Chemotherapy as bad as they say?

Chemotherapy as bad as they say?


In my honest opinion I think that the negative information people spread about chemotherapy is doing more harm then good. I have seen many websites provide such negative information to the point that it’s almost impossible to have a fair perspective on chemo after reading such opinions. Everyone talks about the bad but none of the good. Just like with everything else.


Blinded by bad side of Chemotherapy.

I myself at one point had fallen victim to the negativity spread about Chemo. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying Chemo is amazing either. I just think that you have to have a realistic perspective and opinion about Chemo, especially if you are a cancer patient. No reason to only base your opinion on one side of the story. I know it’s easy to form an option after hearing something negative. But always wait for all the facts.


Can be effective if used properly.

I am a Huge fan of Alternative medicine and natural remedies which can be very effective sometimes. That’s why I believe in Cancer therapy that can combine Conventional Chemotherapy with other more natural treatments. I don’t agree with bashing Chemo just so another type of treatment can look better. I agree that Chemo has a lot of downsides. I can write pages of things I hate about it. But that’s not the point. Sometimes Chemotherapy is the best option. Sometimes its the only option. I can truly say that even though Chemotherapy hurt my mother in many ways, it also saved her life more than once. I think Chemo can be an effective tool if used properly. Properly is the key word.




Can save lives.

So please don’t just write off Chemo completely because of all the negativity you hear about it. Take it from someone that’s been at the side lines and saw the good as well as the bad. Consider it as an option and a tool in your Rolodex of weapons. Make sure it’s the best option for you and the best type of chemotherapy for your particular Cancer. Do your research and feel comfortable with your decision. At the end of the day Chemotherapy can save lives. And that’s the truth. Fact.


More information about Chemo

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  1. tahiya marome 2 years ago

    This is the first fair minded site I’ve encountered that wasn’t strictly pushing allopathic care. I really appreciate your intelligent approach of using the tools available to us with intention and intelligence. Thank you for your time, energy, effort and rational position. I am taking chemotherapy AND herbal supports, exercise AND diet, therapy AND work, social support AND solitude. We live in an “and” world but our brains like “either / or” answers. It’s challenging to live with AND more fully and let “either / or” go. You’ve helped confirm my approach.

    • Author
      Cancermind 1 year ago


      Thanks for the feedback and we all wish you a fast recovery with your multi-targeted approach. Well said and well done.

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