PC-SPES Prostate Cancer Herbal Treatment For PSA Levels

PC-SPES Prostate Cancer Herbal Treatment For PSA Levels


Prostate Cancer effects more the 3 million men every year. Current treatments available can lack efficacy or produce unwanted side effects which can force patients to look elsewhere for alternatives. Many patients turn to natural or herbal remedies like the popular PC-SPES prostate supplement. PC-SPES is a combination of 8 different herbs (Baikal skullcap, Chrysanthemum, Reishi mushroom, Isatis, Licorice, Ginseng, Rabdosia rubescens, Saw palmetto)  that at one time was marketed for prostate health. After some patients noticed a more then 50% decline in PSA levels after taking the PC-SPES prostate supplement, word quickly got out. Shortly after, this herbal cancer supplement was flying off the shelves and became very popular. However, after studies found the herbal combination to be contaminated with prescription pharmaceuticals, the product was taken off the market. This raised the question whether any of the benefits cancer patients experienced was due to the herbal mixture or the prescription drugs mixed in.

As of now, the original PC-SPES is not sold or available anywhere in the united states. Similar products from other companies are available as substitutes but are not the same as the original mixture. Some cancer patients themselves might even try to recreate the original mixture by combining all 8 of the herbs. This overview will give you a better idea whether or not you want to invest your time researching deeper into this supposedly prostate cancer treatment.


PC-SPES Prostate Study Results.

Clearly PC-SPES has a strong effect on PSA Levels. A prospective trial with a total of 70 prostate cancer patients that were either androgen-dependent or androgen-independent were given 9 capsules of PC-SPES daily. Results showed that 100% of androgen-dependent patients had a PSA decline that was greater or equal to 80%. And 54% of the androgen-independent patients had PSA decline of greater or equal to 50%. Study also concluded that reduction of PSA levels were also accompanied by possible anticancer response due to tumor shrinkage, improved bone scans, and stable disease experienced by some patients.

Another Prospective Phase 2 trial showed that 40% of the 85 patients that were given the PC-SPES prostate cancer supplement had PSA levels decline over 50%. Study also specified that the batch of PC-SPES they used was contaminated with synthetic estrogens, DES and ethinyl estradiol.


PC-SPES Prostate Case Reports.

One pubmed publication shows a case report that involves 4 men with advanced prostate carcinoma. After discontinuing PC-SPES Prostate herbal therapy all 4 men developed a rapid PSA level rise. 2 patients had a 1300% and 1400% increase in PSA just after 7 weeks.

Another 2 case studies show that PC-SPES decreased PSA levels and levels remained stable for 1 year and 4 months.


PC-SPES Prostate Formulation.

A study was conducted to identify all active principles in the herbal composition. Study concluded that PC-SPEC was in fact contaminated with various synthetic prescription drugs. Substances like warfarin, indomethacin, and diethylstilbestrol were all found in PC-SPES batches from various time frames. Whats worse, every batch tested had different amounts of these substances. Study concluded that PC-SPES prostate herbal substance composition was very inconsistent.


Final Thoughts.

Studies did show that PC-SPEC did in fact have anticancer and PSA lowering effects. However, because the formulation was so inconsistent and known to be contaminated, no one knows what caused the positive effects. Was it the contaminated prescription drugs that lowered PSA levels? Or was is truly the combination of the 8 herbs? Or maybe it’s the combination of both? Because of these unknowns and inconsistencies, we can’t purely judge PC-SPES on the positive results shown in studies. A constant changing formulation is impossible to replicate. If anything, the studies don’t mean anything except that more testing needs to be done with a standardized formulation. Only then we can get a definitive answer. Trying to replicate the positive results seen in these studies yourself looks like nothing but high risk and dangerous.


Exact levels of Vitamin C and Vitamin K3 have positive effects on PSA levels. 



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