Oral Cyclophosphamide Plus Avastin Strong Chemo Combo

Oral Cyclophosphamide Plus Avastin Strong Chemo Combo


Many chemotherapy drugs are combined together in order to utilize synergy. Combining two or more drugs that can increase response rates but at the same time still have an acceptable toxicity level is key. Combining drugs also decreases the chance of cancer cells becoming resistant. Not all drugs when combined will be synergistic. These drugs must have different modes of action in a way that compliments one another when used together. But when the right drugs are chosen, extraordinary things can happen. And that’s exactly what happens when oral Cyclophosphamide and Avastin are combined.

Ovarian Cancer.

Oral Cyclophosphamide and Avastin combo is mostly used for ovarian cancer. It has been mostly tested as a salvage treatment or on patients that have limited options left. Which is what actually makes this combo so important. With mostly being used on patients that have either platinum resistance disease or have been heavily pre-treated, response rates have been unexpectedly high. In a study with 38 heavily pre-treated ovarian cancer patients oral Cyclophosphamide plus Avastin delivered an overall response rate of 48.6 %. 8.1% of that was complete responses with no signs of active disease.

A second study showed even better results. 15 heavily pre-treated recurrent ovarian cancer patients had a 53% overall response rate with the oral Cyclophosphamide and Avastin combo. 13.3 %  of that was complete responses.

A third study including similar ovarian cancer patients as the first two studies also showed an overall response rate of 42.4% as well.

Lastly, a case report shows that 2 patients had complete remission after oral Cyclophosphamide and Avastin combo. After stopping treatment disease relapsed, but then a second complete maintained remission again was achieved by the exact same combo. The usual resistance was non-existent.


Uterine Cancer.

One case report shows a heavily pre-treated advanced recurrent uterine cancer patient in long term 10 month remission while on oral Cyclophosphamide and Avastin. Another case report showed two advanced uterine cancer patients experience stabilized disease.


Colorectal Cancer.

A phase one trial with 35 advanced colorectal cancer tested oral Cyclophosphamide, Avastin, and Imatinib. 20% achieved stable response for more then 6 months. Study concluded that the combination is safe and some patients experienced prolonged stable disease independent of dose level.


Synergy Support.

The synergistic anti-tumor effect of oral Cyclophosphamide and Avastin were tested in a mouse study. Study concluded that when Cyclophosphamide was added to Avastin, anti-tumor effect was improved. Study also found that Cyclophosphamide given after Avastin delivered better results versus simultaneous treatment.


Oral Cyclophosphamide + Avastin.

In certain instances this chemotherapy combo performs very well. This is especially true when patients already received many other types of chemotherapy and are now left with less choices. This combo clearly performs best and has the most data when used by ovarian cancer patients. This can truly become a lifesaver for some patients that otherwise wouldn’t have much chance for success. Do your research and see if this under the radar combo can increase your odds to be cancer free.


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