rosa 3 years ago

      Not sure if your message is intended for me, Rosa, or Cancermind. If it’s intended for me, yes, i would definitely talk to you. Email address is [email protected]

      • Author
        Cancermind 3 years ago


        I didn’t include your email address in your response because i’m not sure you want it visible to everyone. However, with your permission I would be glad to send Ron your email address if he responds back.

      • Ron Vaughan 3 years ago

        I am willing to talk to anyone that can give us their honest opinion? Feeling, maybe. Not sure how to say that, on Hoxsey. We are running out of time and money, but I am willing to find whatever funds I need, If Mexico could be the answer. Thank you.

  11. Rosa 3 years ago

    It is okay to post my email address.

    • Author
      Cancermind 3 years ago

      Email address will be added to your previous comment at your request.

  12. Kevin 3 years ago

    My mom went to the Bio medical Center in Mexico for years. She was diagnosed with breast cancer from a mammogram. She refused to have a biopsy so there was never any pathology confirmation that the lump was cancer.

    She took the tonic for years then used the paste. The paste ate a hole in her breast about 3 inches in diameter. It was an open foul smelling wound for years until her death. I know I saw the hole. She kept the lumps that fell out after the tonic ate deep enough in a jar claiming that was her cancer. Even then there was no testing done to see if it was cancer or just a cyst or non cancerous lump. The hole didn’t heal even after several years of being off the paste.

    She died after 20 years of treatment. When she died she had cancer in her lungs, scalp and possibly brain. The doctors never did discover why she was found unresponsive or WHY she died within 12 hours of being taken to the hospital. My dad didn’t want an autopsy because in our state if the death does not look like a homicide you have to pay for the autopsy and he didn’t have the $1,200 to pay for it.

    • Author
      Cancermind 3 years ago


      Thank you for sharing your story. Sorry to hear about your mom. Do you think the tonic and paste was helpful? Sounds like maybe the cancer was continuing to slowly spread despite the use of hoxsey? Maybe it controlled it to some degree? Either way, 20 years of surviving with cancer is very impressive.

      • FeFe 3 years ago

        Yes Kevin I’d like to know the answers to Cancerminds questions too please. Thank you.

  13. Ron Vaughan 3 years ago

    My Marion’s cancer has come back. Our medical system says there is nothing they can do. Does anyone know if there is a general tonic or something that we can get from Hoxsey, in order to buy her some time to get healthy enough to fly down there?

    She is now too week. And they will not let her fly. I am going to try Mike down there right now. I know the Doctors want to see the person. I had thought if I sent all we have from her surgery that was supposed to be a success. Maybe they could send me something for her, until she is able to fly, so they can see her in person. Anybody? Any help?

    Thank you

    • Author
      Cancermind 3 years ago


      Some hoxsey tonics are available online for purchase but no one truly knows if the formula is authentic. Buying these questionable tonics would be risky to say the least. Obtaining the bio medical tonic without an in person consultation first is something you would have to ask bio medical directly about. I haven’t heard of them doing such a thing but you never know until you ask. Let us know what they say after you speak to them. Good luck.

      • Ron Vaughan 3 years ago

        Honestly. I kind of think to myself. We have nothing to loose anymore. The system has said no chemo, too week. They have more or less….Put her out to pasture. If I could get her strong enough to fly, she would be on her way. But she can barely walk. She is not eating enough. They are just keeping her a doped up. I think they should at least try something, but they wont.

  14. Ron Vaughan 3 years ago

    Thanks for the advice. I am waiting to hear back from them now. As of right now, she is in the hospital, they have given up. Marion is too sick right now to travel. That is why I am trying to find out if they can send something. If she can get feeling a little better, then I can get her down there. This hospital here says we just don’t know what to do.

    • Author
      Cancermind 3 years ago


      This is for sure a tough situation you are in. Depending how sick she really is will dictate what options you have. Looking for a second opinion is always a good idea. But finding a second opinion takes time and usually requires the patient to be healthy enough for the initial consultation. But you can try making some phone calls and see if you get lucky. It is an incredible uphill battle but you might find someone that still thinks she can be treated. You can do this while you are working on the bio medical center and seeing what they can offer. Try to work on multiple things at once so that if one thing doesn’t work out you don’t waste all that time for nothing. Time is working against you.

      Also you might want to consider providing her with meal replacement shakes with high levels of protein if she can still drink liquids and is healthy enough.(consult your doctor before doing this) Usually these work pretty good when patients don’t want to eat. If she continues not to eat she will start to develop cachexia if she already hasn’t and this will just make matters worse.

      I had to find second, third, forth, and so on of opinions to get my mother treated. Doctors did the same thing to me and put their hands up and said nothing can be done. I pushed back and just kept calling and searching until i found someone willing to help. I got lucky and had enough time to do this. And believe me this took way too much time than it should have. And i really do think it came within days of being too late. I managed to get about 2 more years with my mom because i did more than the average person would do. But don’t get me wrong, every situation is different and not everyone will be successful no matter how hard they try. Do the best you can, and at the end of the day that is all you can really do.

  15. Ron Vaughan 3 years ago

    Thanks for your advice. I will take it to heart and act on it.

  16. Catherine Taylor 3 years ago

    Don’t get me wrong on Hoxsey treatment but have you looked into medical cannabis treatment? Cannabis helps with stimulating the appetite. It shrinks tumors. You need full spectrum with high THC to work. Go to the website Phoenix Tears by Rick Simpson.

  17. Ron Vaughan 3 years ago

    Thank you very much. I had been giving her CBD/THC. But she did not like being stoned, so would not take it. I guess I could try again. Thanks.

  18. Catherine Taylor 3 years ago

    Also Ron have you also read about Laetrile treatments? As it is banned in the US obviously no doubt the Laetrile treatment can be found in Mexico and other countries. Read World Without Cancer the Story of Vitamin B17 by G Edward Griffin. I just started to read this book. What a useless medical system we have in this country. It makes me sick, mad, it’s hard to put into words. The corruption and greed to kill any natural treatment is a sin against God.

  19. Ruben 3 years ago

    Hello Ron,

    Have you heard of Essiac Tea? My 26 year old son has been taking it and so am I. I heard it is similar to the Hoxsey tonic. The story behind this tea is another depressing story of hiding natural cures. I was recommended this tea by a family member whose close friend cured himself and five other friends of different cancers and without chemo. I mention this because it is something you can do right now and fast. I recommended this tea to a friend who is going thru chemo and not doing so well, but when she started taking the tea, she said it has helped a lot… like being able to do number 2 and sleeping better.

    Please listen to this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KqJAzQe7_0g

    Also….. no sugar! Cancer cells need sugar tens times more then healthy cells. No sugar starves cancer cells and slows tumor growth. If western medicine would at minimum tell you this! But they have no clue.

    And most importantly… pray to God in the name of Jesus. If you don’t know Him… get to know Him. He is knocking… just open the door. If it is His will to cure your loved one…He will… He does not need any tea or tonic, but He does put people or things in our path to help ourselves.

    I will pray for you both, I know how hard it is!


  20. Roy 3 years ago

    Please try cannabis oil. It has to be from an indica strain. Cannabis cures when done the right way.

  21. Derek 2 years ago

    I have just returned from Hoxsey at Tijuana. The first person I met on the shuttle bus from San Ysidro was a man who told me that 2 years ago he was given two months to live by the Mayo Clinic, he had stomach caner, Hoxsey cured him. In the waiting room at the clinic there are two thick visitors books, both are filled with personal testimonies of people who had been cured of many different forms of cancers, some were stage 4.

    The Hoxsey protocol has survived since 1928 by word of mouth, I believe that fact speaks for itself. People considering Hoxsey should go onto YouTube and watch: “Cancer, the Forbidden Cures” in which, Hoxsey is featured. Derek Australia.

  22. Daisy 2 years ago

    To say that there were no records of the efficacy of his treatment is so false, it’s sickening. Shame on you for spreading wrong and bias information. Hoxsey himself had a lot of proof that his formula was working (according to documentaries and his book) too bad AMA was threaten by him after he refused to sell his formula to them; so they shut him down in the USA.

    I have been a patient of them four months now, decided to go because doctors in USA said I needed a miracle to cure my rare uterine cancer and gave me 6 months to live if I didn’t do more chemo. I should have been dead 2 months ago after “all numbers say everything” according to the article…All I know is that the side affects of the HOXSEY treatment is lots of energy, very little fatigue which still has me working full time and living my normal life! For the NOMINAL FEE this clinic charges who is only interested in curing people and not making loads of money from cancer (BTW, if you can’t afford it, they will take care of you anyway! what a concept!); it is definitely worth a chance especially since they encourage that you can do conventional therapy as well as their treatment. 100 years in business should not be ignored!!!!!

    • Author
      Cancermind 2 years ago


      Hope everything works out for you and thinking positive about the treatment you are on is very helpful and that alone can do amazing things. However, positive thinking is not proof of efficacy. Hoxsey allegedly having proof years ago that is no longer available is also not proof. I provided the proof that is currently available for the hoxsey treatment which many supporters and fans of the hoxsey treatment seem to overlook. The assessment outcomes of patients shows survival numbers based on records from the bio medical center and the livingston foundation. That study shows that cure rates, survival rates, and efficacy are completely different than what supporters, testimonials, and fans of hoxsey treatment promise. So if you believe data that can be made up from thin air over actual medical records of real patients that were taken from hoxsey clinics then that is your choice. I’m just pointing out what data exists.

  23. Daisy Maines 2 years ago

    The data also shows that I should have been dead two, going on three months, ago! The data also shows that chemo, radiation and surgery have a better success rate than they actually do, data can be and is misleading especially when the people/entities providing this data have an interest on the outcome. In the end, only God has the best data and only He has the power to heal or not via any treatment (modern or alternative) one decides to take. Thank you for your blog.

    • Author
      Cancermind 2 years ago


      You are right, data can be very misleading because conflicts of interest are almost always present. And this is a very big problem when the company funding the study also has a financial interest in the product or drug being tested. I think the best way to partially overcome this is to compile as much data as you can from different sources if available and get the averages of all data combined. Even though this still isn’t 100% accurate i believe that it’s more accurate than someone completely making up a story based on opinion were the parameters can literally be anything and infinite whereas a study has to be somewhat believable and within a certain tolerance.

      For instance, you don’t have chemotherapy studies showing 100% cure rates but almost every natural treatment testimonial states a cure or something to that extent. No matter how good a cancer treatment is, not sure it can have a 100% cure rate? At least not yet since we don’t know enough about cancer to even get close to 100% cure rate. And since every cancer is unique, one treatment might never be a cure all but a variety of treatments individually made specifically for each patient.

  24. Jeffrey W Smith 2 years ago

    So, the one study mentioned & referenced in the original article is 18 years old. Are there any updates on this subject, especially for Glioblastoma WHO Grade 4 brain tumor in a 30 y. o. mother of two, who after a craniotomy and 1 year of chemotherapy with Temozolomide following diagnosis 39 months ago & is now faced with an inoperable recurrence?

    • Author
      Cancermind 2 years ago

      Correct, no other updates since that one study other than the testimonials that keep being posted.

  25. Jeffrey W Smith 2 years ago

    Thanks, Cancer mind.

    • Author
      Cancermind 2 years ago


  26. Chris 2 years ago

    A friend of mine, a very dear friend of mine, went to Hoxsey. He was obsessed with following their diet and drinking the tonic to the letter of instruction. He did not cheat, not once on his diet. He wasn’t allowed to use vinegar or consume anything with vinegar in the ingredients. He was told sugar fed cancer cells, so his diet was high protein with meat, pork, chicken, and fish. Clarified butter (ghee butter) was allowed. No caffeine, a very limited amount of white grape juice, no bread, but potatoes were okay. This man stuck to this diet and took his tonic without fail. He asked me once if I thought he was crazy and out of compassion, I could only tell him that it was never a bad idea to be on a low carb diet. I even helped with his hotel and flights expenses once so he could make his followup appointment.

    You can believe what you want about alternative treatments. You can follow whatever diet you want and drink, consume whatever supplemental tonics you want. But before you spend your hard to get money on alternative treatment modalities, don’t forget that the medical science community, like the doctor who fought tears when he told my friend there were no medical treatments left for him and that only a miracle from God would cure him, that this doctor and everyone of the nurses and other medical people who do everything they can to use whatever medical treatments on you to stop the cancer, aren’t in a plot with big pharm or some evil corporation to use you and let you die. The simple medical, scientific truth is that there isn’t a cure for all cancers yet. Period. If going to Hoxsey or taking a bunch of supplements brings you hope, go for it. I pray that cures and prolonged life await all that have cancer. But diet and supplemental tonics will not cure the beast.

    I attended my friend’s funeral yesterday. He was 50. He left behind a wonderful wife, two young children and a huge group of friends. Heartbroken doesn’t even begin to describe what we all feel.

    • Author
      Cancermind 2 years ago


      Sorry to hear about your friend. I’m sure most of us reading your comment have experienced a similar loss and words can never describe that feeling. I totally agree that the conspiracy theory most people use in terms of big pharma are overly exaggerated. Corruption does exist but it exists everywhere not just in the medical field. Profit will always cause some to push the limits and put public health at risk to maximize profits.

      Doctors and nurses for the most part are guilty of negligence before being part of any conspiracy. I was able to easily tell which doctors and nurses chose that career for the pay check or because they wanted to genuinely help people. Dealing with a nurse or doctor that only cares about when they get to go home is not something pleasant to experience when you are fighting for your life. But to be clear, there are plenty of great doctors and nurses who really do in fact want to help people the best they can. We need more of them.

  27. Tone 2 years ago

    I believe that modern medicine has a legitimate complaint, however after visiting the center in Mexico myself and after speaking with patients there who were only given one year to live here in the States and upon hearing their heartfelt testimonies it was certainly well worth it and better than any hope that I had received in the States. My total bill was only 1300.00 dollars about an 10th of what my treatments have been, and I feel great blood pressure is 116/77 numbers I’ve never seen and energy levels that I haven’t seen with western medicine. So my conclusion is let people do what they believe will work for them because one thing for sure the survival rate after conventional treatments are marginal at best.

  28. Carol J Deter-Lesher 1 year ago

    My Mom when to Dr. Hoxsey Clinic in Dallas, Texas in 1958. She was told by three doctors that she had 6 months to live even with surgery and the deadly treatment they use even today. She did die in 1994 from COPD and CHF due to smoking 2 packages of cigarettes a day. We tell people we meet about the clinic and today I still tell people. The FDA and the AMA are so wrong and all they want is BIG BUCKS they DON’T want to help people with Cancer.

  29. janice Williams 10 months ago

    My Mom had three months to live. Had breast surgery for breast cancer and then went to Dallas TX for treatment. She survived until she was 79. She was in her thirties when she went. She died of Congestive heart Failure and pneumonia. She had two sons after having the Hoxsey Treatment, her last one at the age of 43.

  30. Carol J. Deter 9 months ago

    Janice, Sorry to hear about your Mother but glad she had the Hoxsey treatmentI had my Mom for 36 years after her treatment in Dallas. She died of CHF, COPD. I glad both our Mom’s went to Hoxsey I tell everyone who tells me they have the big C. The ones I don’t is the ones that can’t afford to put food on the table. I try and keep up with Hoxsey to let people know of a better treatment that what the radiation and chemo does to the body. Take care and stay safe. C.J.D.

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