Cancer Blood Test FASTcell Cutting Edge

Cancer Blood Test FASTcell Cutting Edge


A company called SRI International just announced a new cancer blood test that can detect CTCs (tumor circulating blood cells) from whole blood samples. This cancer blood test is called FASTcell. It can distinguish one tumor cell from hundreds of millions of healthy blood cells. The speed of scanning 25 to 26 million cells per minute is currently not even in the range of other current blood tests. Not only can FASTcell detect CTCs, but at the same time can analyze genetic and molecular information. This can mean the end of painful biopsies. That would be great. Actually more then great, amazing.


Cancer blood test saves valuable time.

A cancer blood test like this can really make some huge positive changes to cancer research, prevention, and treatment. But I see this helping tremendously during active cancer treatment. I have always said that every minute, every day, and every week matters when treating Cancer. Many people and many doctors don’t seem to agree with me, but I still stand my ground. I have seen how important one day is and depending on circumstances, it can be lifesaving. I stick to this view no matter what. No one can change my mind.


Detect if cancer treatment is effective sooner.

The technology we have available now is not really good at testing whether any type of treatment is working in real time. Usually the only accurate tool we have is a scan every 3 months. The worst thing in the world is going 3 months on a treatment with severe side effects only to find out that it didn’t work. It’s a feeling that brings tears to my eyes every time I even think about it. Can’t believe that is the best we have right now. Very sad.


Gives more options to Cancer Patients.

This test can be taken before, during, and after cancer treatment. That’s exactly where I think this cancer blood test can shine and make a big impact on a patients life. With a tool like this, my Mother would have had a ton more options. She would of avoided a great amount of unneeded pain. I think a cancer patients outcome can drastically change with an addition of a tool like this. The current approach wastes to much time on treatments that don’t work. We need to fix this.


Cancer advancements are increasing.

The blood test itself is not yet widely used and won’t be available to everyone just yet. It is being used for some selective collaborative efforts only at this time. It is expected to evolve into further stages very soon. Lately I have been seeing a lot of cancer advancements both very early research and some even clinical trial status. This is really good news. 10 years ago you wouldn’t really hear anything about advancements that would improve cancer treatments so dramatically. So even though a lot of the great things we hear about are still in early stages, lets just be happy we hear about them at all.

Find out more about FASTcell.

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