Liposomal Vit C Cancer Treatment Mega Dose Review

Liposomal Vit C Cancer Treatment Mega Dose Review


In lab studies, Vitamin C has shown itself to be a very powerful anticancer nutrient. For years, people have been trying to find various ways to increase absorption and produce higher levels of Vitamin C in the blood. With out a doubt, taking Vit C by intravenous injection produces maximum blood levels. However, this might not always be feasible due to cost and inconvenience. Because of this, some have started to promote alternatives. First being a mega dose of regular Vitamin C spread through out the day to create a compound effect. Second, taking a liposome vitamin C mega dose to increase absorption efficiency by means of bypassing certain digestive restrictions. When comparing regular Vit C to liposomal Vit C in terms of bio-availability, liposomal Vit C is clearly superior. But how does liposomal Vit C compare to IV Vitamin C? And can a mega dose liposomal Vitamin C cancer treatment regimen be effective?  Can it really reach blood levels high enough to initiate an anticancer response?


Liposomal Vit C Cancer Treatment.

The liposomal Vit C cancer treatment regime has not been tested in any studies. However, Vitamin C IV infusion has been tested on cancer patients and has failed more than once. More on that here. Unfortunately, a Clinical Trial in 2008 and another trial in 2013 both showed no anticancer response. By comparing blood levels to both liposomes and intravenous injection, liposomes don’t even come close. A study in 2008 testing Livon Labs Lypo-Spheric liposomal Vit C showed that a mega dose of 36 grams resulted in blood levels of 400 uM.

Compare that with blood levels of 49 mM reached by one of the Vit C IV studies and we see a gap larger than expected. Intravenous resulted in about 122 times more Vitamin C in the blood stream than liposomal Vitamin C. So if Vitamin C IV couldn’t produce an anticancer response, how could liposomal Vit C possibly do so? It’s pretty much impossible for a liposomal Vit C cancer treatment regime to be effective.


Mega Dose Vitamin C Blood Levels.

Some studies have shown that Vitamin C can be cytotoxic to certain cancer cells at about 300 uM. This is mainly the reason why mega doses of both the regular and liposomal Vitamin C has become so popular. This might also be the argument most use to justify using these forms of Vitamin C as cancer treatments. But, what happens in a lab petri-dish is not the same thing that happens in the human body. That is easily proven by countless lab studies failing to replicate results in humans. Furthermore, one cancer cell affected by low doses of Vitamin C doesn’t mean other types of cancer cells will react the same way. As we saw in both clinical trials, 49 mM was not effective for any of the cancer patients in the study. This automatically makes you really question the 300 uM lab results everyone talks about out of context.


Final Thought.

We can see by the blood levels that a liposomal Vit C cancer treatment regime has almost no chance for success. Using liposomal Vit C as a stand alone cancer treatment is not a good idea. Combining it with other treatments might be something to look into, like Apatone has managed to do. However, the results of the intravenous studies really puts everything into perspective. There is really no way to justify taking the liposomal Vitamin C cancer treatment regime alone. The whole concept of that regime would be to reach blood levels as close to intravenous levels as possible. But, if IV levels can’t even produce an anticancer response, then what’s the point?



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  1. Robert 4 years ago

    A pack of lies from start to finish financed by the pharmaceutical companies who stand to lose billions if ascorbic acid treatment for cancer is ever widely recognized. Read Drs Hickey and Roberts, biologists from Manchester University UK : their tests show liposomal Vitamin C is highly effective for treating cancer and superior to IV treatment, also Dr Thomas Levy – read his book ‘Curing the Incurable’. Check out the careers of Dr Frederick Klenner and Dr Abram Hoffer who both used Vit C successfully for decades. I know liposomal Vitamin C is effective because I have Stage IV cancer and have been using it successfully for months. Reduction in pain and tumor size. Also check out Alan Smith from New Zealand who was cured of pneumonia and leukemia by liposomal Vitamin C.

    Why the denial? Because oncologists will be out of a job when chemotherapy is abandoned – liposomal Vitamin C needs no prescription, can’t be patented, and requires no doctors. You can make it at home if you have a food blender. It has happened before when streptomycin destroyed a complete tuberculosis industry in sanatoria, making thousands of doctors unemployed. The first duty of a doctor is not to his patients but to his own bank balance. Every innovation in medical practice that has threatened the incomes of doctors has always been resisted tooth and nail. The infant TB injection BCG was kept out of Britain for twenty years by the British Medical Association because they feared it would reduce their incomes for TB treatment. In France and Germany BCG vaccination reduced infant mortality from 2.46 per thousand to 0.46. In Britain it remained at 2.46 for twenty years. The British doctors knew this and didn’t care. Read ‘The White Death’ for the whole terrible story.

    If liposomal ascorbic acid cured cancer who would lose? Follow the money – drug companies and medical doctors. Who are opposed to Vitamin C treatment on the internet and in the press? – medical doctors paid as consultants by the drug companies. For two hundred years medical doctors denied fruit and vegetables could cure scurvy – ‘you need sulfuric acid’ they said. The patients died of acid poisoning. Chemical chemotherapy is poison and many oncologists refuse to take it themselves if they get cancer.

    There is a great deal of fake liposomal Vitamin C about, possibly promoted by the drug companies whose income is threatened. Read LivOn’s test on the Dr Mercola brand – zero liposomes in it, they claim. Beware of any so called ‘scientific tests’ that ‘prove’ liposomal or other Vitamin C is useless. Who paid for these tests? Why did they go to the trouble? For whose advantage?

    Thalidomide was scientifically tested and resulted in thousands of deformed births. Drug companies are fined millions every year for mis-selling, promoting unsafe medicines, and unethical activities bribing doctors to push their wares. Caveat emptor – buyer beware.

    • Author
      Cancermind 4 years ago


      I am glad liposomal vitamin C is working for you. However, the majority of cancer patients might not be so lucky. Just because something works for one person doesn’t automatically make it an effective cancer treatment. Liposomal Vitamin C hasn’t been tested on cancer patients the same way Vitamin C IV has. Furthermore, when comparing just vitamin C blood levels between the two, liposomal vitamin c is by far inferior in that aspect. Those two points alone should be cause for concern and should be carefully considered before attempting to use liposomal vitamin c as a cancer treatment. Everyone should do their own research before trying any type of cancer treatment, natural or conventional for that matter.

      Also you are incorrect about the details of Alan smith from new Zealand. Alan smith was given Vitamin C IV not liposomal for his recovery. He only started taking liposomal vitamin c after he awoke from his coma and was taken off life support. And because of this, it would be a huge stretch to say liposomal Vitamin C had any effect what so ever. You can watch the full 60 minutes episode about Alan Smith here.

      • Royston Buckingham 4 years ago

        Cancer Mind,

        Absolute hoodwink. You need to get your facts straight too, instead of trying to put people off the Truth. All I can say is ‘Folks, do some research, the answers are there. The internet has a mass of information. Be armed with knowledge. Robert is spot on in his analogy that ‘Big Pharma’ stands to loose Billions if trials were ever allowed but, of course, that will never happen, or they will not follow the protocol to the letter as evident on past trials indicate. e.g. MSM, DCA.

        After extensive research, I started my mum (Lung Cancer – Sent home to die) on MSM/Liposomal Vit C, which firstly stopped her Cachexia and gave her increased appetite. Then I used the DCA (Dichloroacetate) Protocol. She had a collapsed lung due to an obstructive mass. Within 5 weeks she noticed her breathing was easier and tentatively stopped using her oxygen cannula, her Doctor sent her to hospital where she was put on an IPAP mask to inflate the lung to full capacity. There we learned that the tumor had reduced by around 70% and are currently awaiting results of her blood. We are about to use an holistic Clinic that uses the DCA Protocol in order to ascertain a correct ongoing dosage of DCA, as our Doctor/Hospital (ruled by the FDA/Big Pharma) are not allowed to advise us.

        The powers that be, were happy to let my mum simply die at home and gave no offer of any hope/information or even advise us to look at alternative treatments. Thank god I researched the internet. Although due to the love for my mum, god doesn’t even come into it.

        So, ‘Cancer Mind’, you, the pharmaceutical companies and the FDA have the contempt you all deserve as far as I am concerned. I hope you never have to experience the shock of a loved one being sent home to die with cancer when there are valid alternative treatments around. God forbid, but if that should happen, you might want to email me for my notes and research papers.

        • Ross Brunton 3 years ago

          My friend was diagnosed with stage 3b lung cancer 5 weeks ago. Would you be kind enough to tell me how much MSM and liposomal Vitamin C you used and for how long please?

          • Robert 3 years ago

            re: Liposomal C dosage :

            Dr Roberts of Manchester University UK who has done much research on cancer and liposomal Vitamin C recommends 5 grams of liposomal Vit C every four or five hours 4 times a day making 20 grams total per 24 hours. His view is this dose is high enough to destroy cancer cells faster than they can grow. He has many websites, has published 2 books on Vit C , and many articles in learned journals. He is a reputable medical research scientist, though controversial on liposomal Vit C..

            To make your own liposomal Vit C look at posted by a guy called Chris. This is based on a patented formula bought up by LIV-ON Labs from the patentee. Do not waste time with Dr Mercola’s brand – it is a fake , not liposomal C at all. Liv-on seems to be the market leader. I have used both and can assure you Mercola’s is useless whereas Liv-on actually works – excellent pain reduction and a cancerous mole on my arm healed completely in a few months. Check Amazon webpage on the Liv-on product – many claim it has cured their cancer .

            Have you read up on Dr Abram Hoffer of Vancouver Canada who had great success with high dose Vit C injection treatment on more than 1000 terminal cancer patients in 1970’s. ? His statistics are impressive – this is pre – liposomal C of course but the evidence that high doses of Vit C is effective with cancer is strong.

            I have no commercial link with anyone and get no discounts or free samples – I am simply a civilian cancer sufferer passing on an effective treatment which I have found. I should have been dead by 9th April 2018 according to my oncologist. Latest report on my chest X ray is ‘ your cancer is growing very slowly and you have 2-5 years to live ‘. This was in October 2017. The only treatment I have been taking is liposomal C plus high dose Vit B, E, CoQ10 etc. I refused chemo. Dr Paul Clayton’s book ‘Health Defense’ is good on vitamins for cancer patients. He has a website but the book has the details.

            Does anyone have any feedback on DCA and cancer ?. The info on is very skewed in favor and not objective . Any personal results ? . It is recognized in Canada but not US or UK.

        • Jihane 3 years ago

          Royston Buckingham please help me my father has stage IV cancer. I am overwhelmed with information about all those protocols dunno where to start. My father has A459 adenocarcinoma. Many thanks in advance, so happy to hear that your Mum is doing much better and yes I know how it feels to see a beloved dying. I love so much my father … please help me.

        • Dana 2 years ago

          Could you please tell me what exactly did you do? My mom is suffering the same & the doctors are no longer able to help.

          Thank you

          • Mike 2 years ago

            Dana, buy these if you can afford it
            “LivOn Labs Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C”

            Research dosages needed, my pop has leukemia and I’m starting him on at least 20 grams a day (possibly up to 40-50 grams eventually). I’m using another brand for the time being but also want to buy the LivOn brand just to ensure he’s getting real liposomal vit C.

            I’m going to make a batch of homemade liposomal vit C also to save on cost.

            Research Rick Simpson Oil also.

    • Drew 4 years ago

      Well said.

  2. Robert 4 years ago

    Liposomal Vitamin C delivers 93% blood saturation, IV intravenous Vit C delivers 20%.

    Liposomal Vitamin C is a far better delivery vehicular for Vitamin C. IV is on the way out – it is expensive, needs a doctor, and fails to deliver the high blood saturation of liposomal. If you want to travel by antique flivver instead of a modern car ,then go ahead.

    Read Dr Thomas Levy’s website for the full liposomal story. I don’t sell this stuff, or get commission from it, I just use it to good effect.

    Alan Smith of New Zealand was cured by Vitamin C, period. It’s the same in IV or liposomal – ascorbic acid or sodium ascorbate – ie Vitamin C.

  3. Robert 4 years ago


    Thanks for that helpful and moving testimony. How can I get your notes and research? I know nothing about MSM and DCA. Any websites you can recommend? Good luck with your Mum.

  4. Karen 4 years ago

    I always thought that IV INTRAVENOUS VIT C was to boost the immune system of the cancer patient not a cure. I was thinking of having my sister do this before she starts her chemo. Do you think it would be a waste of time and money?

    • Author
      Cancermind 4 years ago


      Depends what your expectations are of IV Vitamin C. Some expect it to reverse cancer and eliminate cancer altogether. In terms of that expectation, studies have shown this is not likely. However, some amazing potential might be possible if vitamin c is mixed with vitamin k3 which is called apatone. The drug sponsor of apatone is currently trying to pursue clinical trials but until then we just have to wait.

      Many studies do show that IV vitamin c is helpful for things like quality of life, side effects, fatigue, and can even be synergistic with certain treatments. Case reports do show that it can produce a response in rare instances. So you would have to weigh the cost vs possible benefit and compare it to other natural therapies that might have a more clear picture in terms of actual odds of being effective.

  5. Karen 4 years ago

    Thanks I’m just fearful for her, she is so weak from bowel obstruction surgery due to the tumor she had to have a colostomy. They could not remove the tumor and she has spots on her liver. I’m so afraid because they are rushing chemo before she is strong enough.

    My plans are to help with these supplements found on your site and give her a fighting chance. I don’t trust this doctor because he was the one who did her hysterectomy for endometriosis cancer stage 2. She didn’t take the radiation at the time. But he followed up with her but didn’t give any kind of scans so he cleared her after 5 years but I feel like he dropped the ball, no on going blood work was done. It’s been 8 years and this was found due to the bowel obstruction. I’m trying to support her but she is going into this blind.

    Here are the supplements I hope she will take. Let me know if I missed any good ones.

    Milk Thistle
    SULFORAPHANE (SFN) = Broccoli Sprouts
    VIT D
    IP-6 International, IP6 Gold, Immune Support

    • Author
      Cancermind 4 years ago


      Having a doctor you can trust is super important. When everyone is on the same page great things can happen. However, I do know that sometimes finding another doctor because of time constraints makes it extremely difficult and not practical. Not only is finding a doctor you can trust difficult but getting an appointment is a nightmare. When my mother and i wanted to search for another doctor we had to wait an entire month (talking on the phone for hrs) just to get an appointment with no guarantee we would see eye to eye on treatments etc. And many cancer patients just don’t have a month to sit around waiting for an appointment. That to me is just unacceptable but is the reality we have to deal with.

      I would say don’t stop your research at natural remedies. Research every treatment the doctor recommends especially since you said the doctor dropped the ball in the past. Just like you have been doing for natural treatments, do the same for conventional treatments. Compare the response rates and survival rates of the treatments the doctor recommends with other similar treatments. If you find something that is a better option for your sister, print it out, hand it to your doctor and have a discussion. Just make sure that the studies are with actual cancer patients and are from credible sources like pubmed etc. Depending on your doctor, when data like this is presented they will be open to working with the patient. Unfortunately, some doctors are set in their ways and won’t budge no matter what data you provide.

      As for your list, it looks good. Every person, their disease, and physical condition is unique and so should their treatments. The following things are on my radar for greatest potential against cancer based on data so far. This list might grow or shrink based on new data.

      Curcumin & Turmeric.


      Flaxseed & Flaxseed oil.

      SFN (Broccoli Sprouts).

      Aged garlic.


      Avemar. (no article yet but coming soon)


      Bio-30 / Bio-100 Propolis.


      Any plant based diet.

      Anti-PD-1 & any Immuno therapy needs to be included in this list even though it is not a natural treatment.

      Sounds like your sister has been through alot already. I’m sure the stress that both of you are having to deal with is overwhelming. I’ve been there and it’s something that can’t be described in words. Stay strong.

  6. Robert 4 years ago

    Dr Hickey and Roberts, biologists of Manchester University UK, have demonstrated that at high enough blood saturation Vitamin C / ascorbic acid does if fact kill cancer cells. This can be achieved, they stated, with 5 grams liposomal Vitamin C every 4 hours totaling 20 grams per day. I have now been on this dose for several weeks and have no pain and increased energy. The same applies for IV but you would need much more for the same effect.

    CoQ10, curcumin, Vitamin E, Omega 3 fish oils and selenium are all advisable for cancer patients as well as other supplements mentioned. I am now trying DCA at 2 grams per day in split doses of 1 gram each as well.

    • Author
      Cancermind 4 years ago


      Dr hickey and Roberts “suggest” and or “predict” that these levels will kill cancer cells in the “human body” based on calculations they have done. That’s different than testing it on actual cancer patients and really finding out if that prediction or theory is correct. They know certain levels of vitamin c in the “LAB” can kill cancer cells. It looks possible that based on “calculations” this is achievable in humans with liposomal vitamin c. If only things were this easy that we can make calculations based on petri dish studies and automatically know for sure that it will work in humans. These type of predictions used for natural treatments and conventional treatments alike usually fail when tested on human subjects. This is because so many other variables are at play when testing something in the human body. Has everyone forgotten different cancer cells are sensitive to varying levels of vitamin c? It’s not like all types of cancer cells die when exposed to the same levels of vitamin c. And while this is a huge variable, it’s far from the only one. The variables are endless.

      If you want to use treatments based purely on speculation that is your choice. I wont be happy until i see a human study verify that liposomal vitamin c can produce an actual cancer response.

  7. Karen 4 years ago

    Thank you so much for your time and answers to all my many questions. You are truly a wonderful help in this terrible time.

    • Author
      Cancermind 4 years ago


      You are very welcome.

  8. Karen 4 years ago

    Do you also know how to read this test? HE4 (aka HEP4) 47 pmol/L. I’m hoping to get her to make appointment to have all labs explained. All other blood work was normal.

    • Author
      Cancermind 4 years ago


      I believe he4 is a cancer marker and is usually combined with ca125 for ovarian cancer patients. To make things easier, find out if the doctor is willing to call you or email you so that you can get answers more quickly and make it easier on your sister so that every question you have doesn’t have to result in an appointment. I had constant dialog with my mothers doctors by phone and email as well as in person appointments. If I wasn’t able to utilize all of these forms of communication together, a lot of unnecessary time would have been wasted waiting for the next appointment. And I don’t think it’s acceptable to wait weeks to get one question answered.

  9. Robert 4 years ago

    I am dying of stage IV cancer. You are not. Dr Hickey and Dr Roberts research has been tested in vitro in laboratories, in mouse tests, and by many human volunteers whose personal evidence is available on the internet. For more than 200 years medical doctors denied fresh fruit and vegetables cured and prevented scurvy. Naval surgeons claimed it did based on empirical observation – they had no conclusive proof because the science wasn’t available. Those who followed conventional doctors died of scurvy, those who ate fresh vegetables didn’t. Many of the medical profession and the pharmaceutical industry dislike high dose Vitamin C intensely because it cuts them and their profits out of the equation.

    Anyone who reads the work of Dr Abram Hoffer, Dr Frederick Klenner and many others who have used Vitamin C successfully can make up their own minds. It would be a pity to die uselessly when an excellent therapy is available. Try finding examples of some people who have been killed or made ill by taking high dose liposomal Vitamin C. You can’t because there aren’t any. It is safe. I know. I have been taking it successfully myself for months. I was on morphine for pain relief. Since I have been taking liposomal Vitamin C I have had no pain and have been taking no painkillers. Some doctors even advise patients not to take aspirin – I came across one who did. You have to evaluate information for yourself whoever is offering it.

    Medical doctors and the pharmaceutical industry have a direct financial interest in discouraging cancer patients from taking anything but expensive chemotherapy that lines both their pockets. Of course they will deny liposomal Vitamin C has any effect. The TB doctors running tuberculosis sanatoriums in the 1940’s often refused to allow their patients to take the antibiotic streptomycin for the same reason – they saw it would kill their industry, as indeed it did. Read Dr Thomas Levy MD’s book ‘Curing the Incurable’ on the vast mass of evidence that high-dose Vitamin C works or consult his website and make your own mind.

    • Author
      Cancermind 4 years ago


      I genuinely hope that liposomal vitamin c works for you and that you will be here many years later writing comments like you are here today. I totally agree that liposomal vitamin c is very safe and has the possibility to work for some people. I am only pointing out that the data available is lacking when compared to other treatments whether it be conventional or natural. Just because something is natural doesn’t automatically mean that it can’t be tested properly. For instance, I have talked directly to the drug sponsor of apatone which is vitamin c combined with vitamin k3 and its been tested in clinical trials and is continuing down this path as we speak. Or how about curcumin? Curcumin is natural and has a good amount of human studies. Yes is it extremely difficult for natural treatments to go down this path but it is in fact possible. So to say it can’t be done or hasn’t been done because the medical community won’t allow it is incorrect and is an argument used as an excuse to look past the lack of data.

      I personally can’t find credible evidence that liposomal vitamin c has worked on cancer patients. If you can provide me a link to this evidence you are referring to i will gladly look it over. However, testimonials and or a book a cardiologist doctor writes isn’t necessarily credible data that shows liposomal vitamin c is effective for cancer patients. Anyone can write testimonials and books for a vast amount of reasons. They don’t always coincide with what’s best for the cancer patient. For the same reason you say medical doctors and the pharmaceutical industry relies on the success of profit from their own products so do authors of books. Just like there are scams in the medical industry, same goes for the natural world as well. Both sides can be corrupt and that is a fact.

      I honestly wish you the best of luck and a speedy recovery regardless of our difference of opinion.

    • zman 12 months ago

      i have to agree with you, Robert. We have been on a roller coaster ride with my partners NSCLC, largely due to mainstream medicine, which has been useless…except for emptying our bank account. We were using a product called CAN-HELP (2oz/day), along with fenbendazole(Joe Tippens protocol). His pain was under control and seemed as though he was getting better. However, he thought he was having a reaction to this. I found out later he was sneaking a cigarette when he could and it was making him quite nauseous. Long story short, we suspended treatment for a ‘couple days’, which turned into 2 months, as he needed opiates for the ensuing pain and he was not thinking clearly. Off to hospital due to intractable pain, another mistake. After torturing him for a week, they told him to go home to hospice. Once home and after reading his reports of scans and tests, they showed that his metastasis has stopped and a tumor in his brain had died. They apparently thought we didn’t need to know this, so much for the Hippocratic oath, huh? They expected him to last no more that 2 weeks, as I write this it is 2 days short of 2 months. He had been progressing well, with the hospice nurses being mystified as to why he has a good appetite, is still ambulatory, in his right mind and able to work in the garden. Then this covid manure started and that was the end of reliable supplies for treatment. Went without CAN-HELP for 3 weeks, which left me scrambling for a supply…which meant I had to create my own treatment, his pain came back with a vengeance. His progress even halted. Now the nurses were sure that it was a fluke, because of his downturn. He is getting (now finally) 5,000mg liposomal vit C and the pain has once again dropped. Today, we just got another supply of Curcumin and are awaiting the results of his taking it. But there is no doubt that the vit c contributed to his pain loss. Now we have to go through the process of titrating his morphine back down. As s a ‘testament’, the nurses are watching what we do very closely. I found out why, they have loved ones that have been rated as dead, but still pushing air in and out. They no longer are skeptical and are quite the cheerleaders now. DO NOT give up. DO NOT listen to mainstream quacks that offer stacked deck tests as proof of anything. Anyone who would continue to poison patients with ineffective and deadly synthetics cannot be trusted. As an aside, ask any doctor what fenbendazole , Curcumin or liposomal anything is and you will get vacant looks. They know less than nothing about these medical marvels…but they will not hesitate to irradiate you into oblivion.

  10. Robert 4 years ago

    Does anyone have any information on DCA which is claimed to reduce cancer tumors? There have been some clinical trials in Canada, apparently, and Health Canada recognizes it as a valid cancer therapy and there have been some research experiments at University of Alberta. Is it available in US and do people there use it?

    I obtained some without doctor’s prescription in the EU and am using it at present in combination with liposomal Vitamin C. Too early to say what effect it is having if any. Royston Buckingham claimed success with it but he never got back to me on dosage etc.

    I found three internet suppliers, one in USA , one in UK, one in Lithuania. Only the last replied to my email of inquiry so I bought from them with no problem using Paypal. I have noticed no side effects. I take it with thiamine vitamin as advised. is an informative site though heavily skewed in favor of DCA and against conventional treatments.

    A useful site for homemade DIY liposomal Vitamin C is which has a very simple recipe which I have used. It takes about ten minutes with a food blender only, is child’s play to make and much cheaper than LIVON’s excellent but expensive product. I now use both.

  11. Lana 4 years ago

    Sorry Cancermind, but its a bunch of lies what you are posting here! and the worst of all, you know it! People, wake up, don’t listen to them! Cancer is one of the “effects” of chronical (subclinical) scurvy, at least some types of cancer (actually, probably the majority of the types of cancer). Cure your chronical scurvy by taking large doses of liposomal or IV vitamin C and then you can have a hope to heal your cancer (with conventional and/or alternative methods). As long as you are chronically deficient in vitamin C (which is the base/start of your disease) nothing will help you.

    Busy shrinking my boy friend’s laryngeal cancerous tumor with liposomal homemade vitamin C ( which doctors with their radiation and cisplatin couldn’t ). He drinks about 30-50 grams of it daily. Instead of drinking just water he drinks water with added homemade liposomal vitamin C solution. And don’t worry about kidney stones lies that medical mafia promotes, I cured mine with the same liposomal vitamin C, it simply dissolved my kidney sand/stones, what a pleasure not to feel that horrible discomfort/pain!

    Sounds too easy…YES, it is that easy, but we are conditioned to believe that easily obtainable things are useless. So stop thinking like that and try out. Medical mafia will always want you to stay away from cheap ready available treatments. Here is just another example – Chelidonium Majus. Healers like Hipocratus and Avicena healed all sorts of diseases with it including hepatitis (viral or not) but medical mafia came up with the lie – “its toxic to liver”. Thank God, one Italian researcher fed rats large quantities of Chelidonium Majus for a prolonged period of time – no liver abnormalities. Its on PubMed. Chelidonium heals so many diseases (including cancer) that it is a threat for med mafia just like vitamin C. That’s why they “warn” us ( read – scare us) : “Don’t take it! First, it doesn’t work and second, you can damage your liver, kidney, etc” .

    Have you ever looked at the side effects list of the medications they force you to take? But that’s ok for us to take….because they make good money from ruining you with their drugs. And thats why names of Hipocratus, Avicena and other remarkable healers remembered and respected centuries later. And members of medical mafia of our times will go to hell….unfortunately leaving a trail of millions of dead people behind themselves.

  12. David 3 years ago

    This is nonsense.
    And I wonder if it is deliberately misstating the facts.

    Liposomal Vitamin C is 100% taken up into macrophages and cells. It will not show up in blood levels since it is either in cells, or because it is lipid encapsulate tests will never pick it up. But urine tests show No ascorbic acid presence. ie there is 100% uptake.

    IV Vitamin C is up-taken at about 80% into the blood stream.
    The so called tests conducted seemed to have deliberately used sub-clinical amounts of Vitamin C – I wonder why.

    Do you realize that your shilling for the Pharma industry will cost peoples lives?

    • Author
      Cancermind 3 years ago

      The only thing that costs people their lives is the exaggerated claims of cancer cures with zero data or evidence. I have personally witnessed Liposomal Vitamin c do nothing for cancer. I myself don’t think liposomal vitamin c has a high likely hood of being effective as a stand alone treatment and provide clinical data for individuals to make their own decisions. That is far different than stating it’s a cure with a 100% absorption rate with no data to support that statement.

      If you believe liposomal vitamin c can be an effective cancer treatment then no one is stopping you from taking it. Let people look at data and decide whether or not it’s something they want to try without using the tired and dated excuses used a million times over and over. Just because someone doesn’t believe in one natural treatment doesn’t make them pro pharma. I support many natural treatments but liposomal vitamin c isn’t one of them.

  13. Karen Greene 2 years ago

    There’s a UK liposomal company which has published some interesting data recently – it’s on their website as an absorption study and they also have a paper about Vit C and cancer cells. The brand is Lipolife and their data suggests a lot of the information from LivOn may be questionable…

    • Author
      Cancermind 2 years ago


      Thanks for that information. Looks like lipolife data shows 1 gram of liposomal vitamin c reached levels of about 280 uml and livon data show 5 grams of liposomal vitamin c reached levels of about 250 uml. Livon labs also tested 20g ( at about 325 uml) and 36g (at about 400 uml).

  14. Nomi 2 years ago

    If fat is absorbed by the lymphatic system from the digestive system, then the Liposomal Vitamin C will be in the lymphatic system with the fat, I would assume. Where do I want my vitamin C, in my lymphatic system please. Where it helps my immune system mop up rogue cells. That’s also why I wouldn’t expect high levels to be found in the blood stream.

    Thank you for the information on dosage with the Liposomal Vitamin C. 4 sachets 5 times a day. Will get my husband onto this. he is stage 4 Melanoma in the lungs. Doing pretty well. Also check out Nature’s Sunshine Pawpaw Cell Reg and Dr Gerry (J?) McGlaughlin.

  15. Judy 1 year ago

    We are using VITAMIN C INTRAVENOUS only from PharmaLife Laboratories.
    Since our grandmother started treatment she has completely recovered.
    We will continue this therapy until our grandmother is fully healed…

    • Author
      Cancermind 1 year ago

      Judy thanks for sharing. Can you tell us a little more about your grandmothers diagnosis? Any treatments before the vitamin C IV? And can you be more specific on what you mean by completely recovered?

  16. Emjohn 1 year ago

    Thanks all for your posts.

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