Propolis Secret Cancer Weapon

Propolis Secret Cancer Weapon


Bee Hives contain a super strong anti-cancer weapon called caffeic acid phenethyl ester. CAPE for short. You might have never heard of CAPE since it’s usually the least talked about. One component of the hive is called propolis. Buried deep inside is the chemical compound CAPE.


Propolis Inhibits fungal and bacterial growth.

Propolis is a resin that bees collect from trees, flowers and other various sources. Propolis is used in the hive as a form of sealant to fill small gaps. It inhibits fungal and bacterial growth throughout the hive and prevents putrefaction. Along with CAPE, propolis is also rich in amino acids, vitamins, and bio-flavonoids. It is a powerhouse. Loaded with many nutrients. 



CAPE Produces Anti-Cancer Effect.

CAPE has shown to produce anti-cancer effects in many studies. Most of these are either animal or petri dish studies only. Which look similar to all other anti-oxidants that are tested in the same way. Tons of anti-oxidants have super anti-cancer properties when tested on animals or in petri-dishes. But CAPE seems to be different. Different because it might have some real life potential. That’s what matters. Human studies show the truth.



Bio 30 has highest level of CAPE.

A certain form of propolis called bio 30 seems to have the highest amount of CAPE than any other product. The reason it contains more vs. other versions is because Bio 30 is sourced from New Zealand Bees. New Zealand bees are able to produce very high levels of CAPE not found anywhere else. Very Potent Propolis. Most potent around to be exact.

bio 30 propolis CAPE anti-cancer
Bio 30.

Bio 30 is more bio-available.

Bio 30 also is formulated to be more bio-available. CAPE by itself is very poorly absorbed. Professor Hiroshi Maruta has been researching cancer for over 35 years and has been performing trials with bio 30. Again, most of the research has just been animal studies and test tubes. Nothing really amazing. Until I stumbled upon a human study. This was very important. Human trials equal truth.


Human Trial Shows Bio 30 effective for Cancer.

A human trial with 70 volunteers with various cancers including neuro-fibromatosis, melanoma, and pancreatic cancer was conducted.  After 12 months on bio 30 some patients had either stable disease or positive responses. It was listed that some patients diagnosed as terminal survived. I was impressed. Very impressed.


For something taken orally to produce these positive responses is truly amazing. But I have one issue. The trial was not a fully organized clinical trial. From what I see it was a private trial conducted by professor Maruta’s research team. Therefore it lacks important specific information that is key to understanding CAPE’S anti-cancer effects. Who knows what was left out? Where any mistakes made? Was information withheld? Conflict of interest? Many questions come up. 

Bio 30 still needs more research.

Without all the facts I’m left asking for more. I still feel CAPE has anti-cancer potential. All the combined evidence looks great. But I would like more proper human trials. I did find some cancer success stories while researching. It seems that Bio 30 can be effective for certain People. I myself have not seen Bio 30 or bio 100 work on Cancer. No response was noticed with bio 30 or bio 100 capsules at required dosage. Did not see same results as the trial. Sad but true.


Remember Cancer is very complex and one person’s experience whether it be positive or negative must not be the only thing you consider. 


 If you are thinking about trying any CAPE supplement, research correctly before deciding. If you have questions or experiences with CAPE or Bio 30/100 please leave a comment below.


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  1. Paul 6 years ago

    I agree Bio 100 or Bio 30 seems to be promising. Do you have the final Result of Professor Maruta Study? What has happened with the patients since 2007?

  2. Author
    Cancermind 6 years ago

    Hi Paul,

    I have tried again to find an update to that Bio 30 study and so far couldn’t find anything. I contacted Maruta Research and waiting for a response from them. If I get any new information I will post it here.

  3. Lulu 3 years ago

    Ci sono aggiornamenti sulla ricerca del dottor maruta con bio 30?

    Translated (Are there any updates on the research of doctor maruta with bio 30?)

    • Author
      Cancermind 3 years ago


      No updates yet. If anyone has new relevant information regarding bio 30 or bio 100 propolis please share by posting a comment.

  4. Lulu 3 years ago

    I sent an email to maruta health to get information on the daily dose of liquid bio30 and bio100 tablets, they replied that they do not produce or sell more bio100.

    • Author
      Cancermind 3 years ago

      Thanks for the update. Seems like bio 100 never caught on since no studies were done on it. Cost might of been a factor since bio 100 was relatively expensive and harder to find online for purchase.

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