Best Cancer Charities That Can Help

Best Cancer Charities That Can Help


Finding financial help while having cancer is harder than you might think. Seems like you can’t go to long without seeing some type of organization collecting donations for a good cause. However, when it’s time to turn those donations into financial aid for people in need, things don’t always add up.


Finding the best cancer charities is not easy.

My personal experience with looking for financial aid has really left me disappointed. Not only is the process very time consuming but very few charities even have funds available. Most of the time they have certain criteria that you might not meet. If so you’re out of luck. All of this is pretty much the norm and not too much can really be done about it.


Largest Charities Don’t always help the most.

You would also think that the largest charities would give out the most aid since they collect the most donations. I used to also think the same but unfortunately that’s not always true. For example, one of the largest Cancer charities (American Cancer society) only supplied my mother with a $25 gift card once per year for a total of 2 years. The 3rd year we were told that gift cards or any other financial help was no longer available. We were glad to receive the $25 gift card of course, but honestly it did not make any impact on the overall financial strain.


American Cancer society does offer other services that are not direct financial aid as well. Some of those services might be really helpful for some people but we didn’t have a need for them. I see the commercials and see the fundraisers for American Cancer Society almost everyday. For that reason I was expecting more help from such a large organization. I was pretty much devastated.


Many Charities Don’t give back enough.

Charities not giving enough back to the cause is getting to be very common these days. Even worse than not giving back enough, is not giving back at all. Another thing to watch out for are the Charities that are fake and accept donations but never have intentions to help anyone. They keep all donations for themselves and give back nothing. Zero.


45 Best Cancer Charities.

Since I know how hard it is to find help while going through a Cancer battle, I wanted to help. I searched and found a good starting point for most cancer patients. I put together a list below of the 45 best cancer charities below.


Cancer charity chart 1

1-22 Top Cancer Charities.


cancer charity list 2

23-45 Top Cancer Charities.



Real Charities Do Exist.

This list was made using information found on Charity Navigator. They rate various charities in many categories using their own rating system. I only included charities that had a 4 star out of 4 star rating. But remember just because you see a charity listed as one of the 45 doesn’t mean it’s perfect. This Chart is only designed to point you in the right direction and save you some time. This chart won’t change the fact that looking for financial aid is a difficult process. The good news is if you look hard enough help is possible. Some charities actually are real charities that help people in need.

A big thank you to all the Best Cancer Charities listed above.


While you’re looking for the best charities, check out which Charities To Avoid.


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  1. Robert Mitchell 6 days ago

    I have prostate cancer and unable to pay. looking for finical aid my co-pay on this bill is 4700.00 please help!!

    • Author
      Cancermind 55 mins ago


      Sorry to hear about your situation. It isn’t easy to find financial help for cancer patients. And even if you manage to find help it usually won’t be for a significant amount. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be somewhat successful if you put the time and effort in.

      First, you can call the larger well known charities like american cancer society which at most will provide you with a gift card to a local grocery store that can help indirectly. Second, try reaching out to some of the charities on the list I provided in the article above. Choose the ones that identify in supporting the cancer type you have like the prostate cancer foundation. Lastly, since it looks like you need help with your co-pay reach out to a hospital social worker and see if the hospital themselves can help you with the co-pay. They are almost always willing to help when a patient has a hard time paying. The social worker can also help you find local charities and help you to apply to the ones that have a history of helping cancer patients in the past.

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