Paw Paw cell-reg cancer supplement ?

Paw Paw cell-reg cancer supplement ?


I have some first hand knowledge and experience with Paw Paw. Paw Paw is a supplement that is talked about online and promoted for its anti-cancer effects. It is sold by a company called Natures Sunshine and was developed by Dr. McLaughlin at Purdue University.


Paw Paw case reports.

I was very impressed when first reading about it, even though many studies have not been performed. No actual clinical trials or clinical studies have been done with Paw Paw, only case reports. With that being said, the case reports did show Paw Paw having anti-cancer effects on some cancer patients. Hoping to see some studies soon. Fingers crossed.


Paw Paw works by lowering ATP.

The Paw Paw supplement is made out of the twigs of the North American Paw Paw tree. The twigs contain more Acetogenins then the fruit. Acetogenins effects cancer cells by lowering ATP. ATP is the major source of energy for cancer. So the theory suggests that if we can selectively diminish ATP in cancer then we can ultimately diminish the cancer. Shutting down power to the cancer sounds promising. Kinda like flipping a switch off. But of course it’s more complicated then that.




Mixed results from Paw Paw.

My first hand experience with Paw Paw had mixed results. After an extended high dose of Paw Paw extract, a reduction of CA 125 (ovarian cancer) by 50% for 2 months was obtained. A follow up Cat-Scan showed no effect on the Ovarian cancer what so ever. So even though we had a CA 125 response, we did not have a cancer response. This of course was very disappointing. But for the simple fact that it can effect CA 125 deserves further attention. This means something in my book. Unless it was just a coincidence. Which is possible. Just unlikely.

One thing is negative about this. Getting a reduction of a cancer marker without an anti-cancer response can be dangerous. Using the marker to gauge effectiveness of  any treatment can give you a false positive. So make sure you don’t only rely on the cancer marker. Use more then one method. The more the better.


Research Paw Paw.

If you are thinking about taking Paw Paw please research it carefully and make sure it is the right strategy for you.  Keep a close eye on your blood markers and your body. If no positive results are visible with-in a couple weeks to a month, consider discontinuing. Watch video below.




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  1. Juley Robertson 4 years ago

    Will I get my money back if I am not satisfied with the product?

    • Author
      Cancermind 4 years ago


      We don’t sell the paw paw product. To learn more about the return policy you must contact the natures sunshine company. The product name is Paw Paw Cell-Reg and can be purchased directly from natures sunshine. Please be aware this is a direct selling company and is structured like an MLM.

  2. Sue 3 years ago

    Will paw paw cell really help with ovarian cancer? I’m stage 3.

    • Author
      Cancermind 3 years ago


      I only provided the personal experience I had with paw paw and what research is currently available. Unfortunately it did not work for my mother. All it did was cut the CA 125 in half for one month which could mean that some type of anticancer effect was experienced or it could of been a handful of other things that were unrelated to paw paw like an error in the CA 125 test results. Cat scan results some time after confirmed no anticancer effect was visible and the cancer continued to spread.

  3. Deborah 2 years ago

    A naturopathic doctor on You Tube claims Paw Paw works great, and also mentioned mistletoe. I have a mass on the tail end of my pancreas, and am afraid to find out if it is cancer. I realize it did not work for your mother, so now I am wondering if Paw Paw really works at all.

    • Author
      Cancermind 2 years ago


      Looks like this product isn’t available for right now and might even be discontinued until we find out otherwise. As for it being effective, i still haven’t learned anything new that would make me feel any more confident than when i wrote this article. Like I wrote before, I did see a temporary drop in ca 125 levels but this could of just been due to an inaccurate blood test etc. Cat scan results did not confirm ca 125 results.

      • DEBORAH 5 months ago

        I still have the mass or cyst at the tail end of my pancreas, and am still alive. I have never been seen by any oncologist, nor gastroenterologist. A person working at some holistic healing place in Arizona told me that you can live at least ten years with pancreatic cancer IF YOU DO NOT have chemo, nor use pharmaceuticals for cancer. I no longer have the pancreatic cancer symptoms, so I really do not know what is going on, but I have other issues with my health, involving blood pressure, heart, left kidney, and non alcoholic fatty liver disease. I am eating raw garlic, onions, ginger, etc.

        • Author
          Cancermind 4 months ago


          I hope things will continue to improve for you. Amazing to hear you no longer have pancreatic cancer symptoms. We wish you the best and happy holidays from

          Stay strong and stay healthy.

  4. Yvonne Conner 2 years ago

    My personal experience with Paw Paw cell regulator is …it helped prevent cells from reproducing!
    4 tabs a day.

  5. Linnea Borg 2 years ago

    I can’t get hold of this product any more. I’ve used it before and I think it helped me.
    Do you know any other company that sell Pawpaw?

    Best wishes,
    Linnéa Borg

    • Author
      Cancermind 2 years ago


      I see that this product is either not available or shows back order. This might mean that it is discontinued or is just out of stock temporarily. Only true way to find out is to contact natures sunshine directly and ask. If you by any chance do call them and get an answer please let us know.

      • Linnea Borg 2 years ago

        I’ve tried once to get an answer from them and they just said it was out of stock. Another problem for me is also that they don’t deliver pawpaw to Sweden.
        Another option for me is to get Graviola instead but I think pawpaw is much better.

        • Author
          Cancermind 2 years ago


          Since natures sunshine is the exclusive distributor for this paw paw supplement I don’t see what else you can do. I haven’t seen another paw paw supplement alternative to this one. How long have they been out of stock so far?

          And i don’t have experience with graviola but have read that even though they are both similar, paw paw was more potent in acetogenins.

    • Ziyadah 2 years ago

      It is on Amazon but for some reason the price is extremely high ($199.95). It says there are only two left in stock. Many blessings and good health to you!

      • Author
        Cancermind 2 years ago

        Since most sellers are out of stock some are looking at this as a way to get rich quick. Very sad since most of the people who buy this product are using it for cancer.

  6. Linnea Borg 2 years ago

    I think it has been out of stock for about six months.

    • Author
      Cancermind 2 years ago


      That seems a little longer than normal if it was something in terms of seasonality or a surge in sales that production couldn’t keep up with. It might be something more serious or maybe the rep you talked to didn’t provide you with the correct information. Maybe try to call them again? Ask to talk to a supervisor or manager if you haven’t already done so. Make it clear you need to talk to someone that knows specifically about this product being out of stock for this long. Even request to get a call back if no one is available to answer the question at the time you call. I wouldn’t want you to waste time waiting for this to come back in stock when it really just might be discontinued.

  7. yvonne conner 2 years ago

    Try Amazon

  8. yvonne conner 2 years ago

    I believe the Paw Paw Cell Regulator was a tremendous help. There were a lot of other things needed as well.

  9. Deborah 2 years ago

    Big pharma has put a STOP to so many helpful supplements. Look up the National Health Federation online. They are in the (626) area code. You can learn so much from them, and they have some great reading material. I just became a member, and have known about them since the 1970’s, but thought that Big PHARMA shut them down, because a pharmacist told me the building was gone. Check them out. You will NOT regret it.

  10. Linnea Borg 2 years ago

    Hmmm….. It’s a little bit hard for me to give them a call. My English isn’t that good for that.
    The other problem is that they might not help me because I’m Swedish. They seem not to like Sweden. They will not deliver any to us. Why? I don’t know.

    Before, I ordered from the uk ( it’s cheaper there) to an address in the same country. The person in the uk had then to post it to me.

    • Author
      Cancermind 2 years ago


      I will try to call them next week and will let you know what they say.

      • Linnea Borg 2 years ago

        Thanks! 🙂

    • Deborah 2 years ago

      I Believe it is the fault of the Postal Service/ Government Rules. There are so many restrictions where there should not be, and where things ought to be restricted, and illegal, it is not. Crooks, and criminals at the very top have all the power. This world is a mess for sure.

    • Author
      Cancermind 2 years ago


      Natures sunshine has 600 or so bottles in stock at the Ohio warehouse. However, this stock is only for members and has a 5 bottle maximum. So only way to purchase these are to go through a distributor first that is willing to ship to your location. Non members cannot buy this stock. Also they do not have an estimated time on when they will get more in stock that will be available for non members to purchase. I asked more questions but they couldn’t provide much more than this.

  11. Deborah 2 years ago

    Oops! I forgot that I DID find someone online who sells it, but I do not have $ 650.00 + dollars to buy it. I am talking about Paw Paw. I found Graviola from Swanson Health Products, and have been using it. I may be able to trace him down through his Reply email.

  12. Deborah 2 years ago

    I am now on a waiting list for Paw Paw from Natures Sunshine Company. It is expensive, but not nearly as expensive as from that other person, who was asking $650.00 + for a very small amount.

    • Author
      Cancermind 2 years ago


      Nice to know they have a waiting list. Please comment and let us know when you get an update.

      • Deborah 2 years ago

        A gentleman contacted me via telephone, and told me he would keep me up to date regarding the waiting list, and also to let me know that other entities have been buying up his supply, switching labels to their own, and drastically marking up the product. This is bad news to those of us who are not well off, both financially, and healthwise. Death sucks, especially when you are not elderly yet, like 100 years of age or older. I am in my fifties.

        • Author
          Cancermind 2 years ago


          So just to verify it was a distributor you called and not natures sunshine directly correct? And it is totally understandable to be stressed in this type of situation. What else are you doing in terms of treatment besides waiting for paw paw to become available?

          • Deborah 2 years ago

            I have been using all kinds of supplements, eating as many vegetables as I can, eating some fruit, fish, oysters,Triscuit (original) crackers, artichoke hearts (canned in water) mash potatoes made with whole lactose free milk, and pure butter. I have been eating those expensive macadamia nuts, etc. However, now, my symptoms have been worsening from that mass, I am sure. It MUST be cancer, unless I experience a miracle. What is the point of getting it diagnosed, when death will be the result of it anyway? I am afraid enough already. Maybe the Lord want me out of here before ALL HELL really breaks out. I have always told people that I do not want to be here when the TRIBULATION occurs. As far as cancer cures, that will NEVER be allowed to happen. Big pharma has doctors/ researchers murdered who want to help others survive. Check out Erin with Health Nut News. It is very sad, and scary what is really going on. The LOVE of $$$ is the root of ALL evil.

          • Author
            Cancermind 2 years ago


            As i said in my other comment to you, consider looking into immunotherapy. I know it is easy to get negative and read all the bad things that is said about doctors, hospitals and the medical industry. While some of those things are true, there is also many great things that are done at the same time. Many people are in fact saved or helped in one way or another but these are not topics that are talked about as much as the negative. Same goes for the negative results for natural treatments. All you hear about is the great results from natural treatments but i can assure you that negative outcomes are just as common for natural treatments. And while usually natural treatments don’t cause bad side effects as for example chemotherapy, cancer itself will cause very bad effects if left untreated.

            I am not here to tell you to favor one or the other, but most of the information out there about cancer and natural treatments is incorrect and they never tell you the negative aspect of what happens if the natural treatment doesn’t work which is a lot more often than is stated. So make a decision after looking at information that can be supported instead of peoples opinion which is often completely off base. I’m not sure why you picked paw paw but if it was because someone said they had good results that isn’t a good enough reason. Either way i hope while you are taking paw paw you look into other options as well. I wish you the best from the heart.

          • Deborah 2 years ago

            I received my ordered a week ago, from Healthy Sunshine 1-888-523-1727. John and Roxanne Howlett Nature’s Sunshine Regional Managers The Herb Specialists. Healthy Sunshine, Inc. 506 Ivy Lake Road Morrison, TN 37357 I took all this info. from the magnetic refrigerator card that came with my bottle of PawPaw. I could not afford to buy more than one bottle because if I survive longer, I will not be able to make my minimum credit card payments. If I die, they will either write me off, or collect it the other way. If I am to live for awhile, I do not want to ruin my credit, because it is very important, and I need it for as long as I am alive.

          • Author
            Cancermind 2 years ago


            I’m glad you received your paw paw and i really hope that you get some benefit from it. Even though i don’t know much about your specific condition, consider looking into immunotherapy. It’s not very effective on certain cancers, but when it does work it works extremely well. And if by any chance you have a type of cancer that responds well to immunotherapy it can change your life. Ultimately it is your decision, and even though it sounds like you have made up your mind, i just couldn’t sit here without at least saying something. And I also wouldn’t put all your hope just on paw paw.

            Take a quick look at the chick pea treatment article and scroll down to the comments. Two sons were trying to treat their father with this treatment which has many issues to say the least. They tried it for 6 months with no visible results. They finally took the father to get treated with immunotherapy and they have had great results so far. Point is, it’s not about natural vs conventional treatments. It’s about what’s best for the patient. If the father continued the natural treatment which at the time, they were sure would work, chances are it wouldn’t of ended well. Thankfully they were honest about the whole experience and this will hopefully lead people to do more research before jumping into a treatment.

  13. Deborah 2 years ago

    I just bought horseradish root at Vons today. It is so good. I love horseradish. It was $6.99 a pound, and they did not have smaller pieces available. Better to eat it up quickly, because it loses its potency. I also bought organic peppermint, and organic cilantro at an Asian market.

  14. Linnea Borg 2 years ago

    Thanks for all help. I will wait than until they have it in stock again. /Linnéa

    • Rick 2 years ago

      Nature’s Sunshine has Paw Paw in stock. I just bought five bottles which was all I could buy. You have to call them.

  15. Deborah 2 years ago

    You know what? I cannot believe how stupid I am. When that gentleman contacted me via telephone, I should have remembered to ask him for his contact information, and written it down. I am so stressed out about premature death, and the fact that my symptoms alone, aside from that mass at the tail end of my pancreas, is very bad news. I have not turned yellow with jaundice (yet) but my other symptoms are disturbing enough. I need Jesus, plus some miracles for sure.

  16. Deborah 2 years ago

    I received a bottle of PawPaw about a week ago, but my symptoms are worsening. Chronic runs, abdominal pain, slight back pain, nausea, worsening fatigue. I have a mass, cyst, or lesion at the tail end of my pancreas, and all those herbs may be totally useless, especially after the fact. I think it is ALL hopeless, and I know we are ALL physically doomed, except perhaps for the few who remain at the return of Jesus The Christ. They may not experience death at all. Allopathic medicine does not work, so what else can be done? We are ALL being lied to.

  17. Penny 2 years ago

    What is the phone # for Nature’s Sunshine? I am having a hard time ordering pawpaw online…webdite doesnt work for some reason. I live in Canada.

    • Author
      Cancermind 2 years ago


      Natures Sunshine contact phone number is 1 (800) 223-8225.

  18. Penny 2 years ago


  19. Andrea Watterson 2 years ago

    This is not about Paw Paw, and its also not about humans yet my Dog, Missi,(lab/Wolf cross) was diagnosed with Cancer, she had a tumor on her upper leg/shoulder area, after a biopsy it grew three times its size in four days!, I did some research and although could not find out about pawpaw for canines, I came across some supplements from Vitality science. I ordered them and they seem to be working. I should also mention that I spent 1900.00 on surgery and through the vets for her first, the tumor returned. That’s when I researched non conventional methods!!! A friend told me something that I believe, plants, trees etc in nature also get tumors…Nature gives and only nature can take away!! So as for Pets cancer try Vitality Science…I’m not sure what they have for humans, but I’m re ordering for my furbabies!!!

  20. CC 1 year ago

    I tried Paw Paw and my throat muscles are all wacky now. Read the 1 star review on Amazon. I can relate to some of what it says. I have only been taking this for a month. I threw them away.

    • Author
      Cancermind 1 year ago

      Thanks for your feedback. I think I found your review on amazon but you should consider writing it on here as well so more people can find out details about your experience. I do know that my mother had limited success which couldn’t be verified. But whatever positive effect was noticed it was extremely short lived and in the end did not work. However, no real bad side effects were noticed and she did take them for a few months. The potency or formulation could be different by now. Sorry to hear about the negative side effects paw paw has caused you.

  21. TruthSeeker 1 year ago

    You should not have thrown away your Paw Paw. Someone else could have used it, and it is expensive, and hard to find. Opened bottles never bothered me, except in cases of disease outbreaks, like NOW. Everyone has different reactions.

  22. Loretta K bittinger 6 months ago

    I just had a man come in my office and gave a testimony on this product. Stated he was stage 4 and should not be here standing in front of me today. However he has been using this 3 times a day for a year and he is cancer free i wish I would had known about this with my husband who had lung cancer and father who had blood cancer

  23. Linnea Borg 5 months ago

    I find it hard to get. I’m not allowed as I’m Swedish to get supplies from nature’s sunshine. Don’t ask me why….
    And even if it was possible there will be a lot of expenses for me to get it to Sweden.

    • TruthSeeker 4 months ago

      Their evil agenda is to KILL US ALL!!! It is Bible Prophecy Unfolding. It has never actually been about saving lives. The bigger the LIE, the more people believe it. We are ALL being set up for the SLAUGHTER. It is happening very quickly. Extremely ominous, horror filled tribulation ahead.

  24. TruthSeeker 5 months ago

    The product, Paw Paw, may not work for ALL types of cancer but is surely worth trying.. Pharmaceuticals are surely NOT the answer, and neither is chemo, nor body mutilation. We are ALL being made sick, and forced to die prematurely by the evil powers that be. So sad, and ominous.!

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