Reliv Nutrition, Products For Cancer Treatment?

Reliv Nutrition, Products For Cancer Treatment?


Reliv international is a multi level marketing company that sells a variety of nutritional health supplements through direct marketing channels. The Reliv nutrition line of products has recently become a popular choice among cancer patients. But is the popularity really justified? Can these products live up to the testimonials? Are the products really worth the high price tag? Most importantly, can Reliv nutrition even help you? These are questions you should answer before even thinking about trying Reliv nutrition during any type of cancer treatment.


Reliv Nutrition Studies?

The most important question is, does Reliv nutrition show positive results in studies where cancer patients used said products? The answer is, not really. A Feasibility Study tested Classic Reliv and Innergize on its effect on radiation fatigue. Results showed product use did in fact help about 75% of cancer patients feel better. However, the results of this feasibility study really can’t be taken seriously. It being a feasibility study, the placebo effect can’t be ruled out. A control arm was not used to see if the better feeling was purely from the idea of taking something that might help. Also, the results are completely based on a questionnaire which have compliance difficulties and a high margin of error.


This is the only human study testing Reliv products on cancer. And in reality, the study really isn’t testing its effect on cancer at all but a side effect caused by radiation. And the positive results noticed in the study are questionable at best. This study did nothing but confuse cancer patients to think Reliv products are beneficial for cancer. This study which is nothing more then a questionnaire testimonial has given credibility to a product that has yet to earn it genuinely. This study should not in any way influence you to buy products. Eliminate this study from your decision making completely.


Reliv Cancer Patient Success?

I’m sure many of you have noticed a high number of positive testimonials from cancer patients that have used Reliv supplements. They all range from improving cancer treatments, all the way to even curing cancer. First of all, testimonials are not a good way to evaluate any type of treatment. They are impossible to verify, and can be completely inaccurate. But whats worse with Reliv products, is the way they are being sold.  People that pretty much know nothing about the product or how it will effect your cancer can sell the product to you. Most don’t even know half of the stuff on the ingredient list.

These important aspects are just not required to sell the product. The number one goal is to sell as much as possible regardless of whether or not the product is a right fit for the consumer. Don’t forget, the sales of these products put food on the distributors table. They have a financial interest to make the product potentially look better then it really is, all to increase sales. This can be a large incentive to produce fake testimonials. Testimonials are one of the driving forces of multi level marketing. And usually the health of the patient and doing the right thing doesn’t always come first. So don’t forget the motivation to sell and create testimonials are extremely high in a MLM business structure like the one used by Reliv products.


What makes Reliv Products Special?

Not much. Taking a deeper look into the product line you can easily see they are not much different then any other MLM product line. These products remind me of another product called Cellect which is also a combination of common vitamins and herbs mixed together and sold under a different name. Looking at the ingredient list of Classic Reliv, you can quickly see it’s basically a glorified multi-vitamin. The only thing that separates it from a multi-vitamin is the added 7 grams of SOY protein and a few herbs. This added protein combined with vitamins and a couple herbs is costing you a pretty penny. But combining vitamins, herbs, and protein is not an exclusive idea. You can easily find a cheaper alternative with a comparable nutritional profile from a wide variety of companies. It’s just not as rare as Reliv products wants you to think.


Reliv Cancer Support?

A simple multi-vitamin has never been able to cure or treat cancer. This only further questions the overly positive testimonials we talked about above. Can these products help you reach a better nutritional balance? Yes. These products and similar ones can definitely help you reach your nutritional goals. But don’t expect to much more. The protein and vitamins can most likely help with all kinds of fatigue, but is not exclusive to Reliv nutrition. Take a look at the ingredient list yourself and compare them to other products on the market and you will quickly see the hype surrounding this product is not justified. Please do your research.

Something else to keep in mind: The Environment Research Center filed suit against Reliv in 2013 due to lead being found in many of its health products. The company was forced to revise its formula even after denying any wrong doing.




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  1. Holly Carlson 2 years ago

    It would be helpful if your text was easier to read–i.e. regular font, not capitalized. It would also be useful to know when you wrote this and what sources you used. My interest is that as I nurse I see so many scammy “cures” for this and that and I like to help people know the difference between legitimate science and scams or quacks. Thanks.

    • Author
      Cancermind 2 years ago


      Thanks for your feedback. All links of sources are provided either inside the article and/or at the end of every article. As for scams and cures, I debunk as many fake cancer cures and scams as I can. Never have I stated any treatment natural or conventional is a cure. If anything looks like it has potential to provide help to cancer patients I provide study results. If anything I constantly point out people using the word cure incorrectly. Check out my article on the chickpea cancer treatment and you will see exactly what I mean.

  2. David Zuro 2 years ago

    Your thoughts on Reliv are respected, however, how do you address the studies done on cancer and lunasin? Lunasin is an exclusive ingredient found only in Reliv products. I was told only Reliv has an epigenetic mechanism of action on the cells. Please explain.

    • Author
      Cancermind 2 years ago

      Hi David,

      I didn’t mention lunasin because it isn’t mentioned or listed in the reliv classic product I based most of my article on. Even the product called innergize that reliv recommends taking with reliv classic specifically to cancer patients also does not list lunasin as an ingredient. Lunasin is found in soy, wheat, rye, barley, and oats. This means that any products containing any of those will contain low levels of lunasin. Because of this and since lunasin is a natural substance found in food, it is not exclusive to reliv products. Just a quick search on google shows other companies selling lunasin supplements like lunacell for example.

      Of course reliv will try to make it sound that their product is unique and downplay any competition. That is just part of marketing. In terms of lunasin as a stand alone value on health, that would require a deeper look into that isolated protein peptide itself and wouldn’t have anything do to with reliv which is not what this article was about.

      Be very suspect what you hear directly from the company unless proof is provided since their main goal is to sell product and keep the doors open. Also that goes with distributors working for the company as well. Most distributors don’t have a background in health or science and only repeat what they are told to say. Now if someone tells you that reliv is the only product line that has epigenetic mechanism of action on cells they would have to provide scientific studies to validate those claims. (I don’t see that validation)

      It looks like reliv is walking a very fine line by providing data on the ability that lunasin (can) influence gene expression in certain environments and selling a product to humans implying that this will happen in your body even though that hasn’t been tested or proven. This might be an FDA violation in regards to the wording that is used. I’m not saying that it is not possible for lunasin to influence human genes by taking it orally, but i’m not seeing a human study that shows lunasin changes gene expression from taking a lunasin supplement. If you can find that study please let me know.

  3. David Zuro 2 years ago

    A few things to clarify about your post on Reliv and your response sent to me:

    I mentioned “Lunasin” in my comment because Reliv “owns the exclusive rights to it. Yes, lunasin is found in barley, wheat, oats and rye. But at very low doses. My friend, Dr. Alfredo Galvez, PhD., (a geneticist) who discovered Lunasin in 1996 and gave it its name, owns the patents on development, extraction and processing of lunasin for human consumption. The low potency of lunasin found in those foods is not enough to effect gene expression in the cell, especially cancer cells. It is not highly bio-available!

    Dr. Galvez produced a highly bio-available, most concentrated form of lunasin. Together, with the help of Dr. Carl Hastings PhD, from Reliv working together in 2004, their combined efforts produced Lunasin for public consumption in 2013. Lunasin is now exclusive because all the patents are owned by Galvez and Reliv. The company Lunacell, was co-founded by Ryan Schmidt, who use to work for Reliv, but different ideas of how to market it was not accepted by Reliv. You will notice there is no info on Reliv’s website mentioning cancer or any kind of treatment, protocol or healing. Lunacell does mention it.

    As far as gene expression, Dr. Galvez BEFORE teaming with Reliv, performed these studies.

    When lunasin was first discovered in 1996, there were only 4 scientific papers written about Epigenetics. Since then since the discovery, over 1300 have been written. Go to In the search bar type in the words lunasin and cancer. Over 60 studies published by scientists from around the U.S. have concluded how lunasin helps against cancer. (Again, not a cure!)

    There are dozens of studies I can send in a PDF format, but cannot send thru this site.

    • Author
      Cancermind 2 years ago


      It looks like you are correct about Dr, Galvez owning a patent of a process to extract lunasin for human consumption but what limits that patent has on other future extraction methods or processes i don’t know and won’t be debating you on that now.

      However, questions do remain that if Dr, Galvez owns the only patent for extraction of lunasin at the moment why is any other company selling a lunasin product regardless of past affiliation to reliv? Lunasin can’t be exclusive to reliv and be sold at another company at the same time and still be called exclusive. The reliv website calls lunarich x to be exclusive to reliv but that isn’t the same thing as lunacin being exclusive to reliv.

      Another thing I noticed that reliv products don’t contain information about the quantity or amount of lunasin per serving or even per bottle. Supplement facts show lunarich soy blend of 125mg which tells you the full amount of soy blend but how much of that is lunasin and how much of that is protein? The lunarich documentation but not supplement facts states that one capsule contains the same amount of what 25 grams of high quality soy protein would provide you. So that means you can easily get your lunasin from soy protein if someone wished to do so. With that said, how exclusive is it really? It’s just a matter of someone choosing to get lunasin from a capsule or directly from soy protein.

      Just to put this in perspective. If you purchase high quality soy protein powder you can get about the same amount of lunasin that the pills give you at the same cost but you have the added benefit of getting 25 grams of protein (completely free) where the capsules (lunarich x) basically give you no protein at all. This might make lunarich x even less attractive to certain people if cost and amount of protein is important.

      Also, i still don’t see human studies (where human subjects were shown to have these epigenetic benefits that are shown in animal or cell models. If you link a human study showing that, just like you did the you tube video, I would like to see. Because if no human study exists showing people taking lunarich x capsules show epigenetic cellular changes then saying this supplement will do that is inaccurate. And just to be clear i don’t need to see animal or cell studies. Just human subjects.

  4. David Zuro 2 years ago

    To address your statements, here is some additional info. You mentioned extraction, other companies aren’t able to produce the bio-availability like Reliv has. Lunasin can be extracted in various ways, however, lunasin is NOT bio-available by itself. This is where the processing method that Galvez & Reliv have, to produce the most concentrated, bio-available form of lunasin anywhere. These are the exclusive rights. Others sell & market lunasin are riding the coattails only through the research and effort of Dr. Galvez. Reliv was not allowed by the FDA to simply call their product “Lunasin”. So they called it “LunaRich X’, meaning rich in Lunasin.

    Don’t worry about his patents – they’re good for a long, long time.

    Reliv does show the amount of Lunasin in their products. First of all, Galvez & Hastings identified over 88 grades of Non-GMO soybeans, and use the 5 highest grade soybeans to extract lunasin. According to Galvez, there is no soy in lunasin. There are 50 mg of lunasin in Reliv NOW: Kid’s NOW; Provantage and Soysentials. The proprietary blend is mentioned to protect the “Patent” on the different products. Lunarich X has 125 mg of Lunasin. Other ingredients are used to make the soft capsule the lunasin comes in. All of this info comes from Dr. Galvez and Dr. Carl Hastings.

    There is no lunasin added to Reliv Classic. Dr. Ted Kalogris developed Classic in 1982, before Reliv became a company. Reliv was started by Bob Montgomery and Dr. Ted in 1988, only after receiving a patent for the formulation of Classic (again, to protect itself) which was the 1st food formulated product in the U.S. to be issued a patent. Subsequently, 9 oter products from Reliv have received food formulation patents – more than any other company in the U.S.

    Therefore, you can’t just take a high quality soybean to get the effect of Lunasin. It won’t be bio-available. After if it is bio-available, it’s in very small amount, which means you would have to eat a ton of soybeans to get the same effect as taking a scoop of Reliv NOW & LunaRich X capsule.

    The FDA does not promote double blind placebo studies on “Natural Products” – which Lunasin is. Only the drug companies or Big Pharma can do that. One study would cost as much as $100 million to perform. That is why the drug makers develop and do their own trials to evaluate their drugs efficacy. Many of those trials are biased!

    I was told Big Pharma has invested about $250 million in developing a synthetic form lunasin. (All drugs are synthetic). So far, they have failed, however, when or if they do, everyone will hear about epigenetics.

    When someone says Reliv helped them with their cancer, it’s because the oncologists at the clinics or hospital where they were evaluated & treated have told them their cancer is in remission. They are not cured! Reliv allows families and cancer patients to help themselves, instead of relying 150% on medical allopathic treatments of which there is a 94% FAILURE RATE within the first 7 years of diagnosis. Not every person gets healthy results from taking Reliv when diagnosed, but hundreds have gotten healthy!

    Ask any cancer patient “Do you want to live the rest of your life on your terms or the doctor’s terms?”

    • Author
      Cancermind 2 years ago


      First I want to again point out you specified lunasin is exclusive to reliv and that is incorrect. If another company is selling a lunasin product which you confirmed yourself then lunasin therefore cannot be exclusive.

      Second, reliv website itself states that 25 grams of high quality soy protein is equivalent to one lunarich capsule. This is obviously already taken into account bio-availability since it wouldn’t be specified as equal. This is not my opinion, this is what the reliv website says.

      Also cost of researching a natural product is no excuse for lack of research. For example, curcumin is a natural product and is one of the most studied and researched natural substances around. Curcumin has many human studies as so do a lot of other natural substances like vitamin d, melatonin, vitamin c, and the list goes on and on. The only reason someone uses the excuse that a natural product isn’t researched enough because it costs too much money is only trying to deflect attention off the fact that research is lacking. Period.

      Finally, you can’t say ” when someone says reliv helped them with their cancer, it’s because the oncologists at clinics or hospital where they were evaluated and treated have told them their cancer is in remission”. Wow so you know everyone that has ever stated reliv helped their cancer? You went through all of their medical records and verified that the clinic and hospital stated cancer was in remission? Maybe you do know them because you are the one writing the bogus statements to begin with. Starting to sound you have some type of financial gain in regards to reliv. Maybe a distributor, maybe just a fan. But either way please only state information that is verified. Don’t make up data just to make reliv and its products sound better than they really are.

      And also, stating conventional treatment success rates for cancer are both inaccurate and doesn’t mean reliv is any better. Every cancer and treatment is different and has many different success rates. Some cancers and treatments have above 90% success rates so that statement you made is irrelevant. No matter how bad a conventional treatment like lets say for pancreatic cancer is, no way of knowing that reliv or taking nothing would be any better. Only way to know that is having a proper study which is not available so until then don’t make up data that isn’t there.

  5. Vivian Bodiford 2 years ago

    My children’s Father was diagnosed with prostate cancer at the end of 2018. I told him he needed to get on the Reliv Soy NOW and the Lunarich capsules. He listened and followed the advice. His PSA level has dropped from 500+ to 23.7. His doctor said he has never seen the numbers drop st this rate. Praise God for allowing this Reliv product to be developed to help with maintaining Optimal Health, along with healthy eating and excercise. A company that continually strives for excellence. Backed by the BBB.

    • Author
      Cancermind 2 years ago


      Thanks for sharing that experience. Did your children’s father take other supplements or treatments before, during, or after reliv?

  6. Joice 2 years ago

    I am cancer survival and need supplement. My estrogen is so high so i should not take soy product. Do you have supplement without soy ?

    • Author
      Cancermind 2 years ago


      We are not affiliated with reliv and most if not all of their products contain some form of soy. Take a look into and research curcumin, flaxseed oil, and dim to see if any can fit your needs. These can be purchased under many brand names of your choosing and have been studied for anti cancer activity in varying degrees.

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