Vitamin C Infusion Cancer Treatment?

Vitamin C Infusion Cancer Treatment?

IV Vitamin C infusion as a cancer treatment is talked about all over the place. You can find a ton of information on the net about all the good experiences various cancer patients had with IV Vitamin C infusion. The biggest problem is usually people only write about good experiences and not the bad. So the very select few who are fortunate to have a positive response talk about it to everyone. The people who had a negative experience just don’t talk about it. That’s exactly one of the reasons why I created So the unfortunate aspect is talked about just as much as the fortunate. That way you can make a decision after seeing the whole picture, not just half.


Vitamin C Infusion failed in 2 Cancer trials.

In a 2008 phase 1 clinical trial with advanced cancer patients, high dose IV Vitamin C infusion did not demonstrate an anti-cancer response. Another Phase 1 clinical trial in 2013 also showed no anti-cancer response. For not one patient to demonstrate a response from these 2 clinical trials raises a red flag for me.


Case reports show Vitamin C does work.

Does that mean that the people who say IV Vitamin C saved them are lying? No, it doesn’t mean that at all. If fact many case reports show patients responding dramatically to IV Vitamin C. Along with the links of the clinical trials below i have also listed a case report which shows IV Vitamin C worked.


Vitamin C has very low Cancer response rate.

What this really means is that IV Vitamin C has a very narrow effective range. The odds of it having a anti-cancer response is very low. It’s not a treatment where it can be given to 10 patients and 50% will have a response. You have to keep that in mind when considering to try it for yourself.  There are other treatment options that can give you better odds so make those your priority. Put the odds in your favor.


Combination Cancer treatment with Vit-C.

Please remember that this post is about IV Vitamin C alone. I did not talk about combining IV Vitamin C with other treatments. IV Vitamin C can still have some amazing potential when it is combined with other treatments. Even IV Vitamin C alone can have some positive impacts on cancer patients other then a direct anti-cancer response.



Vitamin C still useful.

So don’t completely discount Vitamin C, just understand its short comings and limitations.  I will talk more about IV Vitamin C and how it is combined with other treatments as well as an oral Liposomal Vitamin C in my future posts very soon. Subscribe to get exclusive free updates.



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