Top Cancer Sites That Are Important To Know About

Top Cancer Sites That Are Important To Know About


Looking online for cancer information can be really confusing at times. Too many choices, too many conflicting views, and all of them give you a headache. You invest your valuable time only to realize you just spent 3 hours searching and haven’t made any progress. Trust me, I have been there. Looking for the top cancer sites can be a project to say the least. When dealing with something as serious as cancer you want the best. Not just the best, but the most accurate and truthful information possible. I will give you the most important 3 sites that can be used as a tool and resource for information.


Top Cancer Sites.

The following 3 top cancer sites should be known and used by every cancer patient. Get familiar with these top cancer sites and use them to your advantage.


Top Cancer Site #1.

The first site is Pubmed. I think this is the most important resource for a cancer patient. This site will give you access to thousands of cancer study results. You can search using keywords that relate to specific drugs, type of cancer,  or even type of cancer treatment. You can use this site to find out various things about specific cancer treatments. For example, you can find out response rates, side effects, treatment cycles, and more.

The best part is you are reading hard numbers and facts directly from a study abstract. No opinions or someones judgment clouding up the truth. Reading from pubmed might be a little more difficult then other sites, but it’s worth the extra effort. You are getting pure scientific data not tampered with. But even though this is a great site, be prepared to invest a lot of time researching. This won’t be a 5 min thing.

Another benefit using pubmed is that your doctor will trust any information you get from there. Nothing is more credible then finding information on pubmed and providing it to your doctor.  Knowing all the details about your treatment can help you understand your disease better as well as open a higher level of communication with your doctor.

Lastly, before starting a treatment, pubmed is a great place to make sure that it’s the best treatment for you. Verify whether or not the risk to reward ratio is worth it to you.


Top Cancer Site #2.

The #2 top cancer site is This is the go to site for anything to do with clinical trials. If you want to know when and where they are testing the newest immunotherapy drug everyone is talking about, this is the place. If your options become limited, this site is especially important to you. With all the positive results being released for immunotherapy drugs, this is a method more rewarding then ever before. You can always ask your doctor about clinical trials, but he/she will be using this very same website. You have all the power under neath your fingertips within seconds at the comfort of your own home. Why not save the hassle and visit the site yourself?


Top Cancer Site # 3.

The #3 top cancer site isn’t even a site, it’s a search engine. can be an extremely helpful tool. Just about everyone knows about google nowadays. But most people don’t know how to use a search engine as a research tool.

Search engines are really an endless supply of information. Any search engine like yahoo or bing can be just as good. But even though you can find a ton of great information on search engines, you can also find the same amount of sub-par information as well. Sometimes information so bad that it can be dangerous. Just because you found it on google does NOT make it true. This is the biggest mistake people make when using search engines.

In order to use the search engines effectively, you have to constantly verify everything you read. If it turns out to be someones opinion, completely disregard it. Someones opinion might be ok when your reading about a cooking recipe, but not when it comes to cancer. If it’s not verified in a HUMAN cancer study, then it’s not even worth reading. Many sites will try to use a mouse study to try support one of their deceptive theories. Don’t fall for that trick. If you are a cancer patient, the only thing you need to focus on is what works on cancer patients and not mice. As long as you are careful, search engines can be a great resource.


Final Thought.

The top cancer sites I listed are not based on my preference but based on purity of information. These resources can provide you with direct data that has not been tampered with by opinions or theories. Yes these resources can take more time to search and understand, but in the end, you can be sure you are looking at facts. I wanted to make this list simple with the first two sites being most important and allowing the third to be a search engine that can represent all other top cancer sites that can be found based on your preference.


If you need any other type of help, we have compiled a list of the best cancer charities.

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