Low Platelet Count New Solution

Low Platelet Count New Solution


A common issue for cancer patients undergoing Chemotherapy treatment is a low platelet count. This becomes an issue and can delay treatment while waiting for the count to bounce back. Of course no one wants to delay treatment if at all possible. Looking on the Internet, one can find many natural things that can supposedly help your low platelet count. The question is which one of the many things can actually deliver?


Platelet count solutions are lacking.

The answer is harder to find then you think. Unless you have the time to try everything on your own, you need help. Doing this on your own requires in depth research and reading countless studies. Problem is research is hugely lacking in this area and not really available. So what does that leave us? Maybe finding someone that already tried everything? Yes, and that someone is me.


Flax seed helps with low platelet count.

I definitely didn’t test every possible combination out there. However, I didn’t have to. I got lucky and found something that worked well before I had to test EVERYTHING. Flax seed oil seemed to work amazingly for low platelet count. While my mother was taking Flax seed oil, her platelets did not fall under the normal range. As soon as she stopped, they continued to fall again until she started flax seed oil again. At this exact point I knew it was flax seed that was helping the low platelet count. This wasn’t just a coincidence. The dosage of flax seed oil was 10 to 14 grams per day.


Liquid oil flax seed is easier than soft gels.

This dosage is very simple when taking it in liquid oil form and not soft gels. About one tablespoon will equal around 14 grams of flax seed. The only downside to flax seed oil is taste. It has a pretty strong taste and can be hard for some people to swallow. You can mix it with anything in order to make it easier to go down. I have not yet figured out an effective sugar free way to do this yet, but if anyone has, please let me know.




Flax seed might not work for everyone.

Will this work for everyone? Probably not. But I can tell you with confidence that I saw this work with my own eyes. Plus Flax seed is a very Healthy food so what’s the risk? This can just be one tool of many you can use to help battle cancer. The more tools and knowledge the better.

All these positives and I didn’t even mention any of the anti-cancer benefits of flaxseed oil which I will discuss more next time.

Flax seed can act as a blood thinner so please consult a Medical Professional before using.

More information on causes and complications of low platelets.


Update:  IP-6 plus Inositol also protects against drops in platelets. Cancer study shows patients taking IP-6 plus inositol while undergoing chemotherapy did not have a drop in leukocyte or platelet counts. Read the full IP-6 + inositol article or the cancer study abstract.


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