Legasil Silibinin Extract Controls Brain Metastases

Legasil Silibinin Extract Controls Brain Metastases


Legasil is a nutraceutical product containing silibinin, a flavonoid found in the milk thistle herb. Milk Thistle is known for its many health benefits, especially for its liver protection attributes. But recently, new research might make milk thistle extremely important for cancer patients that suffer from brain metastases. When cancer starts to spread to other parts of the body, it becomes extremely difficult to treat. Once cancer has spread to the brain, no effective treatments really exist. Chemotherapy and radiation usually turn out to be ineffective and bring along serious side effects. Doctors have been trying to find successful ways to treat brain tumors for years with mostly no progress. There is a dire need to control brain tumors without the debilitating side effects that current therapies inflict. Legasil just might hold the answer.


Legasil Cancer Results.

Oncotarget published a research paper that consisted of 2 lung cancer patients that were treated with Legasil for brain metastases. The results were nothing short of impressive. Both combination treatment with chemotherapy and Legasil mono-therapy was found to be effective. Both patients were given new hope after taking this new silibinin extract.


Brain Metastases Patient #1.

After only a minor response with carboplatin and pemetrexed, edema had caused patient #1 symptoms to worsen. High dose dexamethasone had no effect on worsening edema which caused the patients status to decline. Patient was then transferred to palliative care because of the declining health state. At this point, compassionate use of Legasil was started and patient was discharged from palliative care two weeks later due to clinical improvement. Pemetrexed mono-therapy was then restarted with Legasil and both lesion volume and edema was again decreased. The silibinin extract was able to control edema when steroids failed and gave patient#1 ability to restart treatment once again.


Brain Metastases Patient #2.

Radiation and chemotherapy both produced no response for patient #2. Patient started taking 3 capsules of Legasil daily after chemotherapy and radiation ended. Just after 4 weeks on Legasil mono-therapy, clinical improvement of neurological symptoms were noticeable. After 8 weeks, MRI scans revealed considerable anticancer response and a decrease in edema volume. Patient continued to improve. The Milk thistle flavonoid alone was able to induce an anticancer response when radiation and chemotherapy were both unsuccessful. Silibinin has offered patient #2 treatment options that would have not otherwise existed. Standard conventional treatment initially failed this patient.


Bottom Line.

Milk thistle continues to impress with its unique and useful applications. Not only can it be used to protect against dangerous side effects of chemotherapy, but might also be capable of producing its own anticancer effect. Using it alone or in combination with chemotherapy might become a general practice in the future of cancer treatment. Improving various cancer treatments and providing protection simultaneously against side effects is invaluable to cancer therapy. This study shows just how powerful silibinin can be for cancer patients with brain metastases. Current treatments available have very poor success rates, but Legasil might offer new hope for cancer patients dealing with this debilitating type of metastases.




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  1. Karen 4 years ago

    The one used in the study was Legasil® which is not sold in the US. Do you think just the MILK THISTLE you talked about is just as good? Plus the study didn’t say dose used.

    • Author
      Cancermind 4 years ago


      You are correct. It would be extremely hard to get a hold of some legasil to purchase. But the life extension milk thistle i pointed out in my other milk thistle article would be the closest alternative you can get. In the study, 5 capsules legasil provided 630 mg silibinin or also known as silybin per day. In order to get the same amount of silybin from the life extension supplement you would need to take 5.53 capsules per day.

  2. Karen 4 years ago

    You’re awesome thanks.

    • Author
      Cancermind 4 years ago

      No problem. 🙂

  3. Mariangela 2 years ago

    CARDO MARIANO sylibum mariano frutto polvere
    CARDO MARIANO Sylibum Maria un epicarpo del frutto estratti liofilizzato,gelatina
    LA persona che dovrebbe usarlo è 87 kg


    • Author
      Cancermind 2 years ago


      While I can’t recommend what dose anyone should take, the study that is included in this article used 5 capsules of legasil which provided 630 mg of silibinin per day.

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