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Our cancer blog tries to provide all anticancer research in the most simple and easy to read format possible. We try to avoid using scientific terms and medical jargon when ever we can. The goal is to provide you with anticancer articles & cancer cure reviews you can use right away to combat cancer. Cancer tools and cancer research made simple.

Honest Cancer Cure Reviews.

When searching for a cancer cure review, don’t settle for half the picture. A true review is when both pros and cons are given. The good and bad aspects of any treatment are equally important. Let our cancer cure articles provide you with all the cancer data needed to make the right decision. Just another way our cancer blog can help you combat cancer.

Fast Cancer Facts.

We think time is very important, especially when trying to combat cancer. Time becomes a very big obstacle. Don’t waste hrs searching for a cancer blog you can’t trust. Find the truth about any supposed cancer cure treatment. Our cancer blog articles exposes cancer fraud and fake cancer cures everyday.

Vital Cancer Articles.

Not only do we expose fake cancer cures, but also find you treatments that are proven to combat cancer. The goal of our cancer blog is to provide you with all the cancer tools you need to gain control of your health. We know your time is valuable, so we only stick to what’s important. Bottom line, you can count on us for all your anticancer research needs.


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Passion driven cancer blog.

This Website is built on passion and is dedicated to my Mom, all Moms, and anyone who has battled cancer in one way or another. Therefore, passion is what drives us and pushes us forward to fight even when the odds are staked against us. Our passion combined with yours can create life changing results.

Cancer Research Based On Science.

All anticancer research is supported by scientific evidence, clinical studies, or the most current anticancer information available. Any cancer articles written will have supporting evidence from scientific studies. Cancer Mind is powered by Science.

Cancer Truth.

We don’t publish anything because it sounds good, we publish it because it’s the truth. We not only focus on the truth but also combat all the dishonesty that plagues the cancer industry. Ultimately, truth is what matters and we will continue to uncover it. Cancer frauds beware.

free cancer information.

Our cancer blog is 100% free. Cancer articles are available at no charge and will continue to stay that way. However, you can keep our cancer blog alive by donating.  Everyone needs access to cancer tools & research to combat cancer effectively. Share our content with anyone you think may need it.


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  • Hoxsey Method Cancer Treatment Review Diet & Tonic

    This alternative cancer treatment consists of both a tonic and a diet plan. The tonic contains barberry, buckthorn bark, burdock root, cascara, licorice, pokeweed, potassium iodide, prickly ash bark, red clover and stillingia root. The diet calls to eliminate the usual pork, sugar, bleached flour like seen in many other anti-cancer diets. However, The Hoxsey Method also outlines iron, salt,

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  • Cancer Fasting Treatment & Calorie Restriction Review

    Fasting in general seems to have a wide variety of health benefits that can range anywhere from mental health to immune function.  But how about cancer? Some early research points that fasting for cancer patients can be beneficial. Some people even believe that fasting alone is its own cancer treatment. Others believe that even in combination with other treatments, cancer

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  • Cellect Cancer Treatment Supplement Protocol Review

    The Cellect Cancer treatment has become dangerously popular. A kit can be ordered online for $100 that includes 30 servings of various vitamins and minerals. 4 different types of powder kit flavors and even a capsule alternative is available for purchase. All but the unflavored version were sold out at the time of writing this review. Pretty scary to learn that they might

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  • Top Cancer Sites That Are Important To Know About

    Looking online for cancer information can be really confusing at times. Too many choices, too many conflicting views, and all of them give you a headache. You invest your valuable time only to realize you just spent 3 hours searching and haven’t made any progress. Trust me, I have been there. Looking for the top cancer sites can be a

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  • Mistletoe Injection Therapy – Mistletoe Medicine Review

    Mistletoe is mostly known for its connection to Christmas as a decoration that compelled whoever stood underneath to kiss. However, many people are unaware that it has also become a very popular alternative cancer treatment. The most common extract called Iscador is made from fermenting various parts of the plant to create an anticancer mistletoe injection. This extract is either injected under

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  • PC-SPES Prostate Cancer Herbal Treatment For PSA Levels

    Prostate Cancer effects more the 3 million men every year. Current treatments available can lack efficacy or produce unwanted side effects which can force patients to look elsewhere for alternatives. Many patients turn to natural or herbal remedies like the popular PC-SPES prostate supplement. PC-SPES is a combination of 8 different herbs (Baikal skullcap, Chrysanthemum, Reishi mushroom, Isatis, Licorice, Ginseng,

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  • Chemo Brain Treatment, Remedies & Help Backed By Study

    For many years the condition Chemo Brain, (also known as Chemo Fog) has been largely debated. Many Cancer patients who had received chemotherapy complained about cognitive impairment. But because no scientific link between chemotherapy and cognitive impairment had been made, doctors were unable to diagnose or treat this condition. Since then, studies have shown that cancer treatment does in fact create

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  • Niacin Flush Side Effects, Safety Risk, & Adverse Events

    Niacin is another name for Vitamin B3. When Niacin is ingested in its pure form a flush occurs not too long after. This Flush is caused by a 14 to 1200 times increase in prostaglandin (PGD2) as well as increases of 9 alpha and 11 beta-PGF2 at skin level. For some, this is the desired effect since many people believe the flush itself

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