Theracurmin Vs Bcm-95, Which Curcumin is Best?

Theracurmin Vs Bcm-95, Which Curcumin is Best?


Many different forms of bio-available curcumin exist. All these different forms were created to increase the absorption rates of curcuminoids into the blood stream. Without any help, pure curcumin powder is extremely poorly absorbed. First, BCM-95 (BioCurcumin) improved absorption rates by adding turmeric essential oils back into curcumin. Years later, Theracurmin created a colloidal submicron particle mixture that enabled better solubility. Many other versions of curcumin exist, but we will only go over Theracurmin Vs BCM-95 in this article.


Theracurmin Vs BCM-95.

Both increase absorption rates, but the marketing used by these companies can be completely twisted. For example, just because one version claims to be ‘more bio-available than other leading forms of curcumin‘ doesn’t mean it turns out that way for the consumer. All studies comparing Theracurmin Vs BCM-95 used either different # of capsules or different amounts of mg. There was never a true head to head comparison. Which of course confuses the consumer and blurs the real data.

By looking at the Theracurmin Double Blind, 3 Way Crossover Study, it looks like Theracurcmin is superior. The chart shows Theracurcmin blood levels being about 10 times higher than that of BCM-95. However, what most people won’t notice is that the study tested 6 capsules of theracurmin to only 1 capsule of BCM-95. The reason they did this is because the amount of curcumin in each pill was not equal. Because of Theracurcmins method of action, the manufacturing process can only fit an extremely low level of 30 mg of curcumin inside each capsule. Whereas, BCM-95 can fit a high 95% curcumin inside a capsule that was 260 mg in this case. So yes, when comparing exact amounts of CURCUMIN in miligrams, Theracurcmin seems to be more bio-available.


Number Of Capsules.

When comparing # of capsules, Theracurmin Vs BCM-95 indicates a different result. Looking at the same study, if you were to make all capsule quantity the same, the results would look completely different.  Of course with out redoing the entire study to reflect matching # of capsules, we really don’t know what the result would be. But with the data we have already, there’s a good chance that theracurcumin wouldn’t look as amazing as this study made it seem. Don’t forget this study was paid for by the Theravalues Corporation that produces Theracurmin.

On the other hand, another study testing BCM-95 Vs Curcumin with Piperine paints yet another picture. This study shows 4 x 500 mg capsules of BCM-95 resulted in 315.8 ng/g plasma levels at its peak. In order to compare this evenly with the results found in the other study, some math needs to be done.

First, I will establish the lowest total mg per capsule that can be found for purchase by both offerings. For BCM-95 it’s 250 mg and for Theracurmin it’s 300 mg (30 mg curcumin). Next, I can easily see that the BCM-95 study used 4 x 500 mg caps which would equal 8 x 250 mg capsules after conversion. Now I have to add 2 capsules to the 6 capsules Theracurmin used in its study. 6 capsules of Theracurmin resulted in plasma levels of 231.5 ng/ml. In a perfect world each capsule would increase blood levels by  38.5 ng/ml in theory. So 8 capsules of Theracurmin would equal 308 ng/ml which is practically identical to the 315.8 ng/g BCM-95 results.

Calculating this way does not in any way show accurate results, but it at least provides a comparison better suited for consumers. At this point, it’s pretty much the only way to compare Theracurmin Vs BCM-95 until a PROPER comparison study is done.



For comparative purposes only. This is what the charts would look like if both studies used the same time frame and measuring format. Only difference would still be # of capsules.


Final Thought.

All studies available on these two forms of curcumin are not consumer friendly. Marketing terms like ‘#1 absorbed form of curcumin‘ might give the consumer the wrong idea. If someone takes 2 capsules of BCM-95 and then switches over to Theracurmin still taking the same amount of capsules, they might expect to get higher blood levels due to the wording of marketing material. However, in reality, results might not be any better. Purposely complicated study results and fuzzy marketing strategies only hurt the consumer.

Whats more, other important facts are completely omitted to favor positive results. Theracurcumin failed to mention or discuss free curcumin at all either in that study or in its marketing campaign. I wonder why?  BCM-95 is capable of providing free curcumin, whereas Theracurmin is not. Studies show free curcumin might just be the most important element of curcumin for a wide range of health benefits including cancer prevention. Are you willing to take a form that shows no free curcumin absorption? The choice is yours.

In the end it comes down to preference, price, and whether or not free curcumin is important to you. Since absorption is similar when capsule # is the same, these are what you should look into, rather than focusing on which study shows better absorption based on total curcumin used.



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  1. Jan Öhman 4 years ago

    Thanks for an intelligent approach to a somewhat confusing field.
    My son is a Swedish MD and he is slowly broadening his horizons (under the influence of his father).

    We have been discussing different forms of curcurmin, so this article is of great help!

    All the best from Sweden,
    Jan Öhman

  2. Cy Richards 4 years ago

    Lady in UK took 8 grams of Dr best c3 curcumin and cured her blood cancer. I have prostate migrated to Bone and take 6 x 60 mg theracurmin daily. Not sure if it’s as good as c3. Opinion?

    • Author
      Cancermind 4 years ago

      Cy Richards,

      I don’t like to use the word cure because it very rarely describes the situation properly and might give people the wrong impression. A phase 2 trial with 25 pancreatic patients showed 8 g per day of regular curcumin showed a response in 2 out of the 25 patients. But this was nowhere near a cure since one patient had stable disease for more than 18 months and the other had tumor regression of 73 percent.

      I personally don’t like theracurmin because studies show that it does not increase free curcumin levels. In fact, international institute of anticancer research states “free curcumin was detected neither in rats or humans” when they discussed theracurmin. Now theracurmin still increases other curcumin metabolites, but i personally am not ok with skipping free curcumin for now.

  3. Kevin Joshua 3 years ago

    I know for a fact that patients undergoing chemo and radiotherapy treatment in the state of Maharashtra in India are prescribed BCM 95 adjunct to their therapy. What people don’t realize is the fact that when Turmeric is used as a spice in Indian food, you always add it to oil or ghee which is clarified butter. As a polyphenol curcumin molecules bind to the oils which enables the retention of the molecule for longer.

    In the case of BCM 95, the science works because, Turmerones inhibits the protein of the cell membrane widely distributed in the intestine thus preventing the efflux of the curcumin back into the intestine and thereby increasing bioavailability of curcumin in the body.

    Never buy a curcumin supplement based on clever marketing, but on its actual merits.

  4. Fred 3 years ago


    I am Director of R&D for a company that formulates nutritional supplements. Turmeric/curcumin information can be confusing. C3 is just a trademark of a 95% curcuminoids product. It is often combined with Bioperine to increase absorption but there are side effects and can increase absorption of medications so consult your Doctor. You may want to look at BCM95 as well.

  5. James 3 years ago

    One of the hardest supplements I’ve tried to research, like trying to find reliable information on vitamin C(the I think has the best info on it).

    This one website that reviewed all the formulations really liked theracurmin, especially for Cancer. They argued that Theracurmin stacked much better than the competition.

    Their source, a 2012 video by Dr. Michael Murray, maybe a little out of date though. They also dont make much mention of free curcumin. The data was taken from the national library of medicine, I coundnt find it though.

    Personally Im staying with Longvida for brain health till someone proves they have a better product.

  6. Julie 2 years ago

    This is indeed a very confusing subject! I was stage 4 colon cancer, metastasized to my liver. Started taking “Terry Naturally-CuraMed, 740mg” 2 times daily along with my chemo and radiation. That was almost 8 years ago! When I did research way back then, this was touted as THEE BEST in curamin/thermeric supplements. My husband just brought me a sales flyer for “Theracurmin” from our local health store and was told it was better… and used at MD Anderson. After reading this article, I think I will keep on, keeping on with what got me 8 years down the road!! Thanks for the info! 🙂

    • Author
      Cancermind 2 years ago

      Always great to hear such a positive outcome. Congrats on beating that stage 4 cancer. Thanks for sharing your curcumin story and stay healthy.

    • John 2 years ago

      Julie, that’s great! did you do or take anything else in your fight against colon cancer?

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