Hydrogen Peroxide IV, Injection, Topical Treatment

Hydrogen Peroxide IV, Injection, Topical Treatment


Hydrogen peroxide or H2O2 is used by most people to disinfect minor cuts and scraps. For the most part, that’s just about as far most people will take it. However, this chemical might just surprise you. Hydrogen peroxide has a strong connection to cancer. Hydrogen peroxide within the human body plays a key role in the immune system and regulates many biological processes. For this reason, it has become the focus of both anticancer research and unproven cancer therapies alike. One of these unproven cancer therapies is hydrogen peroxide IV. Doctors are directly injecting patients with this chemical to treat cancer and a wide range of other illnesses. The concept closely resembles that of the baking soda cure, a treatment for just about everything. But is it safe? Is it effective? And does science support any of it?


Hydrogen Peroxide IV.

This treatment is based on increasing oxygen levels with-in the body that will in turn create an anticancer response. Increasing oxygen levels inside a tumor would be beneficial without a doubt. However, it is unknown if hydrogen peroxide IV injection can achieve this. And even if it can, would it be enough to create an anticancer response? These are all unknowns because hydrogen peroxide IV has never been tested in a human cancer study. What’s worse, this treatment is highly dangerous. Lethal cases have been recorded from Hydrogen peroxide IV treatment. Not only are the effects unknown, but it can kill you as well. This is definitely not one of those ‘what’s the worst that can happen’ treatments. Unfortunately, because it is a household product, and can be found in our bodies naturally, people assume it is not dangerous. But this is one powerful chemical, and injecting it in your body, might be a risk too great to take.


Topical Treatment.

Many people use topical hydrogen peroxide locally to treat cancer. This topical treatment seems safe with no major side effects and might even help avoid infection. But can it be effective as a cancer treatment? A 2013 study tested topical hydrogen peroxide on the recurrence of high grade soft-tissue sarcomas. Study concluded that topical treatment did in fact slightly improve local control but not statistically significant. This means a slight anticancer effect might be expected with topical treatment of sarcomas. More research is needed.


Direct Tumor Injection.

Higher Tumor oxygen levels are known to increase various cancer treatment outcomes. It is still unknown if oxygen alone can exert any anticancer response in humans. One study in 2009 showed that oxygen levels can in fact sensitize tumor tissue to radiation therapy. By using KORTUC 2, a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and sodium hyaluronate injected directly into the tumor, 9 out of 11 patients showed a complete response. One thing to note, hydrogen peroxide injection alone provided only a very short term increase of oxygen. This is due to hydrogen peroxide rapidly diffusing to surrounding tissues. Combination mixture provided over 24 hrs of increased oxygen levels. This can be a valuable tool in treating cancer resistance.




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